East Coast Road Trip: A Scenic Drive to Remember

The longest north-south road in the United States happens to border the scenic East Coast. From Key West, Florida, to Fort Kent, Maine, US Highway 1 offers almost 2400 miles of stunning views, pristine beaches, and historic ports. The East Coast represents our great nation’s rugged and humble beginnings, each mile revealing the mysteries of a new land our forefathers explored so long ago.

Take a moment to explore an East Coast map. As your eyes travel the coastline, there are many cities, islands, and shores to explore! While there are endless opportunities for adventure and experiencing the beauty of the coast, these 16 East Coast Map highlights will secure this excursion as the most scenic ride to remember.

paper map with road trip written on it with scrabble tiles

16 Must-See Locations on an East Coast Map

  1. Florida Keys
  2. Palm Beach, FL
  3. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  4. St. Augustine, FL
  5. Savannah, GA
  6. Charleston, SC
  7. Outer Banks, NC
  8. Ocean City, MD
  9. Delaware Bay
  10. East Hampton, NY
  11. Block Island, RI
  12. Nantucket, MA
  13. Martha’s Vineyard, MA
  14. Cape Cod, MA
  15. Booth Bay, ME
  16. Bar Harbor, ME

1. Florida Keys

Florida Keys wood chart

The southernmost point of the United States is also the perfect point to start on this epic road trip along the East Coast. Often referred to as Mile Zero on an East Coast Map, the southernmost tip of Key West is the ideal place to start adjusting to stunning views and water to your right. The Florida Keys are the best place to get that tropical feel without leaving the United States!

Check your wood chart East Coast Map and make a note of the water on either side of you as you travel US 1 northward, crossing waterways and connecting the islands to the mainland of Florida. On your unforgettable visit to the Keys, you'll notice that the color of the water melts from sapphire to the deepest of blues and back to crystal clear as you cross the famous 7 Mile Bridge. Buckle up! Your adventure has just begun!

2. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale wood chart

Known as the yachting capital of the world, Ft. Lauderdale is a vibrant family adventure destination. The superb year-round temperatures paired with abundant white sand beaches and endless activities to choose from make it a top choice. While Ft. Lauderdale offers one of the most relaxing beach getaways, it is also home to one of the world’s busiest ports, Port Everglades.

The depth of Port Everglades, clearly seen on an exquisitely detailed wood chart, and quick access to open water are the primary reasons for its long-term success. While the port may be busy, visitors and residents alike continue to enjoy the calm atmosphere and gentle ocean breezes.

3. Palm Beach, FL

Separated from the main coast of Florida by the Intercoastal Waterway, Palm Beach maintains its designation as the destination of choice for golfers. With over 160 golf courses in the immediate area, Palm Beach offers comfort and beauty year-round to entice road trippers to hop off US 1 and stay a day or two. So, treat yourself to a luxurious resort stay and boutique shopping before continuing your trip along the East Coast.

4. St. Augustine, FL

    St. Augustine wood chart zoomed in

    St. Augustine is the ultimate destination for historic hauntings and modern mystique! The Nation’s Oldest City features historical landmarks, pristine beaches, and charming cobblestone streets bordered with cozy cafes and unique boutiques. Visit The Fort to see something old and explore Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth to see if you can discover a new you.

    A detailed wood chart of this ancient city overlooking the Matanzas River reveals the depths needed to create a thriving city and port.

    5. Savannah, GA

      Following US 1 on your East Coast Map, head north out of Florida and take a step back in time when you arrive in enchanting Savannah, Georgia. The coastal port city flourishes amongst genteel moss-covered roadways and colonial homes with breezy wrap-around porches. The waterfront is connected to historic residential neighborhoods with cobblestones and culture, creating the perfect blending of nautical and southern charm.

      6. Charleston, SC

        America’s Most Friendly City is ready to welcome you into the southern landmark with cobblestone streets, upscale boutiques, and fine dining featuring local cuisine. Search your East Coast Map for Charleston, and you will see it borders some of the East Coast’s most beautiful beaches.

        Outer Banks, NC wood chart

        Charleston Harbor is precisely detailed on a wood chart, revealing the depths of the harbor as it blends into the Atlantic Ocean. The city has thrived for centuries as a vibrant port town and continues to offer many opportunities for rest and relaxation to all who meander its streets.

        7. Outer Banks, NC

          The next spectacular stop on your memorable East Coast Map road trip will bring you to Outer Banks, North Carolina. Looking at an East Coast wood chart, you will see the Outer Banks islands separate the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland of North Carolina. The pristine beaches have become a very popular vacation destination. Whether you seek sea glass, seafood, treasure diving, or a history lesson, the Outer Banks simply cannot disappoint. 

          8. Ocean City, MD

            You will know you have arrived when the sights and sounds of the boardwalk delight your senses! The beaches share the spotlight with the wooden boardwalk, with endless opportunities for fun, seafood, and abundant fishing. A precisely etched high-quality wood chart will show that Ocean City and its renowned boardwalk lie between the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Wight Bay.

            9. Delaware Bay

              Delaware Bay wood chart

              Delaware Bay is a delightful surprise as you continue north, following US 1 along the shoreline of your East Coast Map. The bay separates Delaware and New Jersey, creating miles of shoreline and lush habitats. A wood chart accentuates the depths of the bay, highlighting the deepest waters where larger mammals, including humpback whales and great white sharks, thrive.

