Wood Art: A Unique Father’s Day Gift

Finding a gift for the man who has everything may seem like an impossible task. Every Father's Day, children everywhere ask their dads what they'd like as a gift, only to be met with an "I have everything I want right here." While sweet, we still want to celebrate our fathers with presents! Steer away from the traditional neckties or golf memorabilia and find a gift that comes from the heart. This year, surprise him with a unique gift he'll love—wood art!

Discover why wood art makes the best gifts, choose from different wood cribbage boards and lake art pieces, and find inspiration on unique gifts your father will love for Father's Day this year.  

The Importance of Father’s Day

Child Makes a Father's Day Card

For over a hundred years, families and friends have been gathering together every June to show appreciation for the dads in their lives. Father's Day is an opportunity to express gratitude and love to the special father figures around us, whether you're a child making a handwritten card for Dad or celebrating your partner. 

Father's Day is all about him, from hosting backyard barbecues to playing cribbage to taking the family out to see his favorite baseball team. Finding the perfect gift for Father's Day may seem like a tall order, but as long as it's given with love and his interests in mind, he'll love it every time. 

What Makes a Gift Unique? 

Unique gifts are thoughtful, meaningful, and personalized to the recipient. From remembering a wish-list item from months ago to understanding their preferences and passions, finding a unique gift can be simple when you focus on the things they like. When choosing a gift, follow your gut and find something that will make them feel seen and loved. Everyone, including fathers, wants to feel special and celebrated, and choosing the perfect unique gift tailored to them is the best way to do it.  

Reasons to Choose Wood Art Father’s Day Gifts:

When the normal list of Father's Day gifts seems to miss the mark, explore wood art.

From wood cribbage boards to different styles of lake art, gifts crafted out of wood are:

  • Built to last
  • Detailed and 3D
  • Sentimental 

Wood Art is Built to Last

Skip the posters and flimsy artwork—wood art is designed to last a lifetime. Each wood map uses high-quality birch to create a sturdy map of your favorite places. By gifting wood art, like a wood cribbage board, to your favorite dad, you're giving them a piece of art they'll be able to cherish forever. 

3D Wood Art Shows Details 

Wood Map Maui Clock

Each wood art piece is designed to show every topographic layer of your chosen location. Whether you give them a gift of their dream trip location or their hometown, they'll be able to look at the 3D wood map and appreciate every beautiful detail, from the blues and greens of the water to each carved landmark and road.

Wood Art Gifts are Sentimental

If you're looking for a perfect sentimental gift this Father's Day, wood art is the best there is. Pay tribute to Dad’s favorite locations worldwide or a memory you share with lake art or wood cribbage boards. Every time he appreciates the beauty of his wood gift, he'll think of you and your love.  

3 Unique Wood Gift Ideas for Father's Day

There's a wood art piece for every father in your life, whether they collect lake art or wood cribbage boards.

Lake Art Gifts for Nautical Dads

If your dad loves taking his boat out on the weekend or insists on bringing the whole family up to his lake house every break, lake art is the perfect gift to make him smile this Father's Day. Whether he grew up on the Great Lakes or enjoys escaping to Lake Tahoe throughout the year, lake art will remind him of his favorite spot. With carved topographical layers, every curve of the land and lake is shown for an accurate rendition. 

Gifts for Dads Who Love Game Nights

Boston Harbor Cribbage Board

Wood cribbage boards are the perfect Father's Day gift for the dad who loves a family game night. Whether you’re looking for the perfect road trip game or a new game for your father to play with friends, our wooden cribbage boards can travel wherever you go and are perfect for on-the-go fun. Start a new tradition in your family and learn the game of cribbage together for endless family time.

Our wood cribbage boards feature various locations, like the Boston Harbor Cribbage Board. Find a map of somewhere that holds meaning to your dad, whether that’s a family trip destination or his hometown, and you’ve found the perfect, unique Father’s Day gift!

Each wood cribbage board has a map etched into the center of the board, along with pegs, skunks, and a storage compartment hidden in the bag. Whether you leave it out on the coffee table as décor or bring it out on special occasions, every time your dad plays cribbage, he'll be flooded with wonderful memories, love, and appreciation for you. 

Gifts for Dad's Office

For the perfect Father's Day gift, give a wood clock for his office so he'll always be reminded of what's waiting for him at home. Our clocks featuring hand-crafted lake art perfectly elevate an office space with a personal touch. As the hands tick and his day at the office ends, he can look at the clock and know you love him. 

Cape Cod Clock

Each wall clock features a hand-stained blue-green color and accurately shows every landmark of each featured locale. Choose from sentimental bodies of water all around the globe, from the east coast with a Cape Cod Clock to tropical Hawaii with a Maui Clock.  

Finding a unique Father's Day gift may seem difficult initially, but there's a wood map perfect for every dad. Gone are the days of needing to scramble last minute and find dime-a-dozen gifts at the store. From wood cribbage boards to meaningful lake art, discover our wood charts of locations near and dear to his heart. Surprise him this year with a wood art piece he'll treasure forever for an unforgettable Father’s Day!

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