9 Coastal States with Stunning Wood Maps

Something magical happens when the ocean meets the shore. Whether white-sand beaches or craggy cliffs, the coast is a special place that draws people from inland out to the shoreline. Because of the union between water and land, wood maps are a stunning way to show off your favorite coast. Made with bathymetric charts, birch wood, lasers, wood stain, and an artistic touch, these coastal maps are both accurate and aesthetic.

From the Pacific Northwest to the Florida Keys, nautical maps encompass the beauty of coastlines around the United States. Here are nine of our favorite coastal states you would be proud to show off in your home.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii (The Big Island) 3-D Nautical Wood Map

Beautiful Hawaii is known for its beaches and ocean life. The island state comprises 137 volcanic islands over 1,500 miles and has 750 miles of coastline, making it the perfect state to showcase with coastal maps.

Even though Hawaii has many islands, only eight are populated and serve as the main destinations of the archipelago. The primary islands of Hawaii make beautiful wood maps.

These include:

Whether you prefer nautical maps of the whole state or just your favorite island, consider exhibiting your map with souvenirs purchased from Hawaiian shops for a display dedicated to the Aloha State.

2. Alaska

Alaska 3-D Nautical Wood Map

You may not think of Alaska when planning a beach vacation, but this northernmost state has a breathtaking coastline that is distinctive and beautiful. In fact, Alaska has the longest coastline of any U.S. state, with 6,640 miles along the ocean.

Nautical maps of Alaska show off the entire state and a small part of Russia across the Bering Strait. These wood maps show how the depths of the Bering Sea rise and fall, especially around the Aleutian Islands, the chain of 14 large and 55 small islands that make a tail reaching from Alaska to Russia. 

3. Oregon

The rugged Oregon coast is a sight to see, with 363 miles of shoreline peppered with coves and bays along the way. Coastal maps of the area mark the Columbia River to the north and the state line between Oregon and California to the south, ensuring everything is on the nautical maps of this coastline.

Oregon Wood Map Points of Interest

Other points of interest on the wood maps include Clatsop State Forest, Siuslaw National Forest, and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. A map of the coast is the perfect way to celebrate a state known for its outdoor activities.

4. California

San Francisco Bay Wood Map Serving Tray

California’s coast gives travelers a little bit of everything — big cities, beach towns, mountains, and cliffs. Nautical maps showcase the distinctive coast that includes Big Sur, the Santa Barbara Channel, and more.

There is so much to consider when planning a California vacation. When touring down the coast of California, don’t miss these unique stops along the way:

Road-Tripping California’s Coast

The Pacific North Highway is the perfect way to see the Golden State. Take the scenic route to hug the coastline as you drive the length of California. Then, consider comprehensive wood maps to memorialize your once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

5. New York

Long Island Sound, 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Shifting gears to the East Coast will bring even more nautical maps that will wow you. One treasure trove of beautiful coastal maps is the state of New York, with its famous islands along the coast.

The Long Island Sound is geographically close yet feels so far from New York City. Long Island is known for its wineries and wealthy vacationers on the far east side of the island. The Sound sits between Long Island and Connecticut, helping give Long Island an estimated 1,600 miles of coastline.

Portions of New York City also boast coastal maps. Brooklyn, Staten Island, and even Manhattan are partially boarded by water, making them perfect candidates for wood maps. Display several maps together to make a stunning tribute to the Big Apple.

6. New Jersey

New Jersey North Shore 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

New Jersey is another state known for its shoreline along its nautical maps. Between New Jersey’s North Shore and South Shore, this area is a vacation destination for many.

The boardwalk and beaches along the North Shore are a haven for beach lovers looking to get away from their everyday lives. And, of course, Atlantic City on the South Shore provides the perfect escape with its casinos and party atmosphere.

Why New Jersey Wood Maps?

Coastal maps of these shorelines are beautifully bisected between the land and sea. Consider displaying the two wood maps next to each other to remind yourself of the whole Jersey Shore experience.

7. North Carolina

Outer Banks, North Carolina, is a stunning set of barrier islands between the Atlantic Ocean and the mainland. Nearly the whole narrow span of land on these coastal maps is a shoreline with islands reaching 200 miles down the coast.

Nautical maps of these islands show the Pamlico Sound and between Cape Hatteras — one of the main islands — and the rest of the state. Other points of interest on the wood maps include Roanoke Island, Kitty Hawk Bay, and Fort Raleigh. 

8. South Carolina

South Carolina Coast Wood Map

The South Carolina coastal maps are gorgeous works of art where you can see the various bays and rivers moving inland from the Atlantic. To the south of the state, you can see Hilton Head, one of the most popular island destinations in the nation.

Another sought-after vacation spot in South Carolina is Myrtle Beach. Not only is the coast great for relaxing with a loved one or having fun with the family, but the nautical maps make striking conversation starters. These wood maps highlight areas such as Cat Island and Cherry Grove Beach.

9. Florida

Florida wood maps are plentiful, showing off the peninsula state and all its shoreline. From islands to bays to the Gulf of Mexico, have your pick of nautical maps from across the state to display in your home.

Gulf of Mexico Map Wood Clock

These coastal maps don’t just have to hang on your wall. Find a wood clock or cribbage board to commemorate your favorite spot in the Sunshine State.

As stunning souvenirs to remember your time on the coast or a daily incentive to encourage you to make your next trip, wood maps make a great addition to your space. Whether you want to pinpoint Hawaii deep in the Pacific Ocean or prefer to display part of the Jersey Shore, coastal maps are stunning ways to showcase your love of the shoreline.

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