Map of South Korea 3-D Nautical Wood Chart in Frame
Map of South Korea 3-D Nautical Wood Chart
Topography Details on Map of South Korea 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

South Korea 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large, 24.5" x 31"

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The uber-tech country of South Korea is well-known for its internet connectivity, K-pop, and asking, “Have you eaten?” – a greeting as common as our “How are you?” The humble, hard-working people of Korea are welcoming, which has created a boom in tourism and popular culture. Throughout the mountain ranges and lowlands, the peninsula of South Korea offers hospitality in small coastal villages and clustered villages in the rural hills.

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and has grown exponentially since the 1960s. The economy and population have experienced a tremendous boom, giving distance from the time when the country struggled with famine.  The now common question, “Have you eaten?” is a nod to when times were more difficult for this tenacious country.

This 3D wood map displays the bathymetry of the seas surrounding this peninsula in intricate detail. The depths of the water and details of the shoreline are expertly etched in high-quality Birch and completed with engraved points of interest. The wood chart is finished with a custom frame and is ready to hang.

Welcome the humble culture of South Korea into your home with this stunning 3D wood map.

 Points of Interest on the South Korea Nautical Wood Chart Include:
Chuncheon, Daejeon, Icheon, Sea of Japan, Seoul, and the Yellow Sea

South Korea 3D Wood Map Details:

  • Made of high-quality Birch
  • Solid Wood Frame Made to Fit
  • Laser-cut Depth
  • Engraved Names and Locations
  • Acrylic Glass Protection
  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Hang

Frame Styles:

  • Classic, Dark Brown Frame, Greenish-Blue Water Color
  • Rustic, Grey Frame, Greyish-Blue Water Color