5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Los Angeles

If you are looking for a getaway with perfect weather, exciting nightlife, and plenty to do during the day, you need to hop on the 101 straight to Los Angeles! This dream destination offers a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of Californians that has long been glamorized in the movies and on television screens. As one of California’s biggest and most popular cities, Los Angeles is the ultimate dream vacation destination for many reasons.

5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Los Angeles for Your Next Vacation Destination

  1. The beaches
  2. Shopping
  3. Year-round great weather
  4. The food scene
  5. Wood Maps Detailing the Coastline

1. L.A. Beaches are Beautiful

Santa Monica California Beach Sunset

The beaches of Los Angeles are a legendary balm for the souls of those with incurable wanderlust. From the shores of Santa Monica Beach, made famous by TV’s “Baywatch,” to the pristine sands of Long Point, Los Angeles boasts beaches that are second to none. Most beaches host a range of things to do and vibrant nightlife to cap off your salty days soaking up the California sun.

Popular Los Angeles Beaches:

Coastal art featuring the California shoreline is a popular choice for home décor and destination eateries. The endless summer quality of California makes its coastal art uniquely appealing and a trendy choice for tourists when selecting the item they want to bring home to commemorate their unforgettable days in Lotusland. Coastal art, wood maps, and hand-crafted gifts discovered in locals-only markets off the beaten path will be the first choice to stash in luggage returning home to give as gifts and keep as memories.

2. The Shopping Scene is Excellent in SoCal

Los Angeles to San Diego, California Cribbage Board

Everyone wants to know where celebrities shop in Los Angeles! See and be seen in shopping districts such as Robertson Boulevard, where popular clothing brands like Chanel and Vince offer fashion staples, while eateries such as The Ivy invite you to come in and grab a bite while you wait for your next celeb sighting. If you are looking for high fashion on the cheap, The Santee Alley is your top California destination for flea market finds, and the vendors welcome negotiation! 

Top Shopping in Los Angeles:

If it is coastal art you have come in search of, Los Angeles is home to its very own Arts District, and it does not disappoint. Wander your way through the district in search of that singular piece of coastal art or wood map and find a new appreciation for the definition of art in California, which includes wineries and breweries that offer all of the frills with none of the fuss.

Enjoy art in all its forms throughout the Arts District, and even elevate your worldview with eyewear from Gentle Monster (yes, it is art!). Shopping in Los Angeles is an adventure all its own, turning the most avid beach bum into a shopaholic one fabulous find at a time.

3. L.A. Weather is Great Year-Round

Canals in Venice, California

With warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters, California is renowned for having the best weather of all 50 states. Coastal cities average only 20 inches of rain per year and temperatures stay between the low 60s and 85 degrees. It is the plentiful sunshine and dry weather that makes Los Angeles an ideal destination for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities year-round.

Looking to get lost in your thoughts? Hike Griffith Park’s impressive 4,210 acres and experience L.A.’s largest green space.

Popular Outdoor Activities in Los Angeles:

  • Stroll the Venice Canals
  • Bike The Strand to Manhattan Beach
  • Escape to Catalina Island

Dedicate outdoor time to enjoying the arts at the Getty Villa Museum. Wandering in and out of the villa to appreciate the coastal art and other displays will quickly become one of your favorite ways to pass the time. Hit the Santa Monica Farmers Market and roll out a blanket at one of Los Angeles’ many beautiful parks. Balance a waterfall hike with a joyride along Mulholland Drive. California can make an outdoor enthusiast out of any city boy or girl without detracting from any upscale pursuits.

4. The Food Scene in L.A. is On Point

In-N-Out Burger in California

The City of Angels is as famous for its food scene as it is for its celebrity sightings and movie sets. Whether starting a new diet fad or debuting a trendy new eatery owned by a world-famous chef, Los Angeles has all the food groups covered to satisfy every diet restriction or constant craving. 

Famous Los Angeles Restaurants:

The most popular food in California is Mexican food. Being so close to Mexico, the culture and its food spread yummy flavors throughout the city of Los Angeles and beyond. Food trucks, taco stands, and fine dining restaurants serve up plenty of inspirational Mexican offerings. Rumor has it the term “Taco Tuesday” originated with El Torito in Los Angeles.

5. Capture the Beauty of the Los Angeles Coastline in a Wood Map

Los Angeles to San Diego, California Serving Tray

The western coastline of California is one of the most breathtaking stretches of land our planet has to offer. Craggy cliffs drop down into crystal clear pools of water in coves, and waves pound the rocks along the shore, smoothing the rocks’ surface with centuries of ebb and flow. The details on a high-quality wood map, including roadways and points of interest, prompt memories and inspire visions of days spent in Los Angeles along the beach or hiking in the cliffs high above the tide pools.

A wood map is an intricately etched piece of coastal art that provides an elevated reminder of the blue skies, fabulous shopping, and dining experiences that leave a lasting impression. Inspire others to travel to The Golden State with the gift of a stunning wood map, or let the wood map serve as the perfect gift to yourself. A Los Angeles wood map is a conversation-starting piece of coastal art that keeps your family and friends coming back for the telling of more tales about your adventures in the City of Angels.

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