5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home with Patent Art

Bored of the same-old art everyone seems to have in their homes? Are you looking to switch up your décor or find wall art that seems more like you and your style? Dare to be different with unique and interesting patent art. 

If you’ve ever wondered how something was made or fancy yourself a bit of an inventor, patent art is the perfect blend of design, history, and style. Discover your favorite inventions, from the bicycle to the paddle, and learn how to showcase these essential art pieces around your home.

What is Patent Art?

Canoe Nautical Patent Art

Patent art is a product or design sketch that provides all the information a creator needs to share when applying for a patent. Essentially, the inventor will draw their design to give them legal protection if someone decides to make something similar and claim it as original. At first glance, patent artwork is just one part of a complicated legal process, but it has a unique beauty you wouldn't expect.  

If you look around, almost everything in your life likely has patent artwork behind its creation. Though patent designs may not be as detailed as they once were, they're still a massive part of our modern inventions. From the classic Coca-Cola glass bottle to cribbage boards to the phone in your hands, patents and patent art have a long history—and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.   

Why Decorate with Patent Art?

Patent art makes for unique home décor that showcases important inventions in history, your interests, and your style. Admire the intricate details of a patent and feel motivated to create it in your day-to-day life. Beautiful designs etched into the wood may not be the traditional view of wall art, but that's okay! Stand out amongst your friends and family by featuring patent art pieces in your home décor.  

Alcohol Still Patent Art

Patent art depicts significant moments in history! If you are in awe of the designs and minds of brilliant inventors, you can celebrate their significance by hanging patent art in your home. Whether you're looking for the patent of an oar for your lake house or timeless art for your bar cart, there are endless ways to appreciate designs and inventions through the wall art of your home. Feel connected to something larger than you with these historical patent art pieces. 

Besides being unique and full of rich history, patent art allows you to showcase your dreams and hobbies throughout your home. For example, if you're an avid cycler, you probably keep your prized bicycle in the garage. With the bicycle patent art, you can bring your passion into your home décor! The same goes with just about anything, from fashion to water sports to 3D wood maps. Patent art is an artistic way to have your home décor represent who you are. 

Our 5 Patent Art Best-Sellers

With each design precisely carved into high-quality birch, these five patent art pieces are the perfect addition to any home:

  1. Anchor
  2. Bicycle
  3. Canoe
  4. Paddle
  5. Alcohol Still 

Places To Hang Patent Wall Art in Your Home

Bicycle Patent Art

Your home is full of blank walls and empty spaces begging for patent art! Hang up unique and meaningful wall art in these spaces: 

  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Gallery wall
  • Bar cart
  • Bathroom

Display Timeless Patent Art in the Bedroom

The minimalist lines of the invention bring a timeless style of art to bedroom décor. Hang your favorite patent prints as wall art above your bed or stand them on your bedside table and go to bed feeling inspired by the beautiful creation. Show your love for bicycle patent art or the Statue of Liberty and integrate your passions into your bedroom wall art. 

Decorate the Office with Personal Patent Art

Whether you work from home or commute to an office, having a piece of wall art you love on display makes the workday easier. Break out of that worker beehive and show your personality with patent art prints that liven up your space. If you love boating, put up patent art of canoes and find the excuse to tell all your coworkers about your weekends at the lake when they enter your office. Let your individuality shine through with beautiful wall art.  

Feature Patent Art in a Gallery Wall

Paddle Patent Art

Feature your favorite patents on a gallery wall in your living room. Patent art is the perfect conversation starter when having guests over—they'll ask what that wall art means, and you'll get a chance to explain the fascinating history behind the invention and why it means so much to you. Whether hanging up on a print of paddle patent art or creating an entire gallery wall of all your favorite patents, this daring wall art design will be the talk of your home. 

Upgrade Your Bar Area with Patent Art

Patent art is a classy and effortless way to elevate your home bar. Give your bottle collection some pizazz with different drawings of boozy inventions, like alcohol still patent art. Hang up a couple on the bar backsplash or frame one and keep it on your bar cart for a special touch. Patent wall art is a simple and personal way to style your bar area.

Find Fun Patent Prints for the Bathroom

Anchor Patent Art

Though it's one of the most used rooms in the house, people tend to forget to decorate their bathrooms with wall art. Instead of leaving your powder room walls bare, discover fun patent art prints. Show off different, meaningful inventions to get the inspiration flowing, or go for a nautical bathroom theme and bring the ocean vibes to your restroom with anchor patent art and seashell décor. Decorating your bathroom with patent art is a unique way to show off your style in the house's smallest room. 

As you're looking for new and interesting wall art for your home, skip the dime-a-dozen posters from the store. Instead, discover the world of patent art and appreciate the historical significance of items around you. From discovering the original designs for your favorite hobby to being inspired to create your own inventions, patent art will speak for itself.

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