5 Best Michigan Maps for Your Home

Spend a few days traversing The Mitten, and you will learn very quickly – Pure Michigan has miles of lovely lakefront. The lakes that dot a Michigan map will tempt you to see each shoreline in person. You can drive from the base of this midwestern state to the shores of the Upper Peninsula (UP) and never lose your sense of awe.

If you are looking for the Caribbean of the Midwest, you’ll find it in Michigan. Crystal-clear blue waters run cool and mysterious; their depth reflected in the bathymetry of a Great Lakes map. Represent the best lakes in Michigan with wood maps for your home. 

5 Best Michigan Wood Maps

  1. Grand Traverse Bay
  2. Torch Lake
  3. Lake Leelanau
  4. Walloon Lake
  5. Lake Charlevoix 

1. Grand Traverse Bay is one of the best travel destinations in the country.

Grand Traverse Bay 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

If you are looking for small-town living with a picturesque area for romantic weekends and quality family time, Traverse City does not disappoint. Reflected on a Michigan map, you’ll see Traverse City at the south end of Grand Traverse Bay. Walk the small town with the shoreline never far from view, enjoying the sights and sounds and the friendliness of the people you pass along the way.

Famous for its surrounding cherry orchards, this deep bay of Lake Michigan is divided by the east and west arms of the Leelanau Peninsula and the Old Mission Peninsula. Intricately detailed on a wood map, Grand Traverse Bay offers scenic views and waterfront homes with points of interest that will keep you coming back. Include this Great Lakes map in your collection and relive your days exploring the shoreline and the historic lighthouse at the bay’s entrance.

2. Commemorate your adventures at Torch Lake with a wood map.

Known as the Caribbean of the Midwest, Torch Lake boasts clear, turquoise water and a two-mile-long sand bar perfect for fun in the sun. Long considered the Jewel of the Michigan Chain of Lakes and on the list of National Geographic’s most beautiful lakes, Torch Lake is well known for clear water but not public beaches. Visually explore points of interest on a wood map and follow all 19 miles of the shoreline intricately etched in the Michigan map precisely how you remembered it.

3. Lake Leelanau is a 21-mile-long body of water surrounded by wineries.

Lake Leelanau, Michigan 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

A Michigan map of Lake Leelanau will reveal the surrounding topography sprinkled with some of the best wineries in the country. From Aurora Cellars to the Ciccone Vineyard and Winery owned by Madonna’s father, it is nearly impossible to think of a better vacation destination. A wood map of Lake Leelanau articulates the vibrance of the area surrounding the lake and adds a nautical vibe to any space while celebrating the beauty of Michigan.

Whether you choose to relax at the local wineries or enjoy the beautiful swimming areas and boating, Lake Leelanau offers the perfect vacation destination. You are never far from picturesque vineyards, relaxing beaches, and the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore. A wood map reveals the depths of the lake while reflecting the points of interest surrounding its shores, making this a perfect Michigan map for any home.

4. Find inspiration on the shores of Walloon Lake.

Explore the off-the-beaten-path charm of Walloon Lake and follow the intricately etched roadways on your Michigan map to the small town of Walloon Lake Village. Residents and visitors alike appreciate the beauty of the basin and local hospitality that inspired Ernest Hemingway as a child. Located just one mile from Lake Michigan, Walloon Lake is higher in elevation, as reflected in the topography of a detailed Great Lakes map.

Look closely at the Great Lakes map, and you will see the connection between Walloon Lake and Lake Michigan – the Bear River. Beauty is captured in Walloon Lake’s crystal-clear water and the stunning topography that surrounds it. Every detail is lovingly captured on a Great Lakes map and intricately etched in history, thanks to Mr. Hemingway.

5. Lake Charlevoix is second only to Lake Tahoe when it comes to favorite lakes.

Lake Charlevoix Clock

The beauty of Lake Charlevoix may seem like a well-kept secret unless you are from Michigan. This generous lake has something to offer everyone, from beautiful scenery to an abundance of sailing, fishing, and other water activities. If you prefer the shoreline, check the topography on a wood map, and you will see points of interest unlike anywhere else.

Lake Charlevoix supports the spirit of the summer in Michigan – lake life. Your home will take on a coastal vibe, and time will slow down for a Michigan map as welcoming as Lake Charlevoix. Place a cribbage board wood map into any room of your home and instantly inspire memories of your time camping, exploring the beaches, and enjoying concerts. 

Why Wood Maps?

Quality wood maps are a coastal inspiration for any space. The intricately etched roadways and waterways coax memories of days in the sun and evenings walking a vineyard or meandering along the shoreline of a calm, clear lake. It’s hard to imagine anything better than a relaxing vacation in Michigan, exploring the lakes and charming towns, but a wood map to commemorate the journey is invaluable.

Types of Wood Maps

Walloon Lake, Michigan 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Expertly etched wood maps make captivating home décor. Choose a wall clock to keep an eye on the time or a serving tray to style up sandwiches or cocktails. Cribbage board maps keep the competition interesting while being slightly distracting. The details of the wood map etched in the cribbage board invite more conversation than card tricks.

The best wood map for your home is the one that inspires memories of the most meaningful times of your life. You’ll remember nights by the fire, a cribbage board on the table inviting friendly competition and family time. Exploring with family, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and creating moments that can be memorialized in intricately detailed wood maps.

Michigan maps capture your journey through a seemingly ordinary midwestern state, ultimately revealing extraordinary bodies of water, each captured in wood maps to explore for a lifetime.

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