Favorite Wood Lake Maps for Every Kind of Traveler

Whether you want to memorialize your favorite destination or add a bit of nautical décor to your home, a wood lake map is the perfect home décor. With a map of your own, you will always be able to recall your favorite adventures. From the carefully carved curve of the water’s edge to the memories attached to the lake itself, owning a wood lake map is a must in your life.

Top 3 Favorite Wood Lake Maps

Lake Michigan 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

We, the experts in 3D wood lake maps, are known for taking a lake map and creating a stunning topographic wood chart with laser-cut details. Over the years, these are some of the most popular wood charts featuring lakes across the United States.

  1. The Great Lakes
  2. Lake Tahoe
  3. Lake Winnipesaukee

The Great Lakes

If you ask any Midwesterner, they’ll tell you about their favorite of the Great Lakes with pride. But why the name? What makes the Great Lakes so great? The Great Lakes get their name from the Ojibwe tribe’s word, “mishi-gami,” which translates to “great water.” The largest freshwater system in the world, these beautiful waters span 94,600 square miles and touch the shores of most of the midwestern states.

The 5 Great Lakes are:

  • Lake Michigan
  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Ontario
  • Lake Superior
  • Lake Huron
Lake Michigan Wood Map

If you spent time in the summer on Lake Michigan growing up, you’ll probably remember the sand and searching for Petoskey stones. But you may also remember fishing or spending time in the summer at the Chicago shoreline. This Lake Michigan wood map brings one of the largest and deepest freshwater lakes to life, along with your memories.

Lake Huron Wood Map
Lake Huron 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Famous for its endless dunes, sandy beaches, vast forests, wetlands, and countless river systems, this lake is the fourth-largest in the world. Can you recall searching for the infamous lost shipwrecks under its swirling surface as a kid? Whether you’re Canadian or American, you’ll want to relive your favorite memories with this Huron wood lake map.

Lake Erie Wood Map

Do you know of an avid fisher in your life? They probably frequent Lake Erie, the body of water with more consumable fish than all the other Great Lakes combined. The shoreline also touches many states, gifting fond memories to people all over the country. Appreciate the expansive and lasting effect of the waters with a beautiful wood lake map of Lake Erie

Lake Superior Wood Map

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit the sparkling shorelines of Superior, you know the beauties of the largest freshwater lake in the world. Standing on one side, unable to see the land across from you, you may be convinced it is the sea. Immortalize this treasured experience with one of our wood lake maps of Lake Superior.

Lake Ontario Wood Map
Lake Ontario 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Did you know that a surprising 25% of Canada’s population lives within the Ontario watershed? With its expansive shoreline and near-transparent blue waters, this lake is a beauty that cannot be missed. Whether you’ve been or always dreamed of going, owning a Lake Ontario wood chart will bring beauty to your life, just as it does to the lands around it.

Lake Tahoe

Tahoe is known for its beauty all year round. Thanks to the surrounding mountain tops, it makes for great skiing in the winter, but during the summer, there’s no better place to be than on the water. Each layer of this wood lake map is laser-cut to depict the area’s unforgettable topography. Largely considered one of the purest lakes in the world, the alluring waters of Lake Tahoe are iconic to any traveler who passes through.

Not to mention the endless fascinating facts of Lake Tahoe that will keep you coming back for every vacation day you can afford. A gathering spot for entertainment and tourism, you will never question how to fill your time on its shores. With a wood lake map to memorialize your love for Lake Tahoe, the lake will love you in return.

Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

A staple of New Hampshire, the Lake Winnipesaukee region is filled with country inns, delicious restaurants, and many memory-making spots that your family is sure to love. New Englanders everywhere will travel here for stunning getaways during every season. Whether it’s to see wildlife, take the boat out, or find a relaxing stay, Lake Winnipesaukee is the one for you.

The attention to detail in the Lake Winnipesaukee wood map will take your breath away. Carved onto high-quality Baltic birch, the map makes perfect décor. Recall your calming trip and yearn for more every time you look at the wood lake map.  

Other Wood Lake Maps

Those were just some best-seller options! Our lake map selection is grand, spanning from the East Coast to the West; there’s a wood lake map for everyone. And whether you are an avid traveler or dream of adventuring to these states, these lakes are must-see.

How Many Lakes are in Wisconsin?

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

The Cheese State is known for having around 15,000 lakes. Whether it’s the summer or the dead of winter, these lakes are known for their beauty. If you like hiking, camping, fishing, boating, or other outdoorsy activities, you have found the state with all the lakes you crave. You could spend years exploring each one, but there are three Wisconsin wood lake maps that you need to see, including:

Texas Lakes

Texas has many breathtaking lakes to offer. Whether it’s a lake out in nature or a city-side reservoir, each one has unbelievable views. Fun fact: most of the Lone Star State’s lakes, like Lake Ray Hubbard, are manmade. Enjoy your time on Texas lakes and celebrate your swim with varying wood lake maps.

Texas Wood Lake Maps:

Lake of the Ozarks, Montana, Wood Map

Known for its unique shape, Lake of the Ozarks is one of the most famous lakes in Montana. The laser-cut etching in our wood lake map shows the details of the winding path and inlets taking off in every direction. Whether you remember the Ozarks for their fishing, boating, or famous limestone caverns, this lake is unmatched. Explore the Ozarks with a wood lake map and discover the old ghost towns, various dams, and winding path of the water.

Flathead Lake, Montana, Lake Map

Flathead Lake, Montana 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Montana’s pride and joy, Flathead is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. You have your pick of the litter with lake activities with this one, with everything from waterskiing to camping. In the summer, find the roadside filled with fresh fruit stands. Stare at the clean water all day, and stare at your very own wood lake map of Flathead to remember it even when you’ve departed.

Wherever your travels have taken you or wherever they may yet lead, we hope that a wood lake map brings a bit of the location into your home. Follow the expertly etched lines of the shores, and you’ll quickly be transported back to your favorite days at the lake.

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