Wood Charts: The Perfect Addition to Any Home

When searching for meaningful décor that represents you and adds to your space, there is nothing like a wood chart map of your favorite locations. From a pop of texture in a gallery wall to games the entire family can enjoy, wood maps will make a sentimental and artistic addition to any room in your home. Discover the seven ways to add wood charts to your life for a timeless look. 

Lake art, like our wood clocks and maps, is a stylish and unique way to express yourself in your home decor. Whether you’re looking for a serving tray for guests to admire the next time you host or a piece to hang in your bedroom, the intricate designs and hand-carved wood maps make for a stand-out display. 

What is a Wood Chart?

Ireland wood chart

A wood chart is an intricate 3D wood carving depicting topographic views of different locations. Each one shows exciting maps of rivers, islands, lakes, and more in one complex and stylish art piece. These can be famous destinations from all over the globe, whether you’re into fun facts about the Great Lakes or wanting an Ireland wood chart. Lake art has been prevalent throughout time, and these wood charts combine attention to detail, a love of art, and the unique science of cartography to create beautiful maps on wood clocks and wall art. 

Wood charts can come in many forms to meet your every desire. Choose from wall art and wood clocks, or discover functional wood chart serving trays for your home. Enjoy the fine details on a wood clock in your bedroom or even on a cribbage board that you can bring on your next family trip. You can enjoy your favorite locations every which way with these styles of wood charts. 

How are Wood Maps Made?

Understanding how 3D wood maps are made is fascinating. Each curve, line, and location name on a wood map is laser cut on solid Baltic birch wood. The unique lake art is a blend of art and science and is protected by acrylic glass, so the wood charts can be your staple décor pieces for decades to come.

To understand wood maps is to understand and appreciate topography, the study of the shape of every level on the surface of the land. Think of the different elevations, from mountains to rivers, lakes, sea levels, and more—all of these can be depicted on a topography map and in lake art. Each layer of the wood map is carefully carved to make the wood charts you see and love. 

Is Lake Art Popular?

Lake of the Ozarks map

Lake art is a popular décor choice for anyone who lives near, travels to, or loves lakes. The complex 3D designs of these lake art pieces bring excitement to every home and are a constant reminder of the beautiful lakes all around our globe. From lake art maps of the Great Lakes to the Lake of the Ozarks map and more, lake art is a timeless, nautical way to decorate your home that will never go out of style.

5 Reasons to Own a Wood Chart

Not sure why you need one of these gorgeous wood charts in your home? There’s a reason for everyone, whether you’re a dedicated traveler, looking for a stylish wood clock, or want to celebrate a family vacation spot. Our top reasons to own a wood chart include:

  1. Remember travels
  2. Commemorate important spots
  3. Find new family heirloom
  4. Add unique décor
  5. Embrace functional art

Wood Charts Are a Stylish Way to Remember Your Trips

Lake Tahoe 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

If you’re an avid traveler, you can skip the knickknacks at the souvenir shop and choose a wood map of your vacation spot instead. With hundreds of maps of beloved locations all over the globe, like a Lake Tahoe wood chart, you’re sure to find a wood map or wood clock to remind you of your latest trip. Perfect for the nautical traveler, these maps of lakes, rivers, and oceans are the ideal way to commemorate every adventure.

Collect multiple wood maps of all your favorite spots and fill your home with art pieces that bring you back to your vacation time and time again. When visitors come over, they will marvel at the intricate lake art and ask all about your exciting travels. If you’re staying abroad or have recently moved, owning a wood chart of your favorite hometown spot will be a constant reminder of where you came from as you continue to see the world. 

Wood Maps Commemorate Locations Special to Your Family

Does your family have a beloved vacation spot that they like to visit every year? Are you planning to take the kids to a new beach house or lake house to make memories that will last a lifetime? Commemorate your family vacations with a wood chart or wood clock to relive the memories over and over. Decorate your home with a Cape Cod Wood ChartGreat Lakes Clock, or other lake art charts of your beloved travels, and you could find yourself and your family reminiscing on the place that brought you all closer together. 

Cape May, New Jersey Cribbage Board

Try out a wooden cribbage board with your favorite map on it for endless fun at home and on the go. There are tons of reasons to learn to play cribbage, and it is sure to be a favorite for family members of any age. Play with your Cape May Cribbage Board or other beloved maps at home and tell stories of your travels over the delicately crafted wood map, or bring it on the road to your lake house.

Wood Maps Make Great Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are a way to connect a family’s past with your present and create lasting memories to be told for centuries to come. Add to your family’s rich history with a beloved wood chart that all will love. Since each wood map is made with durability in mind, this lake art will stand the test of time as it is passed down from generation to generation. 

Consider a wood clock to represent the passage of time for your home and your family, or choose a timeless wood chart wall piece that will never go out of style. Perhaps it’s a map of where your parents met or your family’s vacation home—wherever the location, the meaning behind the lake art is touching and will be appreciated by your family members for years to come.

