Choosing a Wood Map for Your Home

Imagine a thought-provoking space that promotes creativity. Perhaps the walls are different colors, there are beautiful pieces of art scattered across the house, and there are tons of cozy spots to cuddle up and dream, relax, or share time with friends and family. Now, imagine that space was your own home.

Your home should inspire you. Whether you want a whimsical wonderland or a relaxing oasis, the type of décor you choose for your house makes a huge impact on the look and feel of your space. Decorative maps are an underrated art form that can elevate the look and feel of your home in no time. Wood maps are the perfect addition to your house and are just the thing to take your ordinary décor and make it extraordinary.

How Are Wood Maps Different from Paper Maps?

Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Unlike paper maps, 3D maps provide an entire sensory journey, allowing you to truly explore all features and structures. Not only can you look at your 3D map and learn all about the location and its geographical features, but you can truly understand them. 3D maps are more effective than 2D maps because they have ridges, curves, and designs that are reminiscent of the actual land features, making them a truly interactive experience.

Children and adults alike can delight in learning about mountain ranges, ocean trenches, island chains, and more when they explore a 3D map. Paper maps are pretty to look at, but only wood maps can truly provide a tactile educational experience while being beautiful pieces of décor.

How are 3D Maps Made?

Wood maps are made by combining cutting-edge technology with handcrafted techniques from the best artisans available. First, the artisans responsible for creating these works of art study the intricacies of the location itself.

The two main sources of information for creating 3D maps are topographical maps and bathymetric charts. Topographical maps measure land masses and depict different heights and features, while bathymetric maps do the same thing, but underwater. Bathymetric and topographical measurements help artisans create different layers of the 3D map.

Next, the highest-quality materials are sourced to create a sturdy, long-lasting 3D decorative map. Wood Chart uses birch wood because it’s sturdy, resistant to moisture, and has a light color that is easy to customize. Lasers are responsible for cutting out different shapes and structures, precisely shaping each piece down to mere millimeters of detail. Finally, local artisans display their skills by hand-placing, gluing, and staining the 3D decorative map to add all the final touches.

Choosing the Intention for Your Wood Map

Grand Cayman 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

When choosing the perfect 3D map for you, consider your intention behind the piece. If you want a wood map purely for aesthetic reasons, ask yourself where it will hang and who will be viewing it. A wood chart is a great addition to all types of décor, but think about if you want it to be a bold statement piece or a smaller part of a larger installation.

If you want your wood map to serve as an educational piece, we suggest using a larger map so that everyone can see and understand all the details. Wood maps from Wood Chart are great learning tools because they incorporate legends, labeling, and important landmarks, all with incredible accuracy. Elevations of mountain ranges, depths of the ocean, and the geography of land masses are easily understood with the use of a 3D map. 

Picking a Wood Map Location

Next, it’s important to think about what types of locations you’d like to see on your decorative map within your home. Many people choose their favorite vacation spots, like the beautiful Great Lakes or the Caribbean, so they can reminisce about their adventures during travel. Other folks might choose to display a decorative map of somewhere they would like to visit one day in hopes of inspiring them and keeping their travel goals in mind.

Some other special locations to choose from are:

  • Historical landmarks
  • Birthplace or hometown
  • Location of big life events 

Whether you’re picking your wood map location because it has historical significance, like a map of Washington D.C., or it just so happens to be where you and your spouse met for the first time, the location is an important factor when choosing your 3D map.

How to Incorporate Wood Maps into Your Home

Washington, D.C. 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Adding decorative maps to your home is easy and fun - once you start your collection, it might be hard to stop! The most common way to incorporate 3D maps into the home is to hang them on the wall as a piece of art. Some folks choose to use their wood map as a large statement piece that captures the attention of all who walk in the room. Another option is to use several decorative maps to make a small collage or gallery wall.

There are also multifunctional wood charts that serve a variety of purposes within your home. Some locations have the option of a wood clock, which takes your decorative map to the next level with added versatility.

Another way to incorporate decorative maps into your home is to grab a wood serving tray. These multifunctional pieces can be used every single day and have tons of benefits.

Other than using it for serving food or drinks, 3 ways to incorporate a serving tray into your home are:

  • Catch-all for remotes and game controllers
  • Storage for car and house keys
  • Home office organizer

Where to Find Reputable Wood Maps

Boston Harbor Serving Tray

Choosing a wood map for your home is very exciting, but it’s always important to ensure you have a high-quality decorative map that will last a long time. Fortunately, Wood Chart guarantees only the very best for their products, using high-quality materials and employing the most talented artisans.  

Whether you’re looking for a new way to learn about geography, an exciting way to stay organized, or just a beautiful piece of artwork to spice up your décor, a decorative map is the way to go. Allow your mind to travel to the best island destinations and the most exciting cities with a 3D map from Wood Chart.

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