              Marvel at the bathymetry of the Delaware River, precisely detailed on a wood chart, as it rushes through the bay and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. You are almost halfway up the East Coast, and your stay in Delaware Bay is sure to be a highlight of your adventure.

              10. East Hampton, NY

                More than just the playground of the rich and famous, East Hampton is worthy of a place on your list of must-see destinations. The white-sand beaches, delicious seafood, and ocean breezes make this area an escape for the people of New York City and beyond. More than a stop on the Jitney route, East Hampton uses its natural beauty and historic charm to entice countless visitors year after year.

                11. Block Island, RI

                  Block Island wood clock

                  Known as the “Island of the Little God” to the Narragansett Indians, the views of Block Island do not disappoint.  Rock cliffs plunging into the ocean and luscious green meadows of wildlife preserve create a dualling picture of equal artistry. How could you possibly decide which is more beautiful?

                  The topography of Block Island is memorialized in the intricate details of a high-quality wood chart. Study the landscape as it cascades into the bathymetry of the surrounding waters. Commemorate the unforgettable experience of this picturesque island with a wood chart and revisit the stunning vistas every day. 

                  12. Nantucket, MA

                    The “Grey Lady of the Sea” will arise through the mist, and the beam of a lighthouse will beckon you to explore the shores of this natural beauty. A bit off the beaten trail of US 1 of your East Coast Map, Nantucket is absolutely worth the detour. Nantucket is known for its festivals, seemingly celebrating a little bit of everything throughout the year. 

                    Nantucket Festivals Celebrate:

                    • Books
                    • Food and Wine
                    • Comedy
                    • Daffodils
                    • Cranberries 

                    13. Martha’s Vineyard

                      Martha's Vineyard wood chart

                      Continuing up the East Coast, Martha’s Vineyard is your next opportunity to be stunned by shorelines, sunsets, and everything New England is known for! The Vineyard is a popular destination, boasting fine dining, historic buildings, and white sand beaches. Together, the combination is magical.

                      Not far from the coast of Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard can feel a world away. Feeling a sense of deja vu? The depths of a wood chart showcase the mysterious bathymetry that created what has become the all-too-familiar backdrop for the classic thriller Jaws. Please don’t spend too long searching the waters for the great white. There is so much more to see as we continue this epic East Coast Map road trip! 

                      14. Cape Cod, MA

                        Cape Cod is the perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure. The picturesque shorelines and historic homes pair perfectly with romantic coastal dining and incredible lighthouses. You can fill your days with fishing, shopping, biking, and relaxing, quickly blending in like a local in any one of the four sections of the peninsula.

                        Cape Cod Peninsula:

                        • Upper Cape
                        • Mid-Cape
                        • Lower Cape
                        • Outer Cape 

                        The Outer Cape has an amazing array of ocean views and sensational sunsets. P-town is hands-down the best place to catch a sunset on the island. With nothing between you and the ocean, you can almost hear the soft hiss as the sun settles into the watery horizon. All you need to savor the experience is a blanket, a bottle of wine, and a few deep breaths. 

                        15. Boothbay Harbor, ME

                          Boothbay Harbor, Maine wood chart

                          As you follow the East Coast Map through Maine, you will find yourself driving east on the finger of land that brings you directly to Boothbay Harbor. Once you arrive, pull up a chair, order a drink, and relish the wind in your hair and sun on your face. There is just something in the air of Boothbay Harbor – it’s special.

                          A bustling destination for yachters, Boothbay is the largest boating harbor north of Boston. Hundreds of boats are in dock at one time, earning this waterway the moniker of Boating Capital of New England. Its ideal position between Casco Bay and Penobscot Bay is clearly etched into a wood chart and details why this harbor is popular with boaters.

                          16. Bar Harbor, ME

                            US 1 continues north, branching again onto one of the many fingers of land leading to the bays and shores of the Maine coast. Snuggled at the base of Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is, in a word – enchanting. The streets of downtown lead in just one direction – to the heart of the harbor – offering teasing scents of fresh air with a hint of balsam and trees with leaves of brilliant yellow, red, and orange.

                            Enjoy the local fare with an Irish flare at Leary’s Landing Irish Pub and shop local with a sophisticated selection at House Wine. Hand-crafted gifts created by local artisans, local lake art, and every nautical knick-knack will make packing for your return trip home a wee bit tricky. Buy it all and ship it home! Your friends, family, and co-workers will all appreciate the souvenirs from a place that clearly has captured your heart.

                            The adventure continues up the shoreline of your East Coast Map as you travel closer to the Canadian border near Fort Kent. This epic road trip started in Key West and has brought you all the way to the northern tip of Maine. The scenes you have witnessed, the wildlife, and the people you have encountered on your journey have left an indelible impression on your life going forward.

                            An Epic Road Trip Memorialized with a Wood Chart

                            Inside Passage wood chart

                            Oh, the places you have gone! This East Coast Map road trip is only the beginning. This adventure will ignite (reignite?) the feeling of wanderlust within you, and the world will become more attainable. Each stop on this journey north on US 1 is etched on a stunning wood chart, enhancing your home décor and stoking the memories of each location and what makes it special.

                            Where will you travel next? A Great Lakes road trip? Or will you cross the Canadian border and make your way to the Inside Passage? The sky is the limit! Your experiences and adventures will continue to inspire the life you want to lead.

                            To think, it all started with an East Coast Map and a well-traveled roadway!

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