5 Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing Your New Wood Cribbage Board

Cribbage has been around for centuries, and whether you're looking for a cribbage board upgrade or want to learn how to play cribbage as a first-timer, you deserve the best wood cribbage board possible. But what do you need to play a game of cribbage? What qualities should a cribbage board have?

Your cribbage board should represent you. With endless styles, colors, features, and designs, it's just a matter of finding one you love. So, learn to skunk and throw cards in the crib and join the millions of die-hard cribbage fans with your very own wood cribbage board.

The Game of Cribbage

San Juan Islands Cribbage Board

Cribbage is a game steeped in history and tradition. Back in the day (the 17th century, to be exact), when there was no electricity, video games, or entertainment options, the cribbage board was invented. Soldiers, poets, and sailors alike have enjoyed this game for hundreds of years—and you can, too! With minimal materials, simple rules, and a competitive attitude, cribbage remains a game-night staple in families worldwide.  

What Do You Need to Play Cribbage?

To play the fantastic game of cribbage, all you need is basic math knowledge, cards, pegs, at least two players, and a wooden cribbage board. If you can't find pegs, a pencil and paper will do! If you plan to play with three people, your board has to have an extra set of holes. With four people, you play in pairs. And as a bonus, it’s easy to set up your game of cribbage wherever and whenever you want. 

The Importance of a Good Cribbage Board

When you fall in love with the game of cribbage (and we do mean when), you'll want a cribbage board designed to last. Cheap, over-produced ones will show wear and tear, but your wood cribbage board should last to be passed down in your family for each generation. If you're passionate about this game, you should take the time to find a high-quality cribbage board.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Cribbage Board

Cape Cod Wood Cribbage Board

Finding a wood cribbage board worthy of the game is not difficult—you just have to know what to look for.

Consider these 5 key details when selecting your next board:  

  1. Wood quality
  2. Tracks and pegs
  3. Design
  4. Storage
  5. Portability

1. Is Your Cribbage Board Made from High-Quality Wood?

If you want your board to last a lifetime of cribbage matches, choosing high-quality wood is essential. Every carefully crafted hole or etched design is created to last with popular woods like mahogany, cherry, pine, and our favorite, birch. Stay away from plastics or wood alternatives, and find a wood cribbage board made from materials designed to take the wear and tear of frequent play. 

2. Does Your Cribbage Board Have the Right Tracks and Pegs?

Cribbage boards should have one pegging-out hole at the end and either two 60-hole tracks or continuous 120-hole tracks. Most cribbage lovers consider the longer track to be better for playing and to be a sign of a high-quality wood cribbage board. 

The nine pegs for a wood cribbage board can make or break the feel of your game. High-quality pegs made out of metal are favored over light, plastic pegs. Each set of pegs should be a different color so you and your loved ones can keep track of who's who. When you browse for cribbage boards, ensure that the pegs fit just right in the hole—nothing more annoying than a peg falling out in the middle of a winning score! 

3. Do You Love the Design of Your Wood Cribbage Board?

Great Lakes Cribbage Board

Wood cribbage boards are the perfect canvas for beautiful designs and patterns. Rather than having just the same-old board that every player has, you could have one that represents who you are and what you enjoy in life. From floral patterns to lake art depictions, wood cribbage boards feature any design you could imagine. 

We take pride in adding nautical touches to our high-quality wood cribbage boards. Each one features different lakes and other bodies of water, showing every little detail, from the river's curve to important landmarks laser-etched into the high-grade birch

Popular Wood Chart Cribbage Boards:

4. Does Your Cribbage Board Have Storage?

Storage on the Back of a Wood Chart Cribbage Board

It's easy to be distracted by the other details of a wood cribbage board, but the best cribbage boards have storage included. Whether hidden in the back or on the side, a quality wood cribbage board will have an area to store the pegs. Without that, it's all too easy to lose pieces—which will make setting up the game frustrating in the future!

5. Is Your Cribbage Board Easy to Transport?

What's the point of having a beautiful wood cribbage board if you can't bring it along with you? Half the fun of cribbage is introducing others to the addictive nature of the game—you can't do that if your board has to remain at home. Our wood cribbage boards are the perfect size for a suitcase or backpack, so whether your family brings it on road trips or your friends are hosting a game night, you can play everywhere.

Cribbage Boards Can Double as Home Décor

Ireland Cribbage Board

Our cribbage boards can double as home décor when you aren't playing. The artisanal lake designs carved into each board make for a perfect conversation starter on the coffee table. But, if you need your space accessible, you can hang them on the wall like art! That way, your favorite maps can be on display for all to enjoy, and you can have easy access the next time you want to play.

You can find the wood cribbage board of your dreams with these five simple questions. Consider designs, choose quality wood, and ensure the board checks all your boxes. Whether it's hanging on your wall or traveling with you, you'll soon be a game master with your new cribbage board.

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