United Kingdom Map Wood Cribbage Board

United Kingdom Cribbage Board

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You will be welcomed as a native in any pub when you break out your United Kingdom cribbage board, intricately detailed with the popular landmarks and waterways surrounding this beautiful country. With pint in hand, you will regale your new mates with stories of the locations you have visited so far and those yet to be explored. The infectious positive spirit that comes with the appearance of a nautical map cribbage board translates in any country! 

Cribbage originated in England and was created by the 17th-century poet Sir John Suckling. The card game has been enhanced with a scoring board since its inception and has undergone minimal transformations in its centuries of existence. When no one can come up with significant changes over hundreds of years of playing, you know you’ve found a great game.

The wood chart is intricately etched into high-quality birch, detailing the depths of the water and the topography of the land. As you explore the wood chart cribbage board, you will see points of interest and depths clearly etched into the wood, allowing a whole new perspective of the United Kingdom.

Shuffle up and deal your new pub friends in as they admire your United Kingdom cribbage board.

 Points of Interest on the United Kingdom Nautical Cribbage Board:
Atlantic Ocean, Belgium, Celtic Sea, Dublin, Edinburgh, England, France, Ireland, North Atlantic Ocean, and Scotland

United Kingdom Cribbage Board Wood Chart Details:

  • Measures 14” x 14” x ¾”
  • Laser-etched Contours and Landmarks
  • Three Players
  • Includes Skunks and Pins
  • Hidden Storage Compartment

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