Wood Maps: Illustrating Your Treasured Travels

Physical representations of your love for travel can be hard to find. At every tourist destination, there are stickers, postcards, and T-shirts advertising your adventures. However, many people seek a classier alternative for their souvenirs.

Finding a good wood map or piece of lake art is an invaluable way to commemorate your trip. Not only do they serve as gorgeous pieces of home décor, but your purchase of a handcrafted gift also supports local artists and the livelihood of tourism in your favorite places.

What Is a Wood Map?

Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Wood maps are exactly what they sound like: intricate 3D carvings in wood to depict a topographic view of a certain location. Artists from Wood Chart create wood maps of famous destinations all over the country. Lake art is a popular type of wood map, combining a unique art form with a more technical science: cartography.

What Is Cartography?

Cartography is the science of map-making. Different forms of cartography have been around for thousands of years; humans have always felt it important to document their surroundings. Even ancient populations were known to draw small maps on cave walls, often depicting potential hazards and food sources to keep their people safe and healthy.

Lucky for lake art lovers everywhere, cartography has developed into not just a science but an art form. Artists all around the world have recognized the potential for maps to be gorgeous, creative pieces. Artists at Wood Chart have taken some of the most beautiful lakes and bodies of water in the country and transformed them into stunning pieces that will last a lifetime.

How Are Wood Maps Unique?

Italy 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Wood maps are unique in their look and in their production. First, they are three-dimensional maps, making them pop off the wall and catch attention. Lake art in this form is specifically unique because it shows the depths of the waters.

Many people are familiar with topographical maps, which depict different elevations above ground. This type of lake art is made with bathymetric maps, which depict the same depth levels, just underground or beneath the water.  

Wood maps are also unique because they are made with such precision. Wood Chart uses lasers to sculpt the high-quality Baltic birch pieces, ensuring that each measurement is within two millimeters of perfection. This leaves the wood map with crisp edges and smooth features, heightening the aesthetic pleasure and transforming a map into a true work of art.

Most Famous Locations for Lake Art

Water almost always offers a lot of tourist activities. From stunning views to exciting water sports, a beautiful body of water is sure to attract the masses and make for a lovely vacation.

Lake Tahoe 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Nature admirers and travel lovers alike will appreciate a piece of art from one of their favorite destinations. There are several lakes around the United States that are hugely popular tourist destinations and make great lake art pieces.

Among these are:

The Great Lakes

Lake Tahoe

Lake Washington

The Great Lakes Wood Map

Though we might not be able to name all five at once, everyone is familiar with the Great Lakes. They are Earth’s largest freshwater lakes and attract folks from all over the world. This lake art can commemorate a multitude of different trips, from a city galivant to Chicago or Cleveland to a visit to a natural world wonder like Niagara Falls.

Lake Tahoe Wood Map

Lake Tahoe offers a one-of-a-kind experience for vacationing and sightseeing. It’s situated right on the California and Nevada border, giving ample opportunities for tourism to both states. Both sides have beautiful hikes and beaches, and Nevada even has casinos!

Additionally, Lake Tahoe has peak summer and peak winter seasons, so there are opportunities for swimming, skiing, and anything in between. Families, couples, and solo adventure enthusiasts would undoubtedly love this unique reminder of their Tahoe vacation. 

Lake Washington Wood Map

Lake Michigan Clock

Lake Washington is another freshwater lake famous for its fishing and boating experiences. Lake Washington is often too cold for swimming, but that doesn’t detract from its adventure potential. There are tons of beaches to explore in addition to its own island perched at the southern end of the lake. 

Are Wood Maps Durable?

These pieces of lake art are extremely durable and will last long enough to be passed down to the next generation for years to come. Our artists use only the finest Baltic birch wood to sculpt these pieces; birch is a very hard and sturdy variety of wood that is usually free of cracks and imperfections. It also comes in very light colors, making it easy to personalize.

Furthermore, our artists take great pride in their work and encourage buyers to contact customer service immediately should any issues arise with your wood map.

Our Favorite Wood Art Gifts

Great Lakes Cork Map

These days, it’s getting more and more difficult to find the perfect gift. Large online retailers and big box stores make so many things immediately accessible, making it hard to figure out what someone wants that they haven’t purchased themselves!

Wood map pieces come in so many different forms, ensuring you can find something for everyone.

3 of our favorite wood art gifts include:

  1. Lake Michigan Clock
  2. Great Lakes Cork Map
  3. Italy 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Maps of the Great Lakes are beautiful reminders of the cool coasts and quaint towns that surround them, while a wood map of Italy and its surrounding waters brings anyone back to an Italian vacation, basking in the sunlight and enjoying pasta galore. 

Elevating Your Home Décor with Wood Maps

All the pieces mentioned above come in various colors and finishes to go with any home furnishings. Purchasing a piece of lake art on a wood map is an excellent way to support a small business and step up the artwork game in your home. These pieces are sure to be conversation starters at every get-together.

We all have enough T-shirts and coffee mugs to commemorate our trips, but why not elevate the look of your home, all while recounting precious memories or planning bucket-list trips? Wood maps are the perfect timeless pieces that are sure to merge your love of adventure with your eye for beautiful art.

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