Laser Cut Wood Patent Anchor Art in Dark Frame
Laser Cut Wood Patent Anchor Art
Engraved Details on Laser Cut Wood Patent Anchor Art

Patent Art - Anchor

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The history of the anchor dates back as far as water travel itself. From the humble beginnings of baskets of stones, sacks filled with sand, and logs tied to vines, the anchor has evolved. The 1902 Ship’s Anchor patent art reflects the refinement and artistry of this functional device and is a foundational piece in any collection.

The 1902 Ship’s Anchor was invented by Frances Kenney of Providence, Rhode Island, and patented on April 8, 1902. The anchor is meticulously etched into high-quality Birch, recreating the drawings of the inventor in exquisite detail. This patent art makes the perfect addition to a home office, game room, or nautical living space.

 Patent Art Anchor Details:

  • 16” x 20” Framed Wall Hanging
  • Details Laser-cut and Stained
  • Custom high-quality Birch Frame