Patent Art – A Stylish Way to Decorate Your Home with Wood Wall Art

Have you ever found yourself wondering how something was made? With patent art covering your walls, you can help answer the “how” questions while showing off the history and exploration of different created objects throughout the years in a sophisticated way. Get conversations going when you decorate your home with stylish patent art.

What is a Patent?

Alcohol Still Patent Art

A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, such as a product, a new way of doing something, or a technical solution to a problem. After someone invents something, they must disclose the technical information about the invention to the public to get their rights to the item. 

What is Patent Art?

Patent art is the sketch of all the information provided for creating an item or process. Once finished, the patent chart is submitted to an official office to be approved and numbered, establishing that the item was, in fact, invented by the designer. This way, if someone invents something similar, there is a legal way to ensure protection for the originator of the idea.

Famously, you may recall Leonardo Di Vinci’s diagrams of his kooky flying contraptions — imagine that style, but for any patented item you could think of! Patent art is a new and creative type of wood wall art, allowing you to display the story of the very creation of an item in your home. Daring and delightful, the beauties of patent art are endless, from each carefully drawn-out detail to the fascinating patent process.

Does Patent Art Make Great Décor?

Anchor Wood Carved Patent Art

Picture those detailed patented designs etched into beautiful birch wood — obviously, patent art makes beautiful décor! It’s not the most traditional art to adorn your walls, but that’s what makes it so exciting. These wooden patent art pieces will add a layer of history and design to your walls that wood wall art is known for.

They are also a minimalist’s dream! Thanks to the easily recognizable design, the product is the total focus. The lines carved into the wood wall art simply highlight and celebrate it.

3 Reasons Owning Patent Art is Spectacular 

  1. Own a piece of fascinating history
  2. Buy unique wood wall art
  3. Think like an inventor 

1. Patent Art is a Piece of History

The very first U.S. patent was signed by George Washington in 1740, and since then, over 10 million patents have been issued in the United States alone. Owning a rendition of a famously patented design connects you to that exciting history. Each patent design connects you to a larger story; with every glance, your curiosity and urge to be part of history will grow.

2. Cover Your Walls with Unique Wood Wall Art

Paddle Patent Art

It’s one thing to have your apartment decorated. It’s another to successfully have unique pieces that tell distinctive stories covering your living space. With patent art carved into high-quality wood, your gallery wall will get that upgrade you’ve been craving.

Each design will have guests asking more about the piece and will have you all Googling the inventors. There is no longer a use for basic store-bought prints that hang in every house. With these wood wall art pieces, your individuality and personality will shine. 

3. Start Thinking Like an Inventor

While offering a look into the ins and outs of the initial design of a product, patent art will unlock a new part of your thinking brain. Gone are the days of wondering how something works or was made — after being graced with patent art, your brain will start to pick apart everyday objects around you and understand their design. Perhaps artistic inspiration will strike, and you will want to create and patent your own ideas. 

Top 5 Beautiful Patent Wood Wall Art

Still need convincing? Check out the beauty of patent art with these five decorative carvings. Appreciate the history and lore of each one while finding the perfect place for it.

  1. Alcohol still
  2. Bicycle
  3. Anchor
  4. Canoe
  5. Paddle 

1. Alcohol Still Patent

Patented in 1880, this sketch of the alcohol still displays the product that changed the game in the Prohibition Era. In an effort to reduce alcohol consumption, believers of the Temperance Movement called for people to stop drinking spirits. The inventor Adolph Dieryckx patented this important equipment, leading to the growing popularity of distilling and purifying personal liquor.

By picking apart each piece of the invention, this patent art will stimulate conversation, so pour those drinks and gather around to bask in some history.

2. Bicycle Patent

Bicycle Patent Art

A perfect and thoughtful gift for the cycler in your life, this phenomenal wood wall art depicts a famous style of bicycle from 1887. Often seen in time-period movies, the bike has a large wheel in the front, with a much smaller one in the rear. According to the inventor, it could travel a further distance with each pedal stroke thanks to the uneven tire sizes.

While not the first bicycle, this bike was lovingly nicknamed the “Penny-Farthing,” thanks to the two different sized wheels reminding the population of their coins. The patent art represents the bicycle’s rich history, the upgrades, and the changes it has endured and outlasted throughout the years.

3. Anchor Patent

While versions of the anchor have surely always existed, the 1902 Ship’s Anchor patent is a prime example of how far the seafaring industry has come. The anchor is functional, universally used, and designed in such a shape that anyone would be able to recognize its purpose immediately. Imagine this beauty aboard a ship - the intricate anchor wood wall art will hang and be admired by all who dare to board.

4. Canoe Patent

Patent Art - Canoe

This specific design is the first “untippable” canoe invented and patented. Though canoes were commonly found in Native American tribes, the inventor of this design patented what he saw as a safer way of constructing the boat. His canoe helped eliminate the constant capsizing in rocky waters, creating a safer environment for all who needed one. Perfect for your family lake house at the Great Lakes, this finely etched wood wall art illustrates the sleek and expertly made canoe.

5. Paddle Patent

Paddles have been used for maritime travel throughout history (not to be confused with the oar), and this patent shows the upgraded one you probably recognize today. Invented in 1915 with the sole purpose of propelling watercraft, it allowed boaters to control their water travel and see the world.

The fine-line artwork in the paddle wood wall art is so breathtaking; you would think it was handmade! Perfect for your nautical décor needs, this art makes a beautiful addition to your space.

Now, with the appreciation for the history, inventor, and art of patents, find the wood wall art patent of your dreams and beautify your home.

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