Our Top 11 Favorite Wood City Maps

Remember bringing home holiday postcards, flipping through them to remember the beautiful places you traveled? That's the old days. Meet the now. Just like paper maps went by the wayside with the advent of GPS, now we have wood cities to remember our travels. 

Having a wood cut map is more than having a beautiful piece of art. And it's more than a map of where you've been. Wood cut maps can serve many functions, like acting as a reminder of a favorite holiday, a dream for a future vacation, or a gift for someone special. We have over 400 different wood city maps, but we have pulled 11 of our favorites to highlight. Before we begin, let's look at how one of our wood cut maps is created. 

How Are Wood Cut Maps Made?

Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Small

We begin each of our 3D wood maps by selecting a meaningful location to feature, such as the Great Lakes. Once we have that, we get a bathymetric chart, which is the ocean equivalent of a topographic map. Then, utilizing laser cutters, our artists hand-etch detailed landscape wood cut maps from gorgeous high-quality birch. 

This process reveals roads, key landmarks, and water depth contours to beautifully showcase a favorite state, lake, country, or other spots as a unique wood cut map. The artist will then combine the layers to create the depth seen on our wood cities maps. 

By hand-staining the water layers our trademark blue-green for sea and lake maps, viewers can easily discern water from land. The last step is to frame our 3D wood map with a custom-made, solid-wood frame, and voila, our wood cut map is ready to hang in your home or office or be given as a gift!

11 of our Favorite Wood City Maps

  1. Salish Sea, Washington
  2. Puget Sound, Washington
  3. Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  4. Chesapeake Bay
  5. Narragansett/Newport, Rhode Island
  6. Lake Michigan
  7. Ireland
  8. Hawaii (The Big Island)
  9. Kennebunkport, Maine Coast
  10. New Hampshire Coast
  11. Lake Tahoe

Salish Sea, Washington, 3D Wood Map

Salish Sea, Washington 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

Whether you went to Washington’s Salish Sea for vacation or you were born in the area, it is hard to get such a place of enchanting wildness out of your mind. It is one of the most biologically rich marine areas in our country, and, as such, you are sure to remember your time spent whale watching and sightseeing from the local docks. Likewise, birders will love spotting the engraved Skagit River on this wood cut map while recounting times spent viewing bald eagles.

Aside from the thriving ecosystem, the Salish Sea region is a burgeoning area for the arts and culture community and has a dynamic craft beer scene. Perhaps you can spot your favorite hangouts on your wood cut map! You can follow along Chuckanut Drive, Washington's first scenic byway, which connects Skagit County to Bellingham and provided you with beautiful views of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.

Getting a wood cities map of the area is the perfect choice for a souvenir that is a piece of art and also carries the reminders of every spot you visited, laser-etched in beautiful birch. 

Puget Sound, Washington, 3D Wood Map

You excitedly explain Deception Pass Bridge to your friends, and then remember you have a wood cut map and you can show them exactly how you arrived at Whidbey Island. From there, you can retrace all your Puget Sound adventures and recount your memories in Tacoma, Everett, and Port Townsend. Your vacation stories never looked better than when illustrated with 3D wood maps.

The marine life was plentiful, and you love the layered look of our blue-green hand-dyed water showcasing the depths of it on our wood cities map. You saw orcas, dolphins, and, perhaps, even a great white shark on your Puget Sound adventure, and you want a souvenir to match your one-of-a-kind vacation. Our artists laser-etch each point of interest on our 3D wood map - every road, every location - so when you share your memories, you can point out each spot.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 3D Wood Map

Cape Cod, Massachusetts 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

Was touring the 16 lighthouses on your schedule, or did you want to visit the Heritage Museums and Gardens? No matter; it will all be detailed on your wood cut map. With its miles of dunes and charming shops, Cape Cod is filled with things to do.

Whether you like to walk, hike, bike, or drive, you spent your time touring this gorgeous natural area, and you want to be able to see your every sojourn. We've got you covered. All the top spots are laser-cut with artistic precision into your 3D wood map. You can even use your wood cities map to plan your next journey to Cape Cod!

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, 3D Wood Map

Did you think sailing was the big draw? Then you must have been pleased upon your visit to the Chesapeake Bay when you discovered so much more. From learning history at Annapolis and camping at Hart-Miller Island to the annual Labor Day National Hard Crab Derby, the adventures are numerous when visiting. 

You spent some time in Washington, DC, for the historical perspective (and the gorgeous cherry trees, if you timed it right) and then rewarded yourself with an afternoon paddleboarding on the Nanticoke River. You took the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail but made time for an all-you-can-eat stop at one of the many dock-side seafood restaurants. You want something equally incredible to showcase your memories, and a wood cut map can help you recreate your journey throughout the region.

5 Fun Things to Do in the Chesapeake Bay Area:

  1. Visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor
  2. Swing by the White House
  3. Enjoy all-you-can-eat crabs
  4. Tour the National Museum of African American History and Culture
  5. Enjoy an afternoon on the Virginia Beach boardwalk

Narragansett/Newport, Rhode Island, 3D Wood Map

Narragansett / Newport, Rhode Island 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

You love the beach, but you also love to have plenty of things to do. You planned a Rhode Island getaway, and Narragansett was the place to have it all – kayaking, fishing charters, taking the Block Island Ferry – your itinerary was full! Once you are home and swiping through your photos, you can follow along on your wood cut map and see each of your destinations in laser-cut detail. Did you visit Point Judith Lighthouse or The Towers? All will be captured in the beautiful birch of your wood cities map.

