Celebrate Your 5th Anniversary with a Phenomenal Wood Map Gift

Old Hands with wedding rings on top of each other

Is there anything better than celebrating a milestone? Reaching a milestone means you successfully conquered a goal. You dedicated time, effort, and maybe even a little blood, sweat, and tears – but you made it. Every milestone deserves a celebration for the triumph it is and the heart you put into it.

At this milestone anniversary of your marriage, your successful collaboration can be recognized with the traditional 5th anniversary gift of wood. Symbolizing strength, wood represents a durable and long-lasting bond that has been solidified by time.

Plant a Tree for Future Growth

Sapling being planted in dirt

Visualize a tree. It can be the perfect metaphor for a successful relationship. A tree develops strength as it grows and weathers storms and other outside forces. The trying experiences humble the durable, long-lasting relationship that grows stronger from similar storms throughout its lifetime. For the growth, it is thankful.

In honor of your 5th anniversary, consider planting a tree. The strength in you recognizes the need to give strength to others. 

Celebrate with Other Wood-Centric Activities

Many activities can bring symbolism into your celebration as you keep wood as the traditional gift.

The question is – how subtle do you want to be?

Glass of wine on a log in front of camp fire

  • Picnic at a wood picnic table
  • Camping (wood, fire, in the woods)
  • Botanical Gardens trip

Delight your spouse with the gift of a day surrounded by the symbol of your love and the enduring strength of your relationship. Honor them with tickets to your local Botanical Gardens, reflecting on the long-lasting appreciation you have for them as a person and the strength they bring to your marriage.

Gifts That Symbolize the Strength of 5 Years

Even the most thoughtful gift-givers can feel the pressure of finding the perfect gift to commemorate a special occasion. However, a fifth-year anniversary is deserving of time, attention to detail, and special significance like no other. So, while you could give jewelry, flowers, or a nice dinner out, the perfect gift for five years will be crafted from wood and personalized for that special someone.

Gifts Made from Wood

  • Cigar box
  • Picture frame
  • Cutting board
  • Wood map

Cigar Box

Engraved cigar box with jeweled handle

A personalized cigar box can have several meanings besides the obvious. This wooden box can store pictures and memories from the past five years. It can hold hopes, dreams, and goals for what the future may bring.

The personalization of the box is what makes the gift special. For that significant other who has been dedicated every day of the past five years, the strength of a relationship can often be memorialized with the engraving of a specific sentiment. Individualize the wooden box with meaningful words, such as:

Ideas for Engraving

  • Quote from a poem
  • Inspirational quote
  • Scripture from wedding reading
  • Verse from “your song”
  • Latitude and longitude of where you proposed/were married

Picture Frame

A wooden picture frame is more than just a decoration. It can hold the memories of a wedding day, a memorable vacation, or the snapshot capturing your expression when you first learned you were going to be a parent. A wood frame is as durable and long-lasting as the relationship you have built.

Personalized Cutting Board

Wood cutting board with cut up cheese on it

A personalized wooden cutting board is the handcrafted gift of choice when the non-cook in you wants to respect the cooking skills of the person who prepares meals for you. This kitchen tool is a daily reminder of the life you have created together, the tasty meals, and perhaps even the fire alarms you have experienced over the past five years. 

Quality Wood Map

Above all gifts made of wood that reflect the strength, durability, and solid nature of your relationship stands the high-quality wood map. A representation of your past and your future, a wood map reflects the memories of the locations you have experienced together and can honor the places you plan on exploring together in the future. 

When you think back to your wedding and the honeymoon in the Great Lakes area that followed, perhaps the cabin by the lake comes to mind. The cabin was the first dwelling you entered as husband and wife. You spent the next week sun-drenched on the sandbars, drinking craft beers and local wine, and lying under the stars on a blanket, talking about your future and feeling the intense love for one another that you could not imagine getting any stronger.

Capture the Beginning with a Wood Map

Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart Large

A wood map displayed in your living room will bring back those early days every time you glance upon it. A wood map clock will keep perfect time and remind you how far you have come since your days on the lake. Serve your spouse breakfast on the wood map serving tray and give a nod to the days on the lake as newlyweds—days of strength and growth yet to be lived.

Surprise your spouse with the map of Ireland. It is already the perfect gift. When they remove the map from the box, they will be even more delighted by the round-trip tickets to the Emerald Isle tucked underneath. Future travel. Future memories. Future opportunities for growth.

A high-quality wood map is the most significant 5th anniversary gift. The symbolism lies deep within its core, and its strength is surprisingly simple. Every moment should be recognized as part of the 1,825 days lived, loved, and celebrated to reach this significant milestone.

The addition of lake art to your home will bring happy memories of time spent traveling with your favorite person in life. Including the wood maps portraying those waters you have not yet explored provides excitement for future adventures and the promise of more time together. The lure of water, travel and future quests is an unbreakable bond within your five-year relationship. The promise of travel symbolized by a high-quality wood map is the ultimate 5th anniversary gift.

Five years down and so many more to go! Commemorate your accomplishments so far and the adventures you have yet to conquer with classy, elegant, meaningful wood maps. Show them that you love them not only for where you have been but for where you are going!

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