Our 8 Favorite California Destinations to Display on Wood Maps

California dreaming is a real thing. Whether you have lived in The Golden State, have visited in the past, or are planning an upcoming trip, it’s easy to get lost in daydreams of California maps and all the adventures you can have. California’s coast and lakes make it one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States.

Wood maps are a great way to commemorate your travels along California’s coast. Made with precise bathymetric maps artistically translated onto birch wood, these eight California map locations make a stunning addition to any décor.

8 California Wood Maps

California Coast 3-D Nautical Wood Chart
  1. The California Coast
  2. Beautiful Lake Tahoe
  3. Leave Your Heart In San Francisco
  4. Charming Monterey Bay
  5. Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands
  6. Star-Studded Malibu
  7. Los Angeles to San Diego
  8. Newport Beach 

1. The California Coast

Road-tripping the California coast is a bucket-list adventure for many travelers. Starting at one end and making your way along California maps to experience everything from Redding to San Diego is a great way to see beaches, forests, mountains, big cities, small beach towns, and more.

A 3D wood map of California’s coast highlights all the major stops along the way, including Sacrament, San Francisco, and the Santa Barbara Channel. Place one of these wood maps in your home as a reminder of a dream vacation or as inspiration to make the trip in the future. 

2. Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Clock

Inland from the coast and straddling the border between the Nevada and California maps is the beautiful Lake Tahoe. The greatest alpine lake in the United States, Lake Tahoe is a stunning and fascinating destination for many.

Mountains surround Lake Tahoe, which sparkles with crystal-clear water. The lake is the second-deepest lake in the country, making wood maps of the lake the perfect piece of art to remind you of your time there. 

Stunning Lake Tahoe Wood Maps

3. Leave Your Heart In San Francisco

San Francisco Bay, California 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Where in the world can you see giant redwood trees, more hills than you can imagine, art galore, and one of the most recognizable bridges in the world? The San Francisco Bay area is packed with iconic scenes and a thriving culture enjoyed by tourists and residents alike.

A destination to mark on your California maps, the San Francisco Bay area boasts several cities along the waterways. The bay is beautiful, sneaking inland from the Pacific Ocean under the Golden Gate Bridge. Wood maps of the area include Oakland, Berkeley, and Sausalito. 

4. Charming Monterey Bay

Traveling south from San Francisco, Monterey Bay is a sanctuary for wildlife watchers, romantics, and bibliophiles. Author John Steinbeck is celebrated in Monterey, and it’s clear how some of his novels gathered their inspiration from the surrounding area.

Monterey Bay includes popular cities such as Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, and Santa Cruz. The bay itself gives the area the beaches and ocean views that bring joy to those who live there and those who come to visit.

The wood maps of Monterey Bay clearly show how the ocean’s floor gets deeper the further out from the land it gets. Take a special look at the numbers marking the bay’s depths, along with underwater landmarks, including Monterey Canyon — one of the largest underwater canyons in the world — and the San Gregorio Fault. 

5. Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands

Catalina Island California Wood Map

Mountains and ocean meet to make Santa Barbara a beautiful place to relax or find some outdoor activities. Just three hours in a boat will bring you to the Channel Islands, giving visitors even more opportunities for outdoor fun.

Santa Catalina, one of the southernmost Channel Islands, became a tourist destination in the early 1920s because of William Wrigley Jr.’s goal to make the island a “playground for all.”  North of Santa Catalina, five of the other Channel Islands make up the Channel Islands National Park:

  • San Miguel
  • Santa Rosa
  • Santa Cruz
  • Anacapa
  • Santa Barbara 

Also included on the wood maps of the area are underwater features like the Santa Barbara Channel and the Santa Cruz Basin. Take the time to look at the details in one of the more intricate California maps. 

6. Star-Studded Malibu

Malibu California Nautical Wood Map

The beachfront playground of the rich and famous, Malibu has garnered a near-mythological reputation. But this beach city doesn’t need celebrities to stand out — the 27 miles of beauty along the coast contain white sand beaches, natural hiking trails, and a front-row view of the Santa Monica mountains.

Wood maps of Malibu match the region’s beauty by reflecting the shoreline where the city meets the ocean. The streets of Santa Monica stand in stark contrast to the increasing depths of the bay, which look like the waves themselves. The map highlights points of interest such as Zuma Beach, Solstice Canyon, and Playa del Rey.

7. Los Angeles to San Diego

Los Angeles to San Diego, California Cork Map

California maps would be incomplete without two of the most recognizable cities in the state — Los Angeles and San Diego. Just two hours from each other, these cities are popular because of their perfect weather, luxury, and beaches.

There are many reasons to visit Los Angeles, including the shopping and food, and traveling the coast from there to San Diego makes for a varied trip that includes breathtaking sights and opportunities for surfing along the way.

Laguna Beach, Venice Beach, and San Juan Capistrano are three noteworthy spots highlighted on the California maps of this area. For a more compact view of this part of the state, consider a cork map that can sit on your desk and remind you of the salty air and white-sand beaches.

8. Newport Beach

Newport Beach Wood Map

Bordered by Newport Harbor and the Pacific Ocean, the peninsula of Newport Beach is a haven for surfers and beach lovers. The harbor’s three man-made islands — Balboa, Lido, and Collins — add to the recreational ambiance of the area with shopping and restaurants.

Newport Harbor is also known for being filled with boats, making it a dream for sailors. Looking at wood maps of Newport Beach shows the peninsula, the islands, and the waterways that snake inland. Huntington Beach State Park, Pacific Coast Highway, and Corona del Mar are other highlights on the map.

California maps of all locations and sizes make a great way to celebrate the beauty of The Golden State. Display your California maps with other souvenirs, or match up wood maps of different locations for an exciting gallery wall that showcases this beautiful state.

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