Top 5 Favorite Wood Maps

The joy of travel! From the moment you buy your plane tickets, your heart and your head are all in. The planning is sure to consume you—late nights scrolling through Airbnb for the perfect lodging, checking every internet site to compare prices on rental cars. Get the upgrade. Rent the pick-up. You will need plenty of extra room for fun.

The thought of visiting another country, another state, or even a different city can make an immeasurable difference in our daily lives. The mental health benefits of travel are already taking effect in the planning phase. In addition, the trip itself brings increased focus, empathy, and energy as we explore new surroundings and even new countries.

As important as the trip itself are the memories we make and the scenery we recall in our mind’s eye, year after year. A good trip will always bring smiles to our faces. We buy souvenirs on our journeys, and when we look at them, we revisit the places we have been and remember in vivid detail the feelings, sights, and sounds.

Nautical wood maps are the ultimate souvenir. The elegance of the wood map is an enhancement to any décor and brings the love of travel into any room. A daily reminder of adventure, the wood map will conjure warm memories of journeys past and keep the plans for future travel top of mind.

A high-quality wood map is available in various stylish options to provide accents in your home that highlight your love of globetrotting. You will want to keep at least one of each style around your home to commemorate each journey.

Different Styles of Maps

  • Wall clock
  • Cork map
  • Serving tray
  • Cribbage board
  • Wall art

When choosing wall art, consider the stunning differences between a Fire and Birch painted nautical wood map and an engraved wood map. The remarkable detail of the Fire and Birch map is best noted in the intricate engravings and depth contour lines. An engraved wood map reveals the bathymetry of your coastal destination with laser-cut precision and hand-stained water depths.

Whether you choose the Fire and Birch or an engraved nautical wood map, you will be pleased with the level of sophistication it brings to your home. The thought of choosing between them may leave you chuckling to yourself – of course you are getting both.

The great big world offers so many opportunities for adventure and the ability to see a staggering number of beautiful places. We have narrowed down a few of our favorite travel destinations and the wood maps that bring these extraordinary waters to life. It was challenging to pick just five, but we think you will agree that these destinations and their respective nautical wood maps reinforce the joy and beauty of travel.

1. Fun Facts Make the Great Lakes Greater

The Great Lakes are the largest freshwater system in the world. Michiganders learn as children in school to love and appreciate the beauty of their lakes and to recite the names with the popular acronym HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior).

Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake that lies wholly within the United States. With 1,400 miles of shoreline, Lake Michigan boasts some of the most beautiful beaches, forests, beach towns with endless boutiques, and limitless opportunities to experience local art, food, shopping, and history. Miles of the most memorable shoreline run along the edge of Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive.

The Great Lakes currently has over 200 lighthouses providing aid to boats navigating around 11,000 miles of shoreline. They keep the ships from encountering the shallow waters and offer a little excitement with the lure of the lake. Some in the U.P believe Big Bay Point Lighthouse is haunted. Could others be haunted as well?

The Great Lakes are as unique as they are treasured. With a storied past of shipwrecks, a mysterious Michigan Triangle, and the mythological South Bay Bessie, yoopers and trolls alike love the intrigue of the beloved Great Lakes. Raised with a love of water and beauty, they need only point to their state motto: If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. 

Nautical Wood Maps of the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are a point of immense pride to the people of the U.P. The Water Wonderland is regarded as an irreplaceable natural resource and the epicenter of fun for those who call the Mitten home. Michiganders from both peninsulas love the adventuring culture surrounding these unique lakes, forests, dunes, and islands. 

2. Revealing the Secrets of the Florida Coast

The Florida Coast is the preeminent vacation destination for sun, fun, and water-soaked activities. With over 8,400 miles of shoreline, there are plenty of accessible beaches for everyone to enjoy. Whether west coast, east coast, or the southern-most keys, this popular peninsula has something for everyone.

The west coast of Florida is lapped by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. These calmer waters provide the perfect playground for watersports, and the shoreline offers a front-row seat to some of the most stunning sunsets to be found anywhere.

The Gulf Coast of Florida provides plenty of entertainment. The breweries of Ybor City, the sugar sand of Ft. Myers, the retirement capital of Sarasota, and the southern-most point of the Keys hold excitement for any Florida vacationer.

The east coast of Florida is not to be outdone. Experience the sizzling nightlife in Miami, visit one of the many golf courses in Palm Beach, or explore the historic city of St. Augustine. Then, awaken your inner treasure hunter in Sebastian, the heart of the Treasure Coast.

Anywhere you go in Florida, you are never far from a stunning waterway, breathtaking sunset, or the magic and pull of the ocean. So, whether you want to spend your days splashing in the shallows or lying on your blanket soaking up the sun on one of the many pristine beaches, Florida is a destination of choice.

