Ireland wood clock made using green and natural colored wood on white background

Ireland Clock, 12" Diameter

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Believe it or not, Ireland isn’t all green grass and redheaded people. The diverse island nation offers fantastic mountain scenery, lush landscapes, and vibrant cities ready to be explored. Ireland is a perfect destination for embracing the laidback lifestyle of the countryside, enjoying delicious breweries and pubs, and exploring cultural heritage sites ranging from castles to monasteries.

Ireland is an island in the western part of Europe, separated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea, St. George’s Channel, and North Channel. The area has a moderate climate that produces beautiful green landscapes, wildflowers, and lush forests. Ireland covers over 32,500 square miles and has nearly 4,000 miles of coastline to explore and admire.

Keep track of the time you’ve spent daydreaming with our beautiful nautical wood clock of Ireland. Each one features a base of high-quality birch engraved with the exact nautical depths of the surrounding ocean and channels. The water is hand-stained with a vibrant blue-green color to highlight the etchings. An artist then laser cuts a layer of birch into the shape of the shoreline and glues it to the nautical wood map’s surface. Points of interest, significant cities, and other important places are engraved into the wood to create the finished clock. 

Count down the days until your next Irish adventure with this beautiful nautical wood chart clock of Ireland.

Points of Interest:
Belfast, Dublin, the Celtic Sea, St. George’s Channel, Galway, the Irish Sea, and the North Atlantic Ocean

Ireland Clock Art Details:

  • 12” diameter
  • Laser-etched contours and landmarks
  • Powered by a single AA battery