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The Vast World of International Wood Maps

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The fact that we have found the means to transport ourselves all over the world to experience other cultures is amazing. It seems like everyone always wants to travel, probably because we all desperately need a vacation!

Though traveling can be tricky and expensive, it’s always worth it. Learning the history, meeting the people, and seeing the architecture of other places is an invaluable experience. And you can commemorate all the fun of your latest travels with a handcrafted wood map.

Why We Love International Travel

Woman Looking at the View While Traveling in Spain

If you’re planning some trips in the near future, consider adding some international locations to your list! Some of the most popular tourist destinations around the world are actually much easier to navigate and cheaper than you might think. Planning an international trip doesn’t have to bankrupt you!

We are so in love with international travel for several reasons. You have the privilege of seeing the world through others’ eyes. You get to try new foods, see new entertainment, and visit some of the world’s most iconic destinations. It’s an inspiring experience. Watch out though – once you start, it’s hard to stop!

3 Top Tips for International Travel

If you’ve never left the country, it might seem daunting. Our top three international travel tips are:

  1. Get your passport early
  2. Pack light
  3. Leave some free time 

Obtaining Your Passport

Woman Holding Passport While Traveling

This one seems like a no-brainer but start the process of getting your passport early! Without it, your plane tickets are worthless. Sometimes it’s relatively quick, but other times it can take months or even up to a year. Your local post office has all the information you might need to figure out how to get this going.

Don’t Pack Your Entire Closet

The best tip we have ever seen for international travel is to pack everything in a carry-on. Most commercial airlines allow one carry-on suitcase as well as a personal item, which can be a backpack or duffel bag. It seems difficult, but it’s so worth it not to worry about lost luggage or waiting forever at baggage claim. 

Allow Some Time to Explore

It’s tempting to fill every single second of your trip with plans, but we recommend slowing down a little! Leave yourself time to explore the city you’re in – you might find the most charming café or a delicious off-the-beaten-path restaurant.

Commemorating Your Travels

Grand Cayman 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

It’s easy to want to buy a souvenir at every single stop along the way but remember to buy something useful that won’t end up as clutter later. A map is a phenomenal way to remember your travels; seeing the illustrations of the streets and landmarks will transport you right back like a T-shirt or keychain never could.

Why Do I Need a Wood Map?

Wood maps are a classic, sturdy, and beautiful type of map to display in your home. They combine the science of mapmaking with artwork, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that will last a lifetime.

Wood Chart is an excellent place to find international wood maps of all shapes and sizes. Each wood map is hand-stained and painted, providing unmatched craftsmanship. A wood map will elevate your décor and remind you of your favorite trips – domestic and international. 

How Are Wood Maps Created?

Italy 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Wood maps are made both by hand and with advanced technology and machinery. First, only the highest quality Baltic birch is selected so that your piece stands the test of time. Birch will not warp or discolor over time, so feel free to use your map wherever you please!

Cutting the designs in the map is done by a laser. Laser-cut maps ensure that the designs are highly accurate and to scale. After the designs are cut, an artist provides the finishing touches and sends your map to be sold. Not only are you gaining a piece of artwork, but you’re supporting a local artist by purchasing a handcrafted gift. 

What International Laser-Cut Maps Do You Carry?

We love making international maps! Some of our favorite laser-cut maps include:

Laser-Cut Map of Grand Cayman

This is a favorite among island enthusiasts and would make a fantastic gift for someone coming back from a cruise! The Cayman Islands are a beautiful tourist destination that many cruise ships call on. This statement piece will remind them of sandy beaches and endless sunshine. 

Laser-Cut Map of Italy

Reminisce about eating pasta and drinking wine all day long with a gorgeous Italian wood map. The linked map above includes the entire country, showing off that classic boot shape. A wood map of Italy would also make a great gift for someone with Italian heritage!

Laser-Cut Map of the United Kingdom

United Kingdom 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Drink a spot of tea and pretend to be a member of the royal family while remembering your posh trip to the United Kingdom. Whether you’re a lover of London or the beautiful countryside of the UK, this wood map will be a hit with everyone.

How Should I Display My Laser-Cut Map?

Displaying your laser-cut map is an adventure in itself, and there are many cool techniques to try! You can choose the simple route and just hang it on the wall with nails or picture-hanging strips, or you can be more creative with layering or a unique gallery wall.

Layering artwork is an interesting way to fit lots of pieces in a small space. Placing different-sized things with parts overlapping one another creates depth and draws attention to your display. You can also switch your layers around if you get bored and want a change of scenery!

If layering isn’t your thing, try making a gallery wall. Combine your laser-cut map with several pieces of art or even shelves with trinkets from your travels and hang them in an interesting pattern. This is a great way to organize your odds and ends from your trip!

All in all, a laser-cut map makes a fabulous treat for yourself or a great gift for the avid traveler in your life. Become a globetrotter and prepare to start your wood map collection today!

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