Our Favorite Cribbage Boards

Can’t decide if you want to play a card game or a board game? Why not both at the same time! Cribbage is a unique game that’s been enjoyed by people around the world for hundreds of years. Finding the right board can make all the difference in your game play. Use your new favorite game to showcase your dream vacation spot with a special wood cribbage board.

What Is Cribbage?

Chesapeake Bay Wood Map Cribbage Board

You may have heard of cribbage, but do you know much about the game? Cribbage is a game played with cards and tracked on a board that players have enjoyed since the 17th century. This historical board game was likely derived from the game noddy. Even after hundreds of years, the cribbage game play has not changed much since it was invented.

Cribbage is a popular game around the world and is fun for both children and adults. In the United States, the American Cribbage Congress organizes tournaments and promotes the game to communities nationwide. Players can join local clubs and compete up the ranks as they improve.

How Do You Play Cribbage?

The cribbage game is a mix of luck and skill. Players earn points with cards and then move their pegs around the board. Whoever reaches the predetermined point level — usually 121 or 61 — is the winner.

Learning the rules and scoring takes time, but it is easy to become obsessed once you figure out the cribbage game play. Scoring is relatively easy, but keeping up with the game’s unique terminology might trip beginners up.

Some cribbage game terms include:

  • Skunk – a win by 31 or more points
  • Crib – four discarded cards that make up an extra hand
  • Pone – non-dealer

What Makes a Good Wood Cribbage Board?

New Orleans Cribbage Board

Choosing from the quality wood cribbage boards available is helpful to ensure you have a good playing experience. There are a few things you should look for when looking at wood cribbage boards:

  • Well-made pegs
  • Continuous tracks
  • Storage
  • Portability

The pegs and continuous tracks keep your scoring accurate, and having storage in wood cribbage boards helps keep the pegs with the board at all times. A portable board makes your cribbage game accessible and easy to move in case you want to bring it to a friend’s house, on a trip, or to a cribbage gathering. 

Our 5 Favorite Cribbage Boards

While wood cribbage boards must be functional, you can also have a beautiful board that enhances your cribbage game. Wood cribbage boards can remind you of your favorite vacation destination or a sentimental spot.

Bring your favorite memories along with your A-game when playing with a wood map cribbage board. These wood cribbage boards are made with high-quality birch wood and feature specific locations for you to choose from. The map details are laser-etched into the 3D map to make these wood cribbage boards unique and beautiful.

Pick your favorite board to help your cribbage game. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Boston Harbor Cribbage Board

Boston Harbor Cribbage Board

Don’t spill your tea on this board! The Boston Harbor cribbage board features the historic location of the Boston Tea Party in 1773. The harbor is an estuary of Massachusetts Bay and has dozens of islands, 34 of which are a part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.

Your cribbage game will be complete with a board featuring details such as Old Harbor, Quincy Bay, and East Boston Memorial Park. Point out your favorite parts of Boston while you beat your opponent and reach 121 points first.

2. Chesapeake Bay Cribbage Board

Another important spot in American history, Chesapeake Bay is a destination for history lovers and Northeast travelers alike. This Maryland maritime haven is known for its vibrant culture and natural beauty.

Wood cribbage boards of Chesapeake Bay highlight how the water moves as it travels from the Atlantic Ocean into the land through various channels and bays. Landmarks on the map include Salisbury, Fredericksburg, and Baltimore, as well as the state borders between Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Pinpoint your favorite area of the bay while playing your cribbage game as you remember your time in Chesapeake.

3. Hawaiian Islands Cribbage Board

Hawaiian Islands Cribbage Board

You will want to remember your island vacation whenever you bring out one of your Hawaiian Islands wood cribbage boards. Hawaii includes 137 volcanic islands that span 1,500 miles. These wood cribbage boards feature the most prominent islands in Hawaii:

  • Hawaii (or The Big Island)
  • Kaho’olawe
  • Kaua’i
  • Lana’i
  • Maui
  • Moloka’i
  • Ni’ihau
  • O’ahu

When not playing a cribbage game, hang your Hawaiian cribbage board on the wall to display your favorite vacation destination. Consider hanging it with other souvenirs from Hawaii to make a gallery of memories from the islands.

4. New Orleans Cribbage Board

Grab some jambalaya and a slice of king cake while you play a game of cribbage on your New Orleans cribbage board. This city has a unique culture that makes everything more fun, making it the perfect subject for a game board to enjoy with friends.

New Orleans is known to hold 200 festivals yearly, with music and colorful decorations at every turn. Points of interest on a New Orleans wood cribbage board include Alligator Bend, Lake Borgne, and Lake Pontchartrain. Show off your knowledge of The Big Easy while celebrating your cribbage win next time you play on this beautiful board. 

5. United Kingdom Cribbage Board

United Kingdom Cribbage Board

Any roundup of cribbage boards would be incomplete without a mention of the United Kingdom. Celebrate the birthplace of cribbage with a wood cribbage board that displays the island nation.

Cribbage is thought to have been invented by Sir John Suckling in the 17th century, and many pubs in England will let you bring your portable wood cribbage board to start a game with your fellow players.

The United Kingdom cribbage board showcases several points of interest, including the Celtic Sea, Dublin, Edinburgh, and England. Move your pegs around the isles to gain victory over your opponent.

Whether you pick a board showcasing a tropical destination or a historic landmark, your wood cribbage board will inspire awe from your foe and a win for you. Find a meaningful cribbage board to make your cribbage game even more enjoyable for everyone.

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