Sunsets were never quite as stunning as when viewed over Newport Harbor, a cool drink in your hand. You can see the intricacies of the depths of the Harbor by the layering of the high-quality birch, each hand-cut and laser-etched to accurately represent the area.

Lake Michigan 3D Wood Map 

Arriving at Lake Michigan, you were prepared for the many activities you would do on the water: kayaking, the Fireboat tours, and lazily tubing along the Platte River. What you weren't aware of was how many other things you would be doing! All your enterprises can be traced as you admire your laser-etched, artist-engraved wood cut map of Lake Michigan. The details of your journey can be found in your choice of wood cities, down to the roads you took to your adventures.

Did you visit Chicago and see The Bean (Cloud Gate) in Millennium Park? Maybe you're a Packers fan and made a pilgrimage to Green Bay. In fascinating 3D, your wood cities map brings your vacation back in artistic detail. Your wood map will inspire you to learn more about Lake Michigan and revisit your favorite spots.

Ireland 3D Wood Map

Ireland 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Small

You're home from the Emerald Isle with a faint brogue, a woolen sweater, and two hours of fascinating stories, and you’re already longing to return. We have the answer! Our wood cut map of Ireland showcases all the places you would want to reference – if you went there, our artists likely engraved it in loving detail. Did you visit Kilkenny Castle? St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin? Wherever you went, you can revisit it with your wise choice from our wood cities collection.

With our distinctive hand-dyed blue-green coloring of the water surrounding the Land of Saints and Scholars, you'll be eager to track your journey, whether from Cork to Galway or Limerick to Waterford. This island nation's 3D wood map deserves to be hung with pride and admired often! 

3 Styles of Ireland Wood Maps

  1. Ireland cribbage board
  2. Ireland nautical wood chart
  3. Ireland wall clock

Hawaii (the Big Island) 3D Wood Map

This epic location was on your bucket list for years, and you finally got to plan a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. Touring Rainbow Falls State Park, the Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve and Garden, and the all your travel dreams come true. Getting a wood cut map of the Big Island will Hawaii Volcanoes National Park made let you remember each spot with crystal-clear accuracy.

Coming home from the Island was hard, but hanging this 3D wood map on your wall will make it a little bit easier as you trace your trip and remember hanging ten on Kahaluu Bay or your zipline ride over KoleKole Falls. Each memory is brought back to life as your eyes linger on the laser-etching of your selected wood cities map, hand-cut by our artist and carefully packed and sent to you.

Kennebunkport, Maine Coast, 3D Wood Map

Kennebunkport Maine Coast 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

Kennebunkport was the wood cities choice for those who like a quieter vacation, though it’s still packed with things to do. Did you visit Dock Square? Perhaps you saw Gooch's Beach as you wandered down Beach Avenue. Standing on Good Rocks Beach, we hope you got a good picture since it is widely considered the most scenic beach in Kennebunkport. Make sure to point it out on your 3D wood map when you share the snapshot with your family!

Do you like a good museum? Then the Seashore Trolley Museum is for you. And what would a coastal vacation be without a visit to a lighthouse? So, make sure you visit the Goat Island Lighthouse and point it out on your wood cut map to friends when you get home.

New Hampshire Coast 3D Wood Map

So, you wanted the road less taken and ventured to the New Hampshire coast. What a worthy decision! The muse for many of Robert Frost's poems with its stunning vistas, breathtaking mountains, enticing cuisine, and activities for the whole family, New Hampshire is one of the gems of New England. 

Hiking, camping, whale-watching tours – the outdoor adventures are plentiful for vacationers in New Hampshire. You can spot downtown Dover on your wood cut map as you share the stories of satisfying your sweet tooth at Lickee's & Chewy's Candies and Creamery in the historic Cocheco Mills building.

Perhaps, as a lighthouse enthusiast, you went to New Castle to see the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and hopped to Peirce Island? All these spots and many more are laser-etched into the birch of this wood cities map for you to commemorate your incredible trip.

5 Famous People Hailing from New Hampshire:

  • Robert Frost - poet
  • Mandy Moore - actress/singer
  • Franklin Pierce - president
  • Alan Shepard - astronaut
  • Chip Kelly - football coach 

Lake Tahoe 3D Wood Map

Lake Tahoe 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

Skiing? Swimming? What's your pleasure? Lake Tahoe matches your expectations, so you’ll want a souvenir to stand up to your stories. Our wood cut map of Lake Tahoe has every road and every waterway laser-etched for you to be able to review for years to come. Did you take a helicopter tour of Zephyr Cove and Emerald Bay? Did you win some money at Harrah's Casino? All these spots can be seen on your wood cities map as you regale your friends with your adventurous activities while away in Nevada.

As you tell your friends and family about your hike on the Rubicon Trail, you can point out your exact path and explain the beauty of biking the Pope Baldwin Bike Trail. Sand Harbor Beach day? Its laser-etching will remind you of when you stopped and went swimming and learned to scuba dive. There were so many things to do, see, and learn about Lake Tahoe that you may want to make it a regular vacation spot!

Part of being a human is experiencing everything life has to offer. The adventures, sights, and people we meet combine to make us who we are. Make sure your mementos match your memories, and hang up your wood cities map in a place of honor today.

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