Best Wood Maps of California for Your Home

California Coast 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

It is hard to create a travel bucket list without including California. With 840 miles of coastline and more than 420 public beaches, the Golden State has abundant opportunities for memory-making and picture-taking. What is the best way to commemorate your days along the California coast? Wood maps in all shapes and sizes.

Follow the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to the northernmost point of California and discover some of the country’s most captivating scenery. As you travel and experience the points of interest from city to city, you’ll memorize the brilliant blue of the waterways and breathtaking cliffs around each curve in the 101. These moments are exquisitely captured in high-quality birch California maps, perfect for both gifting and collecting.

5 Best Wood Maps for Your Home

  1. Cork Maps
  2. Cribbage board maps
  3. Wood maps for the wall
  4. Serving trays
  5. Wall clocks

Gift a map of California etched in cork

Los Angeles to San Diego, California Cork Map

Capture the stretch of road from Los Angeles to San Diego in a detailed wood map etched in cork. A cork map is a classic addition to a desktop or bookshelf, serving as a constant reminder of the time spent meandering the coast. The precise engraving of the measurements of the ocean’s depth in the cork and the landmarks etched into high-grade birch surface make this California map the ultimate travel gift – to yourself or your traveling companion.

The size and neutral color of a cork map make it a subtle yet stunning addition to any home or office. Want to schedule a trip to Lake Tahoe? Slide a nautical reminder into your décor with a detailed wood map of the Jewel of the Sierra. 

Cribbage board maps combine beauty with friendly competition

As fun as it is functional, a cribbage board map can join you on your California adventure and double as home décor upon your return. Imagine your day exploring San Francisco commemorated on a cribbage board as unique as your journey. Each point of interest, roadway, and the depths of the water in the bay intricately carved in birch make a cribbage board map an ideal addition to your home and an inspiration for your next adventure.

Another word on cribbage board maps – cribbage is an absolute obsession. You can’t go wrong with a cribbage board map in your home. It’s a perfect nod to the history of the game and the right touch of coastal vibe for any home décor.

Wood maps for the wall are an elegant nautical touch to home décor

Newport Beach, California 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

A detailed wood map of the Baja Peninsula is both a stunning piece of home décor and an immediate conversation starter. Share stories about your time in Cabo San Lucas, pointing out the depths of the Pacific Ocean along the coast on a detailed California map. The high-quality birch and intricate etching create a perfect picture of your experience, refreshing your memory and complementing your recollections of time spent along the shore.

From Newport Beach to Catalina Island, the unique topography and bathymetry of the California coast are beautifully captured in wood maps for the wall. Each California map showcases the incredible points of interest, roadways, and waterways that create the stunning beauty this state is known for. Displaying these nautical wood maps in your home inspires future travel and reminds you of the days you spent in the California sunshine. 

Serve up a high-quality wood map with a serving tray

Whether you are serving afternoon tea for two or a quiet lunch for one, a California map serving tray is eye-catching as functional home décor. Your Santa Barbara trip can be commemorated in a wood map serving tray that not only begs questions about your time in the Channel Islands but also about how that California map was made. The memories you created can be easily captured on a California map and become a part of your daily home décor.

A serving tray wood map serves up more than just snacks. These functional California maps infuse style and coastal vibes into any home décor. Memorable and vibrant, the highs and lows of the California coastline artfully etched into birch serve up plenty of memories and fuel the fire for future adventures. 

It’s always the right time for a wood map wall clock.

Monterey Bay Clock

A wood map wall clock is an ideal reminder that it is always time for a trip to California! Imagine the time you spent in Monterey Bay beautifully captured in exacting detail on a wall clock that catches your eye every day. What a gift for yourself or someone else who had a memorable trip to the breathtaking shores of Natural Bridges State Beach!

A wood map wall clock does more than tell the time – it’s a statement piece. Each topographic detail and stunning depth of the waterways inspire relaxing nautical vibes while reminding you of beautiful vistas. It’s always time for another drive up the coast – take time to explore your California map and find your next destination!

Why Wood Maps for Home Décor?

Wood maps are timeless. Wood is a natural element that naturally warms a room, but a wood map adds a unique element of visual interest. Whether you are creating an eclectic look or a nautical space, a quality wood map is a versatile piece that fits any personal style.

Details of a Wood Map

  • High-grade birch
  • Laser cut depth
  • Engraved names and locations
Santa Barbara/Channel Islands Serving Tray

If you want to create a space that celebrates your spirit of wanderlust, a California map is an ideal accent for your home. In fact, you’ll want to commemorate every adventure with a wood map. There are few things that serve to inspire memories and travel as effectively as a high-quality wood chart.

Quality wood maps make an attractive addition to any home décor. Bringing the highs and depths of topography and bathymetry that define the shoreline of California adds visual interest and inspires stories, memories, and conversation. As a gift or part of your own collection, each California map, from cribbage board to wall clock, represents an experience that will live within you for a lifetime.

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