5 Simple Ways Wall Clock Décor is Winning

Don’t call it a comeback; decorative wall clocks have been here almost since the beginning of time. Wall clock décor has been a sign of wealth by the upper class since wall clocks became a thing, and it is not time for their function and beauty to become a thing of the past. Ask anyone – horology-inspired décor is getting a fresh reboot.

Why Add Wall Clock Décor  

Gulf of Mexico Wood Clock

The addition of wall clock décor to certain rooms in your home is an automatic win. As technology evolves, decorative wall clocks become trendy and vintage. Pair that with function, and you have a winning combination for home décor that will rescue any room just in time.

With few exceptions, modern wall clocks can be an intentional addition to home décor rather than appearing awkward and old-fashioned. To design with intention, consider the function of the clock and avoid rooms where the timepiece does not make sense. For example, a bathroom will not be enhanced by the addition of wall clock décor, nor will your bedroom - these spaces simply do not fit the function of a decorative wall clock.

Best Places to Add a Wall Clock for the Win

Freshen up your kitchen, living room, or entryway with the placement of the ideal decorative wall clock. You can have multiple clocks in your home, but limit yourself to one feature decorative wall clock of a larger size. If you wanted to place a couple of clocks in your office, for example, that would be appropriate because the intent of the wall clock décor matches the function of that space. 

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Wall Clock Décor:

  1. Size matters
  2. The material makes an impact
  3. Clock face features
  4. What color works best
  5. Add some style, change the space 

1. The size of the decorative wall clock matters. 

Italy Wood Wall Clock

When considering wall clock décor, the size of the space should impact the scale of your timepiece. If you are looking to fill a large wall, a large modern wall clock would be best suited to the proportion of the room. On the other hand, a kitchen wall clock may be for smaller wall space and should be chosen accordingly.

2. What the decorative wall clock is made of makes an impact.

Wood clocks have a more rustic feel than modern wall clocks made of metal, so keep that top of mind when choosing the ideal timepiece. That may just be the pop of industrial you are looking for, so the addition of a metal modern wall clock would be intentional. For example, if you are looking to keep the nautical vibes alive and well in your lake house, you would be better served with a rustic wood clock or a decorative wall clock that features etched waterways.

Materials of a Modern Wall Clock:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood

You want to choose a decorative wall clock material that matches your overall design intention. For example, a wood clock is made of more sustainable materials, but a plastic clock will likely last longer. However, for a kitchen wall clock, plastic may make more sense depending on the finish of the wood clock. Where the clock will be placed makes a difference in this situation, for sure. 

3. The face of your modern wall clock tells more than time.

Lake Tahoe Wood Chart Wall Clock

Oversized wall clock décor was quite the thing in the early and mid-2000s, often appearing as contemporary art with only the hour and minute hands without numbers on the face of the clock. Depending on the intended function of your timepiece, you want to make sure your decorative wall clock hasn’t made the jump from intentional and on-trend to kitschy and retro.

Consider where you are placing the clock – a timepiece without numbers serves little purpose as a kitchen wall clock, where precise timing can make or break a batch of brownies or keep your family on schedule. 

4. Consider the color and pull a pop out of your existing décor.

Decorative wall clocks are ideal for pulling together the overall design style of a room. Use the color of the clock to pick up a subtle shade in your area rug or add to the pop of color you are emphasizing with the lamp shades. Wall clock décor can bring a room together for an instant win by picking up hints of color and not over-powering the space. 

5. Add Signature Style with Functional Wall Clock Décor

Hawaii The Big Island Wood Clock

Whether you are looking to add a handcrafted focal point to a gallery wall or a statement piece to the large wall in your kitchen, a decorative wall clock communicates your style and has intention. A high-quality wood map kitchen wall clock that commemorates your anniversary is a subtle reminder that it is time to get out of the kitchen and plan another trip! This style of kitchen wall clock is an ideal size and shape for hanging over the entryway, drawing attention, and adding signature style in a functional way. 

Hanging Your Wall Clock Decor

Once you choose the size, material, design, color, and style – take a deep breath! – it is time to hang your decorative wall clock. Consider the wall space in the room you have chosen to hang the clock and make sure the clock is large enough to fill the space and remain in sight lines. A kitchen wall clock is a nice addition to a gallery wall in the kitchen nook – just make sure the size of the clock and wall space work and that the kitchen wall clock is not lost among the picture frames.

Options for Hanging a Modern Wall Clock

  • Hang your decorative wall clock at eye level
  • Place your wall clock above furniture by about 8 – 10 inches
  • Over a sofa, the modern wall clock should be 2/3 the width of the furniture

Adding a modern wall clock to any room of your home is a functional and beautiful way to bring an intentional and functional element for a home décor win. As a nod to the past, a decorative wall clock can remind us that time marches on, but a modern wall clock also reminds us that time is a gift. Whichever style of wall clock you add to your home, it is an instant win for your home décor and a beautiful reminder to make the most of the time we have.

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