Wood Map of New Orleans Cribbage Board
Wood Map of New Orleans Cribbage Board Back

New Orleans Cribbage Board

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Game Night will never be the same after you arrive with your New Orleans cribbage board, intricately detailed with all the popular sights and waterways of the historic city. Your opponent will be distracted by the wood map of the popular party destination and conversation will ensue, allowing you to clean up on points and impress with your topographical knowledge of NOLA.

The New Orleans cribbage board is a must-have for starting a quick game of cribbage anywhere while showing your pride for the city that never sleeps. Fun is easy to find in New Orleans and it is rumored that the city holds up to two hundred festivals every year. With entertainment of all sorts around every corner, you will be in fine company as you break out your cribbage board and meet new friends. 

The lake art is intricately etched into high-quality Birch, detailing the depths of the water and the topography of the surrounding land. The contrast of water is etched in, enhancing the beauty of the wood lake. As you explore the wood map, you will see points of interest clearly etched into the wood, allowing you to see the New Orleans area in a whole new perspective.

Revisit The Big Easy with your extraordinary cribbage board every time the cards are dealt. 

Points of Interest on the New Orleans Cribbage Board Lake Art:
Alligator Bend, Bay Jeune, Lake Borgne, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake St. Catherine, Middle Ground, Mississippi River, and The French Quarter

New Orleans Cribbage Board Lake Art Details:

  • Measures 14” x 14” by ¾”
  • Laser-etched Contours and Landmarks
  • Three Players
  • Includes Skunks and Pins