5 Surprisingly Simple Handmade Gifts to Capture Her Heart

Whether she is your wife, sister, girlfriend, or very best friend, there are so many reasons to gift her with something to make her smile. The best gifts are those that are handmade with love and purpose. Handmade gifts are the perfect way to level up your gift-giving and show that she is extra special. Whether you are looking for a gift for her birthday, anniversary, or even Mother’s Day, get ready to make her day!

handmade gift in box

Gifts for her are best when filled with meaning, sentiment, and even an inside joke. Consider the heart and humor of the special woman in your life, and you will know the right gift for her. Best of all, you will know that the simpler the handmade gift, the more significant the impact. After all, she has everything she really needs in you, right?

Handmade gifts range from the simplest handmade card or personalized poem to the tiny house you build in the backyard to gift her a space of her very own. Let’s focus on the simpler gifts for her, shall we? Even the smallest handmade gifts can make a huge impact, so we will focus on keeping it simple when crafting the perfect gift for her.

5 Simple Handmade Gifts for Her

  1. Tell her she is sweet with a sugar scrub.
  2. Warm her heart with a knit blanket.
  3. Relive your memories with a homemade journal or scrapbook.
  4. Give her whatever-in-a-jar.
  5. DIY coasters are a daily reminder of your affection.

Sugar Scrub is a Sweet Handmade Gift

    sugar scrub and other homemade spa products

    Soft, smooth skin is a gift that keeps on giving! Everyone loves the feel of smooth skin, and self-care is an essential gift for anyone. Recipes for a quick sugar scrub are everywhere on the internet, but make sure to personalize it with a unique scent. Is she a lover of roses? A couple of drops of rose oil will captivate her senses.

    Recipe to Make a Sugar Scrub Gift for Her

    • ½ cup coconut oil
    • ¼ cup sugar
    • 10 drops of her favorite essential oil
    • Mix well and transfer into an airtight container

    Sugar scrub makes an excellent gift for her birthday. This can also be a simple project for kids looking to make a gift for Mother’s Day. Moms love to be pampered!

    Knit the Coziest Homemade Gift for Her

      Chunky knit blankets are all the rage right now. A classic and functional gift for her, it would mean even more to know you dug in deep and tapped into your inner-most knitting skills. You could order one from a multitude of Etsy shops or high-end décor stores, but the handmade gift you agonized over will be the ultimate way to say you care.

      DIY Videos to Make Chunky Knit Blankets as a Gift for Her

      Pick the perfect DIY video, turn on a Hallmark movie, and get in touch with your gifting side. The perfect gift for her birthday or other special occasion is just a couple of skeins away from being the best homemade gift ever. But do not let the stress of creating the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or her birthday overwhelm you – there is absolutely no shame in jumping online and letting a skilled artisan save the day!

      Journals and Scrapbooks are a Memorable Gift for Her

        Handmade journals

        Looking to create the perfect gift for her anniversary? Show that her memories and adventures are important to you. Let her know that you respect the woman she has become through the past she has experienced. The handmade gift of a journal may include quotes that you write on pages throughout the book; words that you know inspire her and bring her joy.

        A scrapbook is a gift for her that may come together in several different ways. It could include pictures – collections of photographs with special people, important occasions, and favorite trips. The snapshots you choose reflect the essence of who she is as a person and the way you see her. Strong. Sensitive. Funny. Unforgettable.

        Whatever in a Jar is a Handmade Gift You Put Together for Her

          You can literally put whatever in a jar! Google the expression, and you will find so many options, you will wonder how you haven’t thought of this before. A simple Mason jar can be the receptacle you use to offer the most thoughtful gift for her.

          Ideas for Your Whatever in a Jar

          date night jar
          • Girls Weekend in a Jar
          • Date Night in a Jar
          • Pampering in a Jar    

          The options for this handmade gift are endless. Collect small items relating to your theme like Kleenex and Advil packets for a Girls Weekend, tea bags and tea lite candles for Relaxation, and Chapstick and lotion for Pampering. Size your jar accordingly, and remember, adding larger items like personalized pajamas or matching t-shirts that do not fit in the jar is always okay!

          DIY Coasters are a Functional Handmade Gift for Her

            Who doesn’t need coasters to keep those water rings at bay? Create coasters with pictures from her favorite trip or extra tiles from that time she creatively and bravely chose to tile her fireplace surround. These thoughtful gifts for her birthday and other special occasions show her you honor her spirit of adventure and want her to be reminded of the best self that lives inside her every day.

            How to Make Photo Coasters

            • Paint edges of 4” x 4” tiles
            • Cut favorite pictures to fit tiles
            • Glue picture to tile with craft glue
            • Cover with pre-mixed resin to the edge of the tile, covering the picture
            • Let dry

            How to Make Tile Coasters

            • Choose 4” x 4” square tiles
            • Cut felt or corkboard into 4” x 4” squares
            • Glue cut felt or corkboard to bottom of tile with craft glue
            Ink tile coasters

            The purpose of the gift is not in the complexity; it is in the meaning. Handmade gifts are unique to the giver, as well as the person receiving the gift. Creating the perfect handmade gift for her is as simple as knowing what makes her smile. All the best gifts begin and end with a smile – for you when you are making it and for her when she receives it.

            If the thought of creating a handmade gift brings you an immense amount of stress, you can always rely on someone else to make a beautiful gift for her birthday that can be equally as precious.

            A beautiful piece of art such as a high-quality wood map that reflects a location that brings her joy can undoubtedly be the right gift for her anniversary or other special occasion. Attempting to improve her day is the ultimate gift, and every woman is deserving of such an effort.

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