What Makes Lake Winnipesaukee a National Treasure

Looking for the perfect vacation destination? Well, can you keep a secret? Lake Winnipesaukee has been the hideaway of choice for Bostonians and others for decades. The summer troupes, hiking trails, and numerous recreational activities keep all the vacationers coming back year after year.

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire, covering 69 square miles with a maximum depth of 180 feet, as seen on your favorite wood map. A remarkable enhancement to the landscape, Lake Winnipesaukee may be considered a national treasure by those who live along its shores. It is a substantial New Hampshire lake, divided into seven sections, including:

7 Sections of Lake Winnipesaukee 

Lake Winnipesaukee Cribbage Board
  • The Broads
  • Meredith Bay
  • Paugus Bay
  • Alton Bay
  • Wolfeboro Bay
  • Winter Harbor
  • Moultonborough Bay

Two hundred and sixty-four islands dot the lake, except for the section of The Broads. The Broads section of this New Hampshire lake is clear of islands and occupies the center of the lake. Most of the islands are uninhabitable; however, six of them are connected to the mainland by bridges. Eight of these islands even receive service from the USPS mail boat M/V Sophie C.

If Lake Winnipesaukee sounds familiar but you cannot quite place it, consider these references in pop culture. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have filmed several sketches at “Camp Winnipesaukee.” Academy Award-winning On Golden Pond filmed several boating scenes on Lake Winnipesaukee, and the 1981 comedy What About Bob? featuring Bill Murray was filmed at the famed New Hampshire lake.

If you are the gambling sort, perhaps you have heard of the Lake Winnipesaukee Ice-Out. The annual Ice-Out contest consists of people guessing the date the Mount Washington can leave her port and travel to the other ports on the New Hampshire lake. This contest is recorded as early as 1851 and shows results consistently declared in April. 

What to do in Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee Serving Tray

This New Hampshire lake has long been known as a grand vacation destination. With 170 miles of shoreline and 44,586 acres of lake surface, there is room for every possible recreational activity one can think of. Or you can kick back on the sand and watch all the other vacationers exert energy. Your choice.

Hiking trails are abundant around Lake Winnipesaukee. To fully appreciate the beauty of the area, take the time to walk to the peaks of the mountains (most under 3,000 feet) and soak in the magic of nature. The hiking trails are well-maintained and a valued aspect of the landscape.

Hiking Trails You Cannot Miss

  • Ossipee Mountains
  • Belknap Range
  • Red Hill
  • Castle in the Clouds

The 28 miles of hiking trails at Castle in the Clouds are maintained by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust. There are over 28 miles of trails and, depending on the trail you choose, you may end at the largest waterfall on the property, Falls of Song. Incredible views, historic sites, and signs of wildlife await you at this beautiful conservation area. 

Fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee has long been known as a fisherman’s paradise. The Winnipesaukee watershed produces excellent experiences all year long. A wood map of this New Hampshire lake would show a maximum depth of 212 feet, a depth that offers abundant fishing opportunities.

Fish in Lake Winnipesaukee

Kid jumping into lake winnipesaukee
  • salmon
  • cusk
  • smelt
  • rainbow trout
  • yellow trout

Lake Winnipesaukee is known for record-breaking fish. However, if water sports are more your speed, this lake has you covered. Water-skiing, tubing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming are incredibly popular on this New Hampshire lake, as well. Look at a Lake Winnipesaukee wood map, and you will see, from the coves to The Broads, there is plenty of water to accommodate all the activities.

Who Can Travel Without Shopping?

From high-end shopping to boutiques in the quaint waterfront towns, you will have ample opportunity to find that perfect vacation souvenir. In towns consumed by the beauty of their iconic New Hampshire lake, lake art will come in every size and shape. You will find the perfect wood map or other lake art to commemorate your trip and bring the nautical décor vibe to your home.

Where to Stay in Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee Clock

The lake art vibe will follow you from eatery to small-town boutiques and even to the cozy places you can stay. With over 60 hotels, motels, and resorts, this New Hampshire lake will offer the accommodations you need to stay rested as you hike, fish, and shop your way through your memorable vacation! 

Great Places to Stay in Lake Winnipesaukee

If there is one theory we can be sure of, it is that life is better at the lake! It is an undisputed fact that the sound of water helps us sleep better at night. Seeing water, sitting near the water, or concentrating on the movement of water can help cleanse our minds and clear unwanted thoughts. An entire vacation on the water can press reset on our whole outlook!

There are few spots more beautiful than a New Hampshire lake. Our memories are memorialized in lake art that returns home with us, creating a calming space to mentally return to the gentle water day after day. From wood maps to the lake art you captured on your camera, Lake Winnipesaukee is a special kind of calming space that you’ll want memorialized in your home.

Lake Winnipesauke wood chart

A Lake Winnipesaukee wood map is the ultimate commemoration of a fabulous trip to the New Hampshire lake. In the detail of the depths and shallows, you can relive each moment of your fishing trips, your days snorkeling in The Broads, and scuba diving in the coves. A wood map creates the perfect piece of lake art to add to your home and keep the lake vibe alive and well in your daily routine.

A high-quality wood map of Lake Winnipesaukee will be the crowning jewel in your collection of travel keepsakes. This piece of lake art tells the story of your adventure to the perfect hideaway in the Northeast. If you are reliving your journey, go ahead and check out What About Bob? on Netflix. Bill Murray is a national treasure, too.

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