5 Ways A Wood Map Will Improve Your Life

There’s a blank hole in your heart—something is missing. But what could it be? It’s a wood map adorning your walls!

Nowadays, all gallery art walls tend to look the same, but with the addition of wood wall art, the whole game is changed. Wood maps are the perfect unique addition to any home, but that is not the only reason why you need a wood map today.

Whether it’s for your own home, a gift, or a learning utensil, wood wall art takes the cake. The topographic curves and lines are expertly etched into Baltic birch to make realistic and jaw-dropping depictions of all your favorite locations.

What is a Topographic Wood Map?

Italy Clock

Before purchasing and decorating with a map, you deserve to know exactly how impressive they are! But what is a topographical wood map? Topographical means the elevation is contoured into the wood to show the shape of the area’s surface. Every cut you see is based on the real geography and maps of that zone.

The artist uses those maps to understand where to cut and where to put depth. Those layers are then laser cut into the highest quality birch wood to give you a feel of the landscape as it is in real life. After this lengthy, scientific, and quite artistic process, a unique wood map is born! 

5 Must-Have Reasons to Buy a Wood Map

Now that you understand just how detailed and time-consuming these wood maps are, there are endless reasons to buy one. Here are the top 5!

  1. Remind you of your travels
  2. Family heirloom
  3. Fascinating and unique visual art
  4. Easy and fun learning
  5. Gifting 

1. Wood Maps Remind You of Your Travels

Lake Tahoe 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Are you the type of person who would rather always be on a grand vacation? Do you find yourself reminiscing about your time at the boat house on Lake Tahoe? Buy a stunning wood map to remind you of the adventures in your everyday life.

With that little piece of magic added to your home, your adventures will find you night and day. Not only will you be reminiscing on your travels, but friends and family members will beg you to retell your fabulous tales from all over the globe. 

2. Wood Wall Art is the Perfect New Family Heirloom

Every family has some lovely item that has been passed down from generation to generation, whether that be jewelry, a painting, or anything else. Why not make a tradition that much more heartfelt with a map of your family’s hometown or favorite spot? A wood map is an eccentric and distinctive choice for an heirloom.

Every member that gets their hands on the prized family heirloom will get to recall their stories, giving the wood map growing meaning with every tale. The more this piece gets passed down, the stronger your family will bond and the more the location of the map will carry on to have meaning in your lineage.

3. Wood Maps Make Unique Art

Hawaii (The Big Island) 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

When you think of wall art, you may have an image that springs to mind. Most pieces of artwork that cover our walls are canvases or prints, but wood? Wood wall art brings a unique dimension to our otherwise traditional walls. With the 3D element of a lot of our wood maps, wandering eyes have to pause to take a second to admire the glorious details of each layer.

Not only is it unique to have a personal connection to the art on your walls, but a wood wall art piece is not exactly traditional. Whether it’s a clock of Italy or a wood map of the Hawaiian Islands, the art on your walls tells a story about you. Why not make it a unique one?

4. It’s Easy and Fun to Learn from Wood Maps

Not only do our maps make beautiful wood wall art, but they also come with a geography lesson! You could spend ages staring at the carefully crafted edges and curves of each map. The artists take their time studying a bathymetric chart to replicate the exciting topography on each wooden slab, meaning each map is a great resource for studying up.

With a compass pointing you the right way and each city and landmark etched into the wood, staring at this map means learning more about the geography of the area. You will learn what the bodies of water surrounding are called, city names, and the general whereabouts. The longer you stare at the wood map, the more you will see that it’s not only alluring art but also educational.

5. Wood Wall Art Makes the Perfect Gift

Selfishly, you will want to keep every wood map for yourself, but eventually, you will want to cough one up as a gift for someone near and dear in your life. Who would appreciate wood wall art the most? Perhaps newlyweds decorating their home, your friend fascinated with interior design and unique pieces, or your grandparents and their lovely vintage cabin—everyone in your life would appreciate being gifted such a beautiful art piece. 

Favorite Wood Chart Destinations

Lake Michigan 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Now that you know why you need wood maps, the last step is selecting which one is perfect for your home. Depending on where you’ve traveled to or where you’d like to travel, your wood chart of choice may be Lake Tahoe or Lake Michigan. We offer an extensive range of wood maps — you can even shop by state to discover if we have wood wall art of your favorite place. Or check out our best-sellers to see if one of these is a favorite.

Best-Selling USA Wood Charts

From the West Coast to the East Coast, we have a wood map to celebrate favorite locations across the country. You’ll even find wood charts celebrating islands like Hawaii, Nantucket, and Catalina Island.

5 Favorites We Constantly Run Out Of:

You’ll want to snatch up these consistent best-sellers before it’s too late.

Chesapeake Bay

Bar Harbor

Great Lakes

Salish Sea

San Francisco

Best-Selling International Wood Charts

From your favorite European getaway to trips to Cuba, we have the chart for you. Commemorate your lavish travels to countries far and wide with an adored piece of wood wall art hung up in your home.

5 Treasured Wood Maps to Celebrate Worldwide Travel:

Gulf of Mexico 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Are you more of an international traveler? We have the perfect wood maps for you, too; don’t you fret. These include:

  1. Ireland
  2. Baja Peninsula
  3. Grand Cayman
  4. Gulf of Mexico
  5. Italy

If you ever needed grounds to finally purchase an awe-inspiring wood map, there are five easy-peasy reasons just for you. Whether your passion for travel stays within the United States or crosses seas to faraway countries, there is a wood chart for you. Decorate your home with a sense of adventure, learn more with every glance, or gift one to a loved one—your options are endless.

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