Florida Coast Wood Maps

3. The Wee Island of Ireland

If you have been there even once, then you know. The Emerald Isle is breathtaking from every angle, on every shore. The dramatic cliffs, crags, and shorelines are as iconic as they are beautiful. The waters surrounding Ireland are as deep and mysterious as the graveyards and castle ruins throughout the countryside.

Ireland is known for its charm, craic, and hospitality. One visit to this island and the pulse and pull of its enchanting personality will stay with you. You will be planning your next visit before your plane leaves the runway to return home.

The Irish Sea is a personality in and of itself! With leatherback turtles and basking whales venturing through in the summer, the storied depths have been used for the initial test voyage of the Titanic and munition dumping after the first and second world wars. However, the shallows tell their tales, welcoming water-sports enthusiasts and anglers while producing renewable energy through wind farming.

The only thing better than the mysterious waters surrounding Ireland is the opportunity to live in a castle overlooking the waters of the country! Historic castles dot the landscape, and opportunities to own a piece of the past are not unheard of. Be sure to include a trip to the local town realtor on your travel itinerary to explore your options in Irish traditions and lore.


Wee Maps of Ireland


4. The Vacation Paradise of Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a welcoming destination all year round. Mild winters and sun-drenched summers provide the perfect backdrop for hiking, biking, watersports, and enjoying bountiful seafood. Whether you are looking for laidback, lazy days on the shore or the highly stylized boutiques and cafes of Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod offers the perfect vacation activities to keep everyone content.

There are few places better for whale-watching than the Outer Cape. Just miles from the Stellwagen Bank, these Atlantic waters are home to a variety of whale species, including humpbacks, finbacks, and Minkes. Best seen in the morning hours, whales will frolic in any weather, so do not let a little rain deter your adventure!

Cape Cod offers many options for water activities. The deep ocean waters detailed on a nautical wood map provide opportunities for whale watching and fishing. At the same time, the shallows and coves create the perfect recreational area for water sports, including excellent surfing spots.

Cape Cod is also home to one of America’s most beloved dynasties – Camelot. The era of the Kennedys in politics was self-described by Jacqueline Kennedy as the time of Camelot. A phrase used in one interview became the legend of the Kennedys that will forever be linked to Martha’s Vineyard and keep this political family connected to the land they loved.

Cape Cod is known as a top seafood destination. The waters surrounding the peninsula are teeming with a great bounty for seafood lovers. You will have plenty of dining options from a roadside food truck to a fine dining establishment, and you will find the restaurateurs of Cape Cod do not disappoint.


Wood Maps of Cape Cod


5. Adventure Awaits on the California Coastline

The ultimate road trip is a drive down the 1 along the coastline of California. Your experience will feature the adventurer’s idea of heaven - driving with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. From San Francisco down to the Baja Peninsula, this stretch of America provides some of the most breathtaking views of both water and mountains.

As you cruise down the coast, the crystal blue waters of the Pacific will tempt you to come closer and experience the cliffs, the shallows, and the depths of the bays. A wood map will provide the details of the bathymetry in the basins, bays, and lakes. Seeing these characteristics on a nautical wood map will create even more excitement on your journey and pique your curiosity, inviting more stops along the way.

Beach towns are abundant along the coast of California. Each town has its personality and entices visitors to join in the fun and lean into the vibe. Time slows down, and your pace will get slower as you cruise through the coastal towns enjoying the food, views, and cultural landmarks.

Away from the coast, the lakes of California provide additional inspiration. Lake Tahoe is a traveler’s dream. The lake itself is a vision of enchantment and sport, surrounded by the epic vision of forests and mountains.

Almost as pure as commercially distilled water, Lake Tahoe is split between California and Arizona. The land that surrounds this lake is as magical as it is wild. It only takes one visit to create an addiction, keeping Lake Tahoe at the top of destination lists for novice travelers and seasoned adventurers alike.


Nautical Wood Maps of the California Coastline


With a wide variety of high-quality wood maps to choose from, it is hard to narrow a list down to just five. However, one purpose of travel is to have new experiences and grow from our unique encounters with the destination and its people. We are changed by these interactions and endeavor to memorialize our experiences in décor that influences our outlook every day.

A nautical wood map of our favorite vacation destination is an automatic mood booster. The memories that immediately flood your mind when studying the islands and shorelines from your most recent adventure continue to fan the flame of desire to travel again—wanderlust in its most basic and highly effective form.

Do you have a favorite nautical wood map? Is it from the breathtakingly artful Fire and Birch collection or an engraved wood map? Both create an elegant and inspiring mood in your home that feeds the need to plan your next venture.

Your mental health needs a break from reality. Plan the trip. Experience your new favorite place, and then celebrate it with your new favorite wood map!

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