Top 5 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs a Wood Serving Tray

Tragically overlooked, the wood serving tray is a necessity in each home. At first glance, you may not even understand just how universal and multi-use a tray can be. But whether it’s for hosting elaborate dinner parties or dressing up the décor of your coffee table with a wood chart, a serving tray can be a key to having a beautiful home.

Why Do I Need a Serving Tray?

Puget Sound Serving Tray

Wood serving trays bring ease to your life and show off your favorite vacation spots all at the same time! A wood chart is sure to wow a crowd with a luxurious and meaningful wood lake design. Questions will arise about where and how you found this beautiful piece, and you will inspire others to join the serving-tray lifestyle.

5 Reasons to Own a Wood Serving Tray

If you need convincing, there are at least five reasons why you need these wood serving trays to tie together your lovely living space.

  1. Entertaining
  2. Decorating your home
  3. Staying organized
  4. Enjoying lazy meals
  5. Sustainable alternative

1. Entertaining with a Wood Serving Tray

Gulf of Mexico Serving Tray

After hours of sweating in front of the stove to impress your guests, the last thing you want to do is carry each individual hot dish out to the dining room. The risk of spilling that precious cargo is too high and too stressful. With a wood serving tray of your own, all your dishes can be piled on at once for easy transport to your table.

Not only will the wood serving tray make your host job easier, but it will step up your game for every event you need to serve food at. Guests are sure to comment on the beauty of the wood chart on its surface, asking for stories about your travels to the Gulf of Mexico. Having a serving tray in your life will make hosting easy and will add a special homey touch to every event you throw.

Looking for a plate for a trendy charcuterie board? A wood serving tray embellished with a special wood chart is the perfect board to use for charcuterie. A beautiful wood lake carving adds a gorgeous touch to a delicious snack board for everyday grazing or special events.

Perfect Events for Bringing Out the Wood Serving Tray:

  • Game night
  • Cocktail party
  • Dinner party
  • Romantic date
  • Kid’s playdate

2. Decorate with Your Wood Chart Tray

Cape Cod Serving Tray

Decorating with a wood serving tray is next-level genius. Not only do you get to use your sentimental wood chart as a crucial item in your home décor, but you can also play around with placement as much as you’d like. Your tray can have functionality and be fun in any room you decide to place it in, whether that’s holding your favorite perfumes on the bathroom counter, your spirits on the bar cart, or your odds-and-ends on your bedside table.

Wood serving trays will elevate any room to look put together and classy, with a vibe that never goes out of style. It’s all about what you decide to put on it that will make or break the décor. Options range from something small to accent the gorgeous Cape Cod wood chart or something bold to draw the eye.

Tips on Decorating with a Wood Serving Tray

Using this wood chart as a decorative tray may not come easy to you—here are some tips and tricks to help you nail the décor every time. Try to remember to use the odd number rule, sticking to an odd number of objects with varying heights on your tray; this will help bring attention to your tray. And when all else fails, try sticking to a color scheme for your wood serving tray, connecting to the theme of your room.

3. Stay Organized with a Wood Serving Tray

Los Angeles to San Diego, California Serving Tray

Are you someone who deals with clutter? Wood serving trays may be just what you need to start fixing this habit. By adding these wood charts to rooms in your home, you gain natural spots to place your items. When the tray gets full, you can then carry the tray with you from room to room, sorting everything back into its proper home.

Not to mention how helpful they are if you have children running around. Everyone knows the clutter a kid leaves behind. Try using a tray to collect their spare toys when they inevitably leave them on the floor. Add the fun job of carrying the tray back to their room to their chore list and, voila, a clean home.

4. Feeling Lazy? Eat Off Your Wood Serving Tray

We all have those days where sitting at the dinner table just seems like too much effort. TV tray dinners were popular for a reason, and sometimes you need that level of ease. If you have the effort to cook your comfort food, go for it; if you want to order from the Thai restaurant down the street, do that.

You’re allowed to have a simple night in with your favorite movie. Embrace your lazy night in, plop that wood lake map holding your dinner on the coffee table, and enjoy your easy meal. Putting your dinner on a nice wood serving tray will make you feel at least somewhat put together. 

5. Wood Charts Are Built to Last

Lake Michigan Serving Tray

Wood serving trays are built to last and will forever be a staple in your home. This smart and sustainable choice for your home also adds elegance to your space. Carry your tray with great pride at the smart choice to go a sustainable route.

With every use, a wood chart will bring back all the fond memories of you and your family adventuring at Lake Tahoe or visiting your grandparents on the Great Lakes. By adding a loved wood chart full of your favorite memories, you are creating a new family tradition. This wood serving tray will be passed down from generation to generation, and the stories will be passed with it.

No home will ever be complete without a staple wood chart. This is exactly the missing piece you have been dreaming about for your home. Host exciting gatherings, decorate every room, get and stay organized, and enjoy your long-lasting, beautiful wood serving trays.

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