5 Best-Selling Wood Charts

When you travel the world – or dream of traveling the world – you are inspired by the artistry and beauty of each location and the people you meet along the way. Commemorating your travels with intricately etched wood charts is a beautiful homage to the people and places you visit while elevating your hand-crafted home décor and preserving your memories. Who doesn’t love an art collection that pulls double-duty?

Wood charts are becoming increasingly popular for home décor and nostalgic reasons. Rapidly replacing scrapbooks and photo albums, the best wood maps evoke memories of fabulous family vacations, intimate anniversaries, and adventurous girls’ weekend trips to local destinations. Whether staying local or going abroad, wood charts are a perfect way to bring smiles into your everyday life.

The best wood maps bring you back to each location. The details of the topography, bathymetry, and each roadway are etched in realistic relief; it is like you are there all over again. Whether you have already made the journey or are living vicariously through the adventures of others, these five maps will strike a chord of familiarity and a sense of curiosity at the same time!

5 of the Best Wood Charts

  1. Salish Sea, Washington
  2. Great Lakes
  3. Lake Tahoe Clock
  4. Lake Winnipesaukee Cribbage Board
  5. Chesapeake Bay Serving Tray

1. Salish Sea, Washington 3D Nautical Wood Chart

Salish Sea Wood Map

The Salish Sea is a breathtaking body of water off the west coast of Washington State. It offers stunning vistas and bountiful marine life. Islands break the surface of this waterway connecting to the Pacific Ocean, providing topography of interest to detail in high-quality wood charts. Flora and fauna beautify the landscape, embedding the experience in your memory and re-visiting your mind’s eye with every glimpse at the best wood map of the Salish Sea.

This wood chart of the Salish Sea features the channels, straits, and bays in exquisite detail, setting the backdrop for memories of your whale-watching adventures. Each point of interest, waterway, and landmark is etched into the Baltic birch of the nautical wood chart, providing a unique perspective of this northwest coastal sea. As one of the best wood maps of the Salish Sea, the detailed bathymetry includes the detail of the line of demarcation between the United States and Canada, etched into the Strait of San Juan de Fuca.

2. Great Lakes 3D Nautical Wood Chart

Great Lakes 3D Wood Chart

A trip to the Great Lakes is undoubtedly on the top of each traveler’s bucket list! A true national treasure, the Great Lakes offer diverse landscapes, recreation activities, and a plethora of dining experiences. Each lake has a personality all its own and demands its own time on your adventure itinerary.


The Great Lakes

  • Lake Huron
  • Lake Ontario
  • Lake Michigan
  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Superior

Fun fact: The Great Lakes make up the largest body of fresh water on Earth. The best wood map details the astounding bathymetry of each lake, complete with the topography of over 35,000 islands to explore within these inland seas. This best wood map is a top seller because it showcases the beauty of the floor of the lakes as well as the surrounding areas.

3. Lake Tahoe Clock

Lake Tahoe Clock

It’s been said that you are never the same after one trip to Lake Tahoe. The beauty, the land, and the vistas in every direction remain in the heart and mind of all who visit. The pristine woodland reflected in the lake’s crystal-clear water can only be captured on the best wood map.

The Lake Tahoe wood chart wall clock is a best-seller. With the passing of each minute, it brings to mind the days spent on the crisp, clear waters of the lake, the afternoons hiking the Rubicon, the day at Sand Harbor Beach, and, of course, the many meals at the Lucky Beaver Bar & Burger.

4. Lake Winnipesaukee Cribbage Board 

Lake Winnipesaukee Cribbage Board

 Lake Winnipesaukee has been the best-kept secret of Bostonians and other locals for decades! All who vacation on its storied shores want to celebrate their time at Lake Winnipesaukee with a functional and beautiful wood chart. A cribbage board is the best wood map for Lake Winnipesaukee because it travels with you for games at the lake and remains on display at home to remind you of the great times you shared with family and friends.

Functional Features of the Cribbage Board Wood Chart

  • Pegs
  • Standard deck of cards
  • Portable design
  • Skunks
  • Hidden storage compartment

Lake Winnipesaukee, which translates to the smile of the great spirit, offers 72 square miles of adventure in every season. The versatility of this vacation destination makes the points of interest and landmarks on this wood chart a constant reminder of all there is to experience at the lake. This cribbage board remains a top-selling wood chart due to its timeless feeling of fun already celebrated and those times yet to come. 

5. Chesapeake Bay Serving Tray

Chesapeake Bay Serving Tray

The best wood map brings the nautical vibe of the Bay directly to your home décor in a functional and elegant wood chart serving tray. The Chesapeake Bay is known for its spectacular seafood, and this decorative wood chart is the perfect vessel to use to present shrimp appetizers at your next dinner party. In addition, the Chesapeake Bay serving tray is a best-seller because it magnifies the beauty of the shoreline and the surrounding landscape of the popular vacation destination.

This best-selling wood chart allows you to bring your love of the Chesapeake Bay into your home. The laser-cut outline expertly showcases the depths and shallows of the Bay in the high-quality Baltic birch. Relive your time at the Chesapeake Bay as you appreciate the engraved landmarks, points of interest, and roads on this remarkable wood chart.

Why Buy a Best-Selling Wood Chart?

Whether you are starting your own wood chart collection or adding to a personal gallery, these five best-selling wood charts will bring joy and beauty to your home or office. The best wood maps encourage curiosity and adventure while bringing a smile to your face. A high-quality wood chart inspires travel and preserves memories.

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