Incredible West Coast Memory Wood City Maps

Do you remember finding that old vacation photo album, pulling it out, and reminiscing over the images of that last vacation and the feeling it gave you? Think of having that sensation every time you pass by an incredible wood city map hanging on your wall. Our 3D wood maps are pieces of art made to highlight features of each area by a topographic map.

What are Wood Chart Maps?

Puget Sound, Washington 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

Our wood charts are laser cut wood maps that beautifully display topographic locations in high-quality birch. We begin each 3D wood map by selecting a meaningful coast, lake, or city. For example, we may select Puget Sound, Washington, for a wood cut map on the West Coast. We then obtain a bathymetric chart and laser-cut wood with precision. This method allows the pivotal points of interest to be displayed and accurate.

Using birch wood guarantees that our 3D wood maps are high-quality products that can be passed down to future generations. We hand-stain the water layers with our trademark blue-green. The proud recipients of this hand-crafted gift will be able to relive moments in their favorite places each time they look at their wood cut map.

What is Baltic Birch?

Baltic birch is considered a hardwood, since it is comprised of birch layers without any fillers or softwood in the middle. Its characteristic stability and durability are well-known traits. Consistent with its name, it comes from Russia, Finland, and nearby Baltic states. It’s resistant to moisture, making it a great material to use or display in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas. This is a wood that is meant to last! 

What is a Topographic Map?

Topographic maps feature detailed representations of all the artificial and natural features that appear on the Earth’s surface and their elevations. These details include all lakes, mountains, and roads. Topographical maps are traditionally presented as a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional Earth’s landscape. 

Types of 3D Wood Maps

Monterey Bay Wood Wall Clock

Choosing to get a 3D wood map to commemorate your travels is only the beginning! We have several different variations to meet every individual’s style. Whether you want to view your favorite vacation spot each time you cater to your guests on your stunning Lake Washington serving tray or review that favorite watering hole when you check the time on your Monterey Bay clock, you’ll know you made a wise investment.

Our favorite types of wood city maps include:

More Than Your West Coast Vacation Souvenir

Remember when we wrote those “What did you do last summer?” essays? With your wood city map, you’ll be ready for show-and-tell, thanks to its laser-cut wood detail of all the pertinent spots you visited. With a 3D wood map of the location you toured, you can share all the best spots as you reminisce yourself or share the many stories you gathered during your time away. 

Hometown Pride for the West Coast

San Francisco Bay, California 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Yes, you can go home again, even if it’s just to trace your finger along the fine laser-cut wood of one of our wood city maps! From Washington to California, you can take the West Coaster out of the West Coast, but we know they never forget their Pacific Ocean roots! So if you’ve moved away, what can better show your love for your hometown (and remind you to call home!) than hanging one of our 3D wood maps in a place of honor? 

5 of our Favorite West Coast Destination 3D Wood Maps:

San Francisco Bay, California

Lake Tahoe

Lake Arrowhead, California

The Salish Sea, Washington

Los Angeles to San Diego, California

San Francisco Bay, California, Wood City Map

You wanted to visit San Francisco Bay, California - a large tidal estuary that is dominated by the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland – where did you spend your time? Explore all the details of these cities and the islands within the Bay, each shown detailed in the wood cut map.

You can relive your memories of your visit to Alcatraz Island, the famous federal prison in the middle of the Bay, when looking at the wood cut map etching in the middle of the hand-dyed green-blue water. You’ll be able to trace all your vacation highlights on the San Francisco Bay 3D wood map. Did you walk across the Golden Gate Bridge? Swing by Palo Alto? Every detail is attended to in these wood cut maps.

Lake Tahoe Wood City Map

Lake Tahoe 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large
Lake Tahoe is one of the most remarkable places in the United States. It is the deepest lake in California and the second-deepest in the United States. One of its most interesting facts is that it is present in not one state but two - did you visit it in California or Nevada?

Did you hike the Cascade Falls Trail to view Emerald Bay’s otherworldly 200-foot waterfall or set out on a paddleboard or rock climbing adventure? Our wood cut map lake art showcases each road, lake, and river – every detail - so when you get home, all your stories will have the perfect illustration of where you’ve been. 

Lake Arrowhead, California, Wood City Map

Nature lovers visiting Lake Arrowhead, California, rejoice! The San Bernardino Mountains are home to over 2,000 species of flora and nearly 400 species of fauna. It explains why on holidays, weekends, and in the summer, the population in this primarily residential area can swell to up to 40,000. Were you one of the many?

You can spot Cedar Glen, Eagle Point, North Shore, and San Bernardino National Forest, among others, on this wood cut map. You can show your friends where you traversed while recounting tales of long days spent admiring the natural world. They don’t call it the Alps of Southern California for nothing! 

The Salish Sea, Washington, Wood City Map

Salish Sea, Washington 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

Whether you spent time on Whidbey Island or visited Olympic National Park, The Salish Sea region has many things to do. With a coastline running from West Vancouver in Canada’s British Columbia to Olympia in Washington, your vacation was sure to be busy. Our 3D wood map has all the roads, places, and ports laser-etched for you to refer to when filling your friends and family in on your memorable vacation.

The expertly etched Salish Sea 3D wood map brings loving detail to the many islands and ports that make up the numerous waterways. You can see Puget Sound, Seattle, Vancouver - wherever you travel, you will find the engraved laser-cut match on the wood city map.

Los Angeles to San Diego, California, Wood City Map

The coastline of Southern California is one of the most beautiful in the world. The wood cut map detail will remind you of the roads you took as you recount your journeys to friends and family. From Long Beach to San Diego and all points in between, you can recall the cliffs and the beaches, the people and the wildlife, and the raw majesty of California.

Los Angeles to San Diego California 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Did you drive the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Diego? Detailed on this 3D wood map, you can follow the entire route and all the towns and roadways along the way, telling your many stories of Huntington Beach, Oceanside, and San Juan Capistrano as you go. Explore all of our California wood maps and choose the one that best fits your vacation. Combine your wood cut map with some photos of the area as a display on your wall and create your gallery look!

Whether you are venturing to the West Coast for an adventure, some downtime, or it's your hometown, our wood city maps are a beautiful reminder of the roads traveled. Each wood cut map showcases the many areas you may have visited, giving you a pleasant sense of nostalgia whenever you pass by. And for those wanting to visit a West Coast destination, it can be a heady reminder of your dream to come. 

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