Map of Santa Barbara / Channel Islands Wood Cribbage Board

Santa Barbara / Channel Islands Cribbage Board

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The Santa Barbara Channel Islands are the perfect location for concentrating on your cribbage game! With only the beauty of the flora and the fauna to compete for your attention, you will have the perfect opportunity to perfect your game while exploring the details etched on your nautical wood map. Keep one eye on the scenery, though – you may catch a glimpse of the elusive island fox!

The nautical wood map is intricately etched into high-quality Birch, detailing the depths of the water and the topography of the land. As you explore the wood chart cribbage board, you will see points of interest and depths clearly etched into the wood, creating a whole new perspective of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands on this 3D wood map. The board comes complete with skunks and pegs as well as a hidden storage compartment to keep them.

Points of Interest on the Santa Barbara Channel Islands Nautical Cribbage Board:
Santa Barbara, Channel Islands National Park, Santa Ynez, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa Island, Catalina, Santa Monica Bay, Ventura, Simi Valley, and Las Padres National Forest

Santa Barbara Channel Islands Cribbage Board Wood Chart Details:
  • Measures 14” x 14” x ¾”
  • Laser-etched Contours and Landmarks
  • Three Players
  • Includes Skunks and Pins
  • Hidden Storage Compartment