Exciting Caribbean Wood Maps

Imagine blue, crystalline waters with a breeze gently blowing through your hair and a colorful umbrella casting gentle shade under a warm sun. Perhaps you have a fruity drink in your hand, and your only plans for the day are relaxing with your toes in the sand, reading a good book, and having a fabulous seafood dinner with oceanfront views. You might explore the islands tomorrow, sauntering in and out of shops with no real place to be.

In reality, it’s a chaotic Tuesday, you were late to work, and you forgot to take dinner supplies out of the freezer to thaw. Whether or not you can actually be on a gorgeous beach in the Caribbean, you can bring the charming characteristics of the islands to your home with handcrafted Caribbean maps from Wood Chart.

Why Do Caribbean Maps Make Great Décor?

Nassau, Bahamas 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Caribbean maps have an allure that goes far beyond their functional purpose as a map. They make wonderful décor because they evoke a sense of wanderlust and exploration. When you look at a Caribbean map that represents a vacation or even an item on your travel bucket list, you can’t help but to be consumed with dreamy visions of gorgeous waters and all sorts of tropical adventures.

The charm that comes from all varieties of wood maps adds extra flair to your décor. Instead of the common framed picture or motivational quote on the wall, you have a tactile, 3D map with rich colors and textures. It’s sure to be a conversation piece and an eye-catcher for all who enter your home.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, international wood maps also offer an element of education and learning within your home. Wood maps provide an engaging, interactive way to learn about other places. Simply hanging a wood map on the wall in a common space is enough to inspire inquisitive minds to learn about geography, history, and different cultures. 

Unique Attributes of the Caribbean

Jamaica 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

The Caribbean is a captivating choice for a wood map since it’s so intricate. For example, this wood map of the Bahamas (which are considered to be part of the Caribbean despite not bordering the Caribbean Sea) shows not only the details of the island but the bathymetrical details of the surrounding ocean. It also includes the detailed island chains nearby, perfectly illustrating the geography of all sorts of historic trade routes and exploration.

Another great reason to feature a Caribbean map in your home is to display the cultural connections and rich history of the islands. From the ruins of ancient civilizations on islands like Jamaica to naval history and pirate lore, your home will have that much more interest. By hanging a Caribbean map in your home, you honor and celebrate the cultural mosaicism of the region.

Decorating Ideas Featuring Wood Maps

Gallery Wall in Bedroom

Decorating with wood maps is an opportunity to show off your style. The most obvious answer, but the one with the most possibilities, is to simply hang your wood map up on the wall. We love including a wood map on a big gallery wall with lots of other travel-esque things.

Some other fun things to include on a travel-themed gallery wall are:

  • Ticket stubs from tours
  • Airplane boarding passes
  • Local art

Another favorite way to include a wood map in the décor around your home is to purchase a serving tray. Wood map serving trays are multifunctional: you can use them for food, drinks, or even on a coffee table to house remotes and knickknacks. Serving trays with your favorite location also make cute kitchen decorations and tie in with food and drink themes.

The Craftsmanship of Wood Maps

Wood maps from Wood Chart are of exceptional quality and are laser-etched with the utmost attention to detail. When you purchase a Caribbean map, you know you are supporting a small business. The quality of a wood map is unmatched, and it will be in your home for years to come. All products from Wood Chart are sourced from the highest-quality birch wood, which is sustainable and strong to ensure the longevity of your piece.

How to Care for Your Caribbean Wood Map

Woman Wiping Down Art on the Wall

It’s important to take good care of your Caribbean map to get the most out of it.

The following tips will help keep your wood map in tiptop shape:

  • Display indoors only
  • Avoid areas with extra moisture
  • Wipe down the piece regularly

Avoid displaying your wood map in areas that are too hot or cold, and make sure you keep it clean by wiping it with a cloth regularly. With these tips, your wood Caribbean map is sure to last a lifetime.   

Caribbean Maps as Meaningful Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life is no longer a chore – a wood map of their favorite destinations is all you need to wow them. If a friend or family member has enjoyed a perfect Caribbean vacation, a wood map is the perfect reminder of happy memories. And for friends or family who honeymoon or have a destination wedding in the Caribbean, a wood map depicting their special spot is sure to be a cherished wedding gift.

Cartography lovers everywhere appreciate the intricacies of wood maps, which can help them display their favorite places in a fun, new way. The carvings of the beautiful topography on a wood map are exceptional in quality, which any map connoisseur will appreciate.

There’s one more surprising population that enjoys wood maps as gifts: game lovers! A handcrafted cribbage board is a multifunctional way to incorporate wood maps into a home. Cribbage is an age-old game that has been a favorite for generations, and adding a beautiful Caribbean map cribbage board to their collection can introduce a new game to their repertoire. Whether the game lover in your life is young or just young at heart, a brand-new game is always a hit. 

Adding Caribbean Maps to Your Collection

Antigua 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

No matter whether you’re a world traveler, an aspiring explorer, or you just appreciate a great piece of artwork, a Caribbean map from Wood Chart is the perfect addition to any home. As you consider adding a wood map to your living space, you invite the spirit of adventure and the rich cultural history of different locales. Discover all the Caribbean maps available at Wood Chart and celebrate the captivating landscapes that make this region perfect to display.

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