7 Surprisingly Simple Reasons to Gift a Lake Map

Lake maps make a stunning gift for any occasion. Quite beautiful and appealing, people gravitate to the organizational nature of a map and its appeal to both sides of their brain. The right side enjoys the intuitive, aesthetic qualities of the lake map, while the left side loves the rational, analytical order given to a complex environment. Lake art brings both sides of the brain together to create a gift everyone will love.

A wood map makes an ideal gift for any occasion because it offers a lifetime reminder of an important time and place. There are few gifts as meaningful as lake art that capture a moment in time and take our breath away, letting the significance of the moment and beauty of the location wash over us, over and over again. If you are looking to up your gifting game, these are seven reasons to give the gift of lake art, instantly catapulting you to a whole new gift-giving level.

7 Reasons to Gift a Lake Map

  1. The trip you will never forget.
  2. Childhood memories are never far from the water.
  3. Gift a wood map and travel itinerary to your travel bestie.
  4. Remember your wedding day with beautiful lake art.
  5. Celebrate the new home of a family member with a wood map.
  6. Life-changing moments are best commemorated with lake art.
  7. Let life imitate lake art – put your retirement goals in your home décor. 

1. Commemorate your favorite travel destination with a lake map.

Lake Leelanau Wood Chart

The love of travel is a life-long search for the ultimate destination. Each location offers its own offering of beauty, peace, and appeal. A wood map recreates the week you spent wandering the vineyards surrounding Lake Leelanau or exploring the streets of Traverse City, just steps from the choppy water of Grand Traverse Bay.

A lake map visually describes the topography and bathymetry of your experience. Intricately detailed, etched into your mind and mirrored in the Baltic birch, layer by layer. This lake art recreates the points of interest and recalls hours spent in the shadow of the historic Grand Traverse Lighthouse.

Points of Interest on a Grand Traverse Wood Map:

  • Leelanau State Park
  • Northport
  • Sleeping Bear Bay
  • Old Mission Peninsula

As your eyes travel the shoreline of the mitten, you find yourself back in Sleeping Bear Dunes, wandering the trails, stretching for glimpses of the bay. The laser cuts on the wood map show the depths of the water just off the shore where you visited the 1850s settlement of Glen Haven and learned about early Michiganders and the life that began in “the long crossing.”

2. Honor the landscape of your childhood with an elegant lake map.

Great Lakes Wood Chart

Did you grow up spending the school year memorizing H.O.M.E.S. (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior) and your summers splashing along their shores? A wood map of each of the Great Lakes makes a sentimental addition to home décor and valuable growth for your collection of lake art. Each lake map of the Greats has the details you remember from childhood and maybe a few fun facts you have forgotten.

Great Lakes Wood maps

  • Huron
  • Ontario
  • Michigan
  • Erie
  • Superior

Growing up on the UP, you may have spent your summers on Lake Superior, flirting with the borders of Canada and daydreaming about the mysteries that lie in the depths of the cleanest, clearest water of all the Great Lakes. Still thinking about the shipwrecks? Let your eyes wander the bathymetry of an intricately etched wood map and lose yourself in the adventures of your childhood, storming the shores and letting the water tickle your toes. (No more than a tickle – that water is cold!)

3. Surprise your travel bestie with the location of your next adventure.

Lake Tahoe Wood Chart

What’s better than a trip with your travel bestie? The anticipation! There are few things more special in life than a traveling companion. The one who is up for a trip anywhere, showing up with a suitcase, a passport, and an open mind for any adventure.

They may know you have no sense of direction, but they will be stunned when you present them with a wood map of Lake Tahoe. This destination has waited patiently on your Bucket List for years. You’ve researched points of interest and the intricately etched roads and topography visually reveal the itinerary of your next journey.

5 Unique Experiences in Lake Tahoe

  • Hiking the Rubicon Trail
  • Biking the Pope Baldwin Bike Trail
  • Spending a day at Sand Harbor Beach
  • 72-mile drive around the lake
  • Lucky Beaver Bar & Burger

4. Got married lakeside? There’s a map for that.

Lake Winnebago Wood Chart

Whether it was a lake that was integral to your childhood or that of your soon-to-be life partner, a wood map of the lake where you got married is a swoon-worthy gift. This sentimental piece of lake art will be a lifelong reminder of your perfect day, and the people who traveled to see you say, “I Do.” You shared your day with the people closest to you at a place that means so much – the only follow-up for this moment is a lake map.

Did you spend the early days of your courtship along the shores of Lake Winnebago? Ice fishing, riding the carousel at a lakeside park, and taking in concerts along the lake’s shorelines are special memories that brought you to the Big Day. The precisely cut Baltic birch of an elegant wood map will bring you back, following the roads and examining the depths of the water, reminiscing about the special times you spent at this beautiful lake. A wood map of Lake Winnebago truly is