Top 7 Reasons to Learn How to Play Cribbage

Have you ever seen that mysterious wooden board in the game treasure trunk at your grandparent’s house? Perhaps you’ve witnessed two friends battle it out over the pegs and cards. Or maybe, this is the first you’re hearing of this game! In which case, what a shame—we’ve got to change that! Welcome to the world of cribbage.

With just one special wood cribbage board, particularly one decorated with beautifully etched lines depicting your favorite locations, you can make lasting memories sitting around with family and friends. Playing the game of cribbage is a tradition that brings older and newer generations together in harmonious laughter. So, sit down, stay awhile, and let’s hear why you need to learn how to play the riveting game of cribbage.

How to Play Cribbage

United Kingdom Cribbage Board

Cribbage is one of those games that may seem confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked! This game has been around since the early 1600s, and the aim of it is to be the first player to move all the pegs up and down the board two times, ending in the game hole. Your mission? To reach 121 points before your opponent.

It may take some Googling and research, but once you understand, the game will be afoot. Put your thinking caps on, get ready to strategize, and take the leap. All you need is your average deck of cards and a wood cribbage board (or a pencil and paper in a pinch), and you are set for a fun game night! 

Must-Know Cribbage Terms:

To truly succeed and to beat every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the family, study up on these keywords to be the best player you can be!

Peg out: to score 121 points and win the game!

Skunk: when a game is won by 31-60 points

Pone: the dealer’s opponent

Muggins: a rule where players can steal any points in their opponents’ hands that they fail to count for themselves

Crib: the two cards from each player set aside for the dealer

7 Reasons You Should Learn to Play Cribbage:

Lake Tahoe Cribbage Board

If you aren’t convinced yet to play this wonderful game, here are 7 compelling reasons why you should learn the game of cribbage!

  1. Connect with your roots
  2. Learn new strategies
  3. Start a family tradition
  4. It’s good for your brain
  5. It’s fun!
  6. Easy on-the-go game
  7. It’s a great conversation starter

1. Connect with the older generation through cribbage!

Let’s face it. Some of us have only heard of cribbage when from our grandparents. The game has been around for ages, and there’s a reason cribbage has stood the test of time. By learning to play, you will be able to connect with the generations before you.

2. Learn a new strategy-based game!

With just a wood cribbage board and a deck of cards, you can give your brain a workout and learn this strategy-based game. These days, a lot of entertainment is mindless and passive, but with this classic game, you will be sharpening your mental tools and learning how to best your opponent.

3. Cribbage makes a great family tradition!

Cape Cod Cribbage Board

You can start a new tradition and bring a wooden cribbage board to your next family vacation! From the west coast of San Francisco to the east coast of Cape Cod, there is a travel-inspired cribbage board for you and your family. This wooden cribbage board is sure to become a family heirloom, passed on from generation to generation. 

4. Cribbage is good for your brain!

Grab this game and make it a regular activity to lower your risk of dementia and depression. Thanks to the math, strategy, and problem-solving skills that are required, playing cribbage will strengthen your brain, balance your emotions, and stimulate connection the more you play!

5. Cribbage is fun for all ages!

It gets harder every day to pull your kids and moody teenagers off their devices for in-person connection. By deciding to get a wood cribbage board, you will be one step closer to getting them hooked on an activity that all of you can enjoy face to face. A wood cribbage board brings the whole family together—even the youngest, most Tik-Tok-addicted members!

6. Cribbage is an easy game to play on the go!

New Orleans Cribbage Board

With just a deck of cards, pins, and a nice wood cribbage board, this game is easily packed up and carried with you no matter where you go. Bring it to your beach house, a dinner party, a picnic, a long car ride, and more! Simplicity is key, and this game is the perfect companion to bring along for any event

7. Cribbage is a great conversation starter!

Whether you bring this board out to play with family you always play with or are introducing new friends to your beloved game, your wooden cribbage board tells a story. Having this artistic board laid on the table will strike up conversation and allow you to share your favorite memories. Every time this cribbage board is out, old memories and tales will be told, all while new memories will be made around it! 

Our 5 Favorite Vacation-Spot Wood Cribbage Boards!

Boston Harbor Cribbage Board

One of the best parts of buying your own cribbage board is that you can pick and choose a location that holds meaning to you and your family. Our wood cribbage boards are from all over the map, going coast to coast and even continent to continent. Gift one to your host in a visited city or wrap one for under the Christmas tree for your grandmother! Each board is a beautiful addition to a game cupboard and is sure to wow!

  1. Boston Harbor
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Lake Tahoe
  4. Lake Superior
  5. New Orleans

Cribbage is chock full of history, tradition, strategy, and love. By buying a meaningful wood cribbage board and taking the time to learn to play, you are investing in yourself and your future happiness. You will be the coolest person in the room, whipping out the board at parties, packing it in your luggage for family vacays, and challenging your partner to a game before bed. Learn to play today!

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