Plan Your Rhode Island Getaway

Rhode Island is full of rich history and fun attractions. With 400 miles of coastline, it’s known as the Ocean State, and no matter where you are in the state, the sea is no more than a half-hour drive away!

While Rhode Island is known by many for its small size, this tiny state has so much to offer visitors and locals alike. If you’ve been trying to find your next vacation spot, look no further. Grab a map of Rhode Island and start planning—you won’t be disappointed!

The History of Rhode Island

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Rhode Island is one of the thirteen original colonies. Roger Williams founded Rhode Island in 1636 after he was banished from the Massachusetts colony. He named his new settlement Providence, which is now the state’s capital.

Packed full of history, educational opportunities, food, and culture, Providence continues to be a popular spot for residents and tourists. On May 4, 1776, Rhode Island was the first colony in America to declare independence. Rhode Island has continued to evolve but hasn’t forgotten its roots. Historic walkabouts and tours are available throughout the state, along with nautical maps of Rhode Island and souvenirs.

Where is Rhode Island Located?

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Rhode Island is located between Connecticut and Massachusetts. Right in the heart of New England, this 1,214-square-mile state, along with 14 others, make up the East Coast. When you look at a map of Rhode Island, it is filled with places to go and coastline to explore, but if you pull up a map of the United States, Rhode Island is hard to spot.

3 Rhode Island Foodie Favorites You Must Try

Nicknamed Little Rhody, Rhode Island has a few foodie staples every visitor must try. No Little Rhody list would be complete without mentioning them as they are an integral part of the culture that makes Rhode Island so amazing. If you take a guided tour of the state, the Rhode Island map they provide may even include stops for these treats. If it’s not on your map, no worries—your tour guide (or any local, for that matter) can advise you on where to go.

  • Coffee milk
  • Wieners
  • Frozen lemonade

Autocrat Coffee Milk

The first is coffee milk! Yes, you read that right. Coffee milk is made using coffee syrup and is the official beverage of Rhode Island. Autocrat began producing coffee syrup in the 1930s and, in 1991, was still the sole manufacturer of coffee syrup in the United States. 

Hot Wieners

The hot wiener is a Rhode Island icon. The wiener is to Rhode Island what cheesesteak is to Philly. You have to order it “all the way” for the full experience. An “all the way” includes a steamed bun, wiener, mustard, meat sauce, onion, and celery salt. The number one spot to try your first hot wiener is Olneyville New York System, respectively known as the OG of the wiener.

Del’s Frozen Lemonade

The final must-try staple is Del’s Frozen Lemonade. Founded in 1840, Franco DeLucia brought his father’s frozen lemonade recipe to America and opened a small stand in Cranston, Rhode Island. Del’s lemonade is a frozen lemonade slush that comes in different sizes and, in recent years, different flavors as well. You can find mobile stands all over the state from April through October.

Cribbage Board of Block Island

Best Places to Stay in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has several unique places to stay that draw visitors and residents year after year. Our Narragansett/Newport wood chart gives you an idea of the coastline, showing that most places will have a gorgeous waterfront view. Whether you’re looking for a quiet stay by the water, accommodations in the heart of downtown for easy access to nightlife, or a stay filled with historic sites, Rhode Island has you covered.

5 Unforgettable Places to Stay in Rhode Island

There is no lack of accommodations in Rhode Island, but these unforgettable places offer unique experiences you will never forget. Make sure to grab a nautical Rhode Island map to commemorate your trip! 

Most Popular Eats in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has fantastic food throughout the state. Whether you are looking for a five-course meal with wine pairings, a restaurant with a locally sourced menu, an unforgettable seafood dish, or authentic Italian cuisine, Rhode Island offers it all and more. You could plan an entire visit around the best places to eat!

5 Amazing Places to Dine in Rhode Island

These restaurants are just a fraction of the dining options throughout the state. Home to the largest food-service educator in the world, Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island draws chefs with its well-known culinary arts program. With campuses throughout the state, new restaurants continue to pop up as students graduate, making Rhode Island a foodie’s dream!

What to Do in Rhode Island

Narragansett/Newport Rhode Island Wood Chart

Where to start? Rhode Island offers an array of activities for its residents and visitors. Whether you’re looking to tour a historic Newport mansion, take a cliff walk by the water, enjoy Providence nightlife during WaterFire, or go on a daytrip to Block Island, Rhode Island has it all. So, pull up a map of Rhode Island and start planning now. You don’t want to miss a single stop on your list.

5 Fun Rhode Island Attractions

Exploring Rhode Island proves that the smallest state still has a lot to offer. One of the great things about being the smallest? You can see and experience so much in just one trip. Start with breakfast at Nicks on Broadway, then head to Block Island for the day, and be back in time to enjoy WaterFire and Providence’s nightlife. If you haven’t found the perfect souvenir, we recommend a high-quality Rhode Island map.

Hand-Crafted Wood Chart to Complete Your Trip to Rhode Island

Your trip to Rhode Island won’t be complete without a high-quality wood chart. A stunning hand-crafted gift for anyone in your life, our wood charts are meant to bring you right back to your favorite vacation memory or your newest happy place. Our Narragansett/Newport wood chart is one of our most popular Rhode Island maps.

If your trip to Block Island made a lasting impression, our Block Island wood chart is the perfect piece for your home or office. The wood chart details the island’s shorelines and significant points of interest. While there are many maps of Rhode Island you could purchase as souvenirs, our level of detail sets our wood charts apart.

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Rhode Island continues to be a popular destination for visitors, offering a wide array of accommodations, eats, and so much more. If you speak to any Rhode Island resident, these will be at the top of their list as they boast about how much they love their little state. However, if you ask them for a map of Rhode Island, they will probably offer to be your guide for the day, ensuring you make it to all the best spots. When vacation ends, don’t forget to order your wood chart so you can decorate your home when you return, allowing you to keep the memories and gorgeous views close.

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