Transform Home Décor with Wood Maps

Cape Cod, Massachusetts 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Break up traditional wall art with an exciting pop of texture from wood charts. Most wall art is made from canvases and prints or is kept in a thin frame. Wood maps of your favorite locations will bring a unique look to your favorite art displays around your home, no matter the room. 

Whether you’re displaying your wood chart as a standalone piece or featuring it in a gallery wall full of other meaningful artworks, it is sure to draw attention and compliments from every visitor. Not to mention that you can gaze upon your art piece or wood clock and reminisce about your treasured memories every day. The home décor options are endless with wood charts. 

Wood Charts Can Be Used Around the House

If you’re looking for a functional lake art piece to add to your home décor, look no further than our wood serving trays or wood clocks. With the same fine attention to detail on each map, serving trays can be used throughout the home for hosting parties, as table accessories, and so much more. Wood clocks are a classic accessory in every room. Every wood chart serving tray is the perfect multifunctional item to tie a room together and can be used to carry or hold items all around the home.

There are endless reasons homeowners need serving trays, from elevating their room décor to entertaining loved ones. Upon choosing your favorite wood map serving trays, these multifunctional pieces become treasured items for you and your family to use every day. Grab a wood map serving tray for a happy reminder of your travels with every use. 

7 Ways to Use Wood Charts in Your Home

Great Lakes Clock

If you need inspiration for including lake art in your home décor, the options are endless. Try these seven ways to get inspired using wood maps around your house:

  1. Gallery walls
  2. Bedside table organization
  3. Wood clocks
  4. Coffee table accents
  5. Mantle décor
  6. Entryway display
  7. Thoughtful gifts

1. Include Wood Charts on a Gallery Wall

Hang up your meaningful wood map amongst your other collected art pieces for a modern and unique gallery wall. The 3D element will bring depth to the design of your wall and create a showstopping centerpiece for any room in the house. The classic lake art piece is sure to be a favorite wherever you place it.

2. Use a Wood Chart on the Bedside Table

Wood map serving trays are the perfect way to easily store your bedside table items, whether that is lotions, jewelry, electronics, or your latest read. Upgrading the organization of your bedside table with a favorite wood map is key to a comfortable bedroom. It will be the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you fall asleep, so you may as well choose a lake art piece full of happy memories. 

3. Keep Track of Time with a Wood Clock

Nantucket Clock

Wood clocks featuring maps of your favorite spots around the globe are the perfect addition to any room in the house. Not only are they beautifully crafted, but they are entirely functional. Try hanging a wood clock in your home office to keep track of time during meetings or one in the entryway for when you’re rushing out the door. Wood clocks are functional and stylish in every room in the house.

4. Keep Your Coffee Table Tidy with a Serving Tray

There is nothing worse than a messy coffee table. Decorating with a lake art serving tray can be a sentimental touch as well as a helpful organizational trick. Keep your TV remotes in one place, store your coffee table, books, and magazines in a neat stack, or decorate with various candles and knickknacks. Using a wood chart serving tray is a simple way to bring order to your living room. 

5. Decorate a Mantle or Shelves with a Wood Map

Every wood chart, whether it’s a wood clock or wall art, makes beautiful and simple additions to any mantle or shelf. Just set the piece down on the chosen surface, lean it on the wall behind it, and you have an elegant decoration with no nails or screws required. Add wood maps of meaningful locations or dream vacation spots above your fireplace, on any bookcase, or on floating shelves around your house for quick and easy decoration. 

6. Organize Your Entryway with a Wood Chart Serving Tray

San Juan Islands Serving Tray

In Feng Shui, entryways are meant to be kept organized and tidy for welcoming energy. Adding a decorative lake art serving tray to the entryway table can be a simple fix for any daily clutter. Store car and house keys, mittens, hats in the wintertime, and more in one tidy spot with a wood map serving tray. Soon the first area of your house will feel organized and decorated. 

7. Wood Charts Make Thoughtful Gifts

If you know any newlyweds about to start their life together or loved ones ready to become homeowners, grab them a wood chart or wood clock with their favorite map to wish them well at their housewarming party. It’s tradition to give housewarming presents, so give them a meaningful map of locations near and dear to their heart to display in their new home. These wood charts are the perfect accessory for every room, and they will be cherished for years to come. 

Ways to Hang Your Wood Charts

Close up of woman hammering a nail into the wall

If you’re wondering about your options for hanging wood charts and wood clocks, we have five favorite ways to hang wood charts that never fail:

  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Curtain rods
  • Wall strips
  • Picture Ledges

Wood charts are the perfect addition to every home, whether you are looking to elevate your favorite gallery wall with lake art or trying out functional décor pieces around the house. Each wood map, whether it’s carved into a wood clock or cribbage board, is built to last. Choose meaningful locations for you and your family, and prepare to reminisce every time you see your wood charts around your home.   

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