Cribbage: A Thrilling and Historical Board Game

Board games are a favorite pastime all over the world, and for a good reason! Their simplicity, lack of required electricity, and vast options make them wonderful gifts and staples to have around the house.

Cribbage is one of our favorite board games! It isn’t very widely known, but we think it should be. It requires minimal materials and is a game for all ages, making it a perfect new addition to your family game night.

The Fascinating History of Board Games

Boston Harbor Cribbage Board

You might be surprised to learn that board games have been around since about 5,000 BCE. Historians have found global evidence of board game pieces made from materials like sticks, rocks, and even old bones. The first types of board games noted are thought to resemble modern dice games.

As history progressed, board games became an activity of the elite. Kings and queens around the world had chess boards and backgammon boards. It became an honor for a king to teach others how to play these games; owning a board game was a status symbol for a long time.

Board games finally made their way to the United States by the 18th century. Today, you can find dozens, if not hundreds, of board games in just about any large store. There are many new ones to choose from, but we think cribbage stands the test of time! 

What is Cribbage?

Cribbage is a board game originally invented by a poet that has been around since the 17th century. Throughout history, it gained popularity among sailors and world travelers since it didn’t take up too much space and was easy to learn.

The basic premise of cribbage, a game that mixes luck and skill, is that it’s a points-based game, with each player trying to get to a certain number of points that were agreed upon prior to the beginning of the game. The most popular scores to play to in cribbage are 121 and 61, with lots of options to do other numbers!

You begin by dealing six cards to each player. On their turn, players put two cards away into a “crib” to begin counting their points. This continues until one player reaches the winning number. The pegs on the wood cribbage board are used to keep score. In a pinch, however, a pencil and paper work just fine. 

What Do You Need to Play Cribbage?

Hawaiian Islands Cribbage Board

One of the things that makes cribbage so popular is that you don’t need much to play it! There aren’t too many pieces that end up getting lost, it doesn’t need batteries, and it’s very portable.

The main elements of a game of cribbage include: 

  • A wood cribbage board (or pencil and paper)
  • A deck of cards

Add two players into this mix, and you are ready to roll! There are tons of places to obtain a wood cribbage board, but Wood Chart provides high-quality pieces that are useful, beautiful, and handmade.

Why Do I Need a Wood Cribbage Board?

Wood cribbage boards are the perfect choice because of their excellent craftsmanship and longevity. Once you purchase a high-quality piece, you are unlikely to ever need a new board – unless, of course, you want one!

Not only will your wood cribbage board last a lifetime, but it will be a statement piece in your home. The wood cribbage boards from Wood Chart are all designed with unique maps on them. This will be one board game that you don’t have to put away when the game is over. Instead, it can be stored on a shelf or hung up on the wall as décor!

A fun fact about wood cribbage boards is that they actually existed long before the game itself. Historians believe they were used to score other types of games before cribbage was invented. Many people still use them for other scoring purposes when not playing an actual cribbage game.

How Are Wood Cribbage Boards Made?

United Kingdom Cribbage Board

The artistry behind wood cribbage boards is part of what makes them so special. First, artists start with high-quality Baltic birch wood. Birch is known for its sturdiness and water-repelling properties, making it an excellent choice for something that gets heavy use. The wood is then prepared for its upcoming transformation.

Once the wood is cut, sanded, and prepared, the holes are drilled for the pegs. Finally, a laser engraves the beautiful designs available on the wood cribbage boards. After a precise illustration is finished, the boards are hand-stained and painted to create the finished designs we know and love. 

Gifting a Wood Cribbage Board

Wood cribbage boards make phenomenal gifts for all different types of people!

3 of our favorite people to whom we might gift a wood cribbage board are:

  • Your significant other
  • A young gamer
  • Travel-lovers 

Date Night with Cribbage

Consider gifting your significant other a new activity for an at-home date night! Since wood cribbage boards have many different places as designs, perhaps they would enjoy one with a wood map of a place that is special to you both.

For example, this Hawaiian Islands Cribbage Board could be an excellent reminder of a good trip or can inspire you to plan a Hawaiian vacation! Pour a glass of wine, set up the game, and dream of all sorts of new vacation spots with your spouse.

Young Board Game Enthusiasts

San Francisco Bay Cribbage Board

We guarantee that the young gamer in your life will love learning a new and uncomplicated game. If you know someone who loves games but has maybe outgrown Chutes and Ladders, this San Francisco Bay Wood Cribbage Board may be the answer!

As a bonus, cribbage is also a great learning tool. Children of different ages can benefit from the addition required for keeping score, while smaller children can practice their counting with the pegs!

The World Traveler

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for a travel lover. Oftentimes they have already found many special treasures to commemorate their trips and remember their favorite places. A special location depicted on a wood cribbage board, like this United Kingdom Cribbage Board, will be just the thing to inspire their next trip.

Wood cribbage boards are special for so many reasons. Their unique attributes make them the perfect addition to your home and will add excitement to game nights for years to come.

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