Choosing the Right Nautical Wood Chart for Your Home

Decorating a personal space, like your home or office, is an opportunity to share your interests and memories in an aesthetically appealing way. This may feel intimidating to some, but using a nautical wood chart as an anchor for the rest of your décor or as a standalone accent piece can help beautifully display your passions.

Whether decorating your home, office, or vacation home, a striking map of your favorite location or a dream destination can bring back memories or start conversations. Every time you look at your nautical wood chart, you will be thankful for a tasteful keepsake. 

Why a Nautical Wood Chart?

Grand Cayman 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

A nautical wood chart can have several applications when decorating your space.

Nautical décor can serve many functions, including:

  • Supplementing other pieces of decor
  • Defining an all-encompassing theme
  • Giving a stylish nod to life on the water

Your favorite lake wood chart can fit any of these functions. A lake home in the Great Lakes would be the ideal setting for a compilation of Michigan wood maps. Or a singular map of Grand Cayman can be a subtle reminder of a favorite vacation. No matter your decorating style, a wood chart may be the perfect addition to your personal landscape.

Not only is a lake wood chart beautiful but these maps are made with superb craftsmanship that ensures you get a piece that will last for years. Your lake wood chart could become an heirloom, handed down from generation to generation to commemorate a special location to you and your family.

How are Wood Charts Made?

Hawaiian Islands Cribbage Board

With the proper resources, decorating with maps can be a balance of form and function. Sometimes, without the right maps, you have decorative maps that are inaccurate or an exact map that is bland. A nautical wood chart is a work of art that is both beautiful and accurate, and the process of making these special maps is a testament to the artists who make them.

This process starts with bathymetric charts — measurements of the underwater peaks and valleys of the sea floor. An artist uses these precise measurements and a laser cutter to accurately cut thin pieces of birch wood into layers that mimic the bathymetric details.

Once everything has been cut, the artist glues each layer together with a special glue to showcase the depths of the water. Then, the land portion of the map is decorated with meticulous etchings of essential landmarks, roadways, and other points of interest.

Highlighting the Water on a Lake Wood Chart

One detail that makes a lake wood chart special is how the water is highlighted. When it comes to maps including lakes, seas, the ocean, or other bodies of water, taking the time and talent to showcase the depth and detail of the water can make the map stand out.

After building the bathymetric-accurate map from birch wood, the area representing water is hand-stained with a special blue-green or grey-blue stain. This makes the water stand out from the land for a striking visual.

It is easy to stare at the stunning lake wood chart as you discover more details the artists have included. From the ocean’s depths to the roadways leading to special locations, no element is lost in these works of art. 

5 Types of Wood Charts

Nantucket Cork Map

Not every area needing decoration is the same, and it is essential to see the space and meet the specific needs. Do you need a statement piece or something small that serves another purpose? Or is this an area where you only want to bring out your lake wood chart on special occasions?

Fortunately, there are five kinds of wood maps available. This helps tailor your map to your needs. These wood maps include:

1. Wall Art

When you picture a map on a wall, your mind typically goes to a standard framed chart. While a nautical wood chart is so much more than your ordinary map, this format of wood map is easy to visualize in almost any space.

There are several sizes a nautical wood chart can be to accommodate any need, including:

  • Small maps that are 16 inches by 20 inches
  • Medium maps measuring 13.5 inches by 31 inches.
  • Narrow maps are 13.5 inches by 43 inches
  • Large maps measure 24.5 inches by 31 inches

Each nautical wood chart comes in a frame — often giving you a choice between dark brown or rustic grey — and is protected behind a piece of acrylic. These timeless art pieces will be cherished for many years, no matter where they are hung.

2. Cribbage Board Wood Maps

Ireland Cribbage Board

Cribbage is a fascinating card game that has been around since the 1600s. Its popularity has spanned time and space, with fans worldwide playing cribbage almost 400 years after it was invented. Gameplay revolves around a wooden cribbage board used to keep score for the players.

A cribbage board featuring a lake wood chart combines gameplay with art. Each cribbage board is made with high-quality birch wood and includes pins for keeping score. The boards have a hidden compartment where you can store the pins, helping keep everything in order.

Learning to play cribbage is an easy way to have fun and possibly meet new friends. And with a beautiful cribbage board commemorating your trip to the Hawaiian Islands or your family’s roots in Ireland, you can play while admiring the artistry of your nautical wood chart.

3. Wall Clocks

Almost every room needs a clock, but why settle for a boring timepiece? A unique nautical wood chart wall clock can give you the time and work as an elegant addition to the room’s décor. It’s the perfect solution to meet a practical need in your home or office without sacrificing style.

A lake wood chart clock has the exact details as a larger wood map, including laser-etched landmarks and accurate water depth indicators. These clocks have a 12-inch diameter and are powered by a single AA battery. The numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12 are either etched into or added to the map, ensuring that the map’s design is as undisturbed as possible.

Proudly display a clock featuring your hometown, a memorable vacation destination, or a dream trip location. Each time you glance at the time, you’ll be reminded of where you come from, a happy memory, or a goal to keep striving for.

4. Serving Tray

Elevate your next gathering with a lake wood chart serving tray. Whether serving breakfast in bed or drinks to friends, an uncommon serving tray will invite conversation and admiration from the people around you.

A nautical wood chart serving tray takes a beautiful wood map and places it behind durable acrylic glass so you can use the tray without disturbing the delicate map. With these maps, the land is slightly raised, and the topography and landmarks are etched into the surface. The tray’s frame features handles to make your serving tray functional and fashionable.

A serving tray doesn’t have to carry food. Incorporate your lake wood chart into your decorating plan as a centerpiece in the dining room or a unique display on your coffee table. There are many possibilities for using your serving tray and showing its beauty. 

5. Cork Maps

Lake Tahoe Cork Map

Are you looking for a nautical wood chart that is just as striking without being as much of an investment? A cork map is the perfect solution when you want an inexpensive map to decorate your office, give as a small gift, or spruce up your existing décor.

The base of these wood maps is cork engraved with the water’s topographical features. Birch wood is used to show the land on the map and, similar to the cork, is etched with details of roads and landmarks.

These wood maps stand on their own, making them easy to set up wherever you wish to display your favorite lake or island. A simple lake wood chart of Lake Tahoe or a nautical wood chart of Nantucket Island brings your memories to the forefront of your living space. 

How to Display Your Wall Art

There are several ways to hang your lake wood chart. Your map may be a standalone piece of art, drawing attention to itself as it sails solo on your wall. Or, you can make a gallery wall with other photos, maps, and souvenirs.

Your first step is to consider the area where you will be displaying your lake wood chart. Consider a large wood map to make a big impact on a large focal wall in your home or office. A tighter space may need a wood clock or a smaller wood map to feel sufficiently decorated.

However you decide to display your lake wood chart, it will be ready to go with a solid frame and hardware on the back to make it easy to hang. Plan out your space, carefully hang your wood map, and enjoy your décor.

Supplementing Your Lake Wood Chart with Other Art

Canoe Patent Art

When planning out your wall art, you can enhance your nautical wood chart by surrounding it with additional pieces of art in a gallery-style design. This won’t draw attention away from your map — in fact, each piece can complement each other and create a complete story.

Use photos from your trip, other souvenirs, or unique items like patent art to add to your nautical wood chart display. A lake wood map of your favorite vacation destination accompanied by the patent art of a canoe and paddles would be the perfect addition to your lake house’s interior decorations.

Keep an eye out for accompanying souvenirs while on your trip. A beautiful Hawaiian Islands scrimshaw would perfectly pair with a Hawaii cork nautical wood chart. Seeing these two items together on your desk at work will bring you back to the beach and the fond memories you made there.

Celebrating History with your Nautical Wood Chart

United Kingdom Cribbage Board

Are you a history buff? Do you have a specific lake location you love to study or visit? A nautical wood chart can be a great way to educate the people around you or bring purpose to your décor. Incorporating history into your everyday life can be easy.

Here are some examples:

Whether it is in your home or office, a wood map can be an educational tool. Use it on its own to strike up a conversation, or display it with artifacts and other memorabilia to share your favorite facts about a specific location. 

Remembering a Vacation with a Lake Wood Chart

Imagine — you’ve just taken the trip of a lifetime and cannot wait to tell your friends and family all about it. Personal photos and stories help tell the story, but a beautiful lake wood chart will draw them in as you talk about the setting of your dream vacation.

Boston Harbor Serving Tray

When you hang your lake wood chart on the wall or pull it out to play your favorite card game, you’ll remember your travels with the help of your unique souvenir. By choosing a beautiful and well-crafted memento, you can guarantee you’ll want to look at it for years to come.

Commemorate your destination wedding with a nautical wood chart of the island where you said your vows. Reflect on your child’s first trip to the family lake house. Just know that using a wood chart will ensure that memories of your vacation last a lifetime.

Choosing the correct lake wood chart is easy once you know your space and purpose. Show it off by hanging it on the wall or coupling it with other artifacts so your map will complement any room with precious memories or inspire wanderlust for new adventures. When it comes to decorating your home or office, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful piece of nautical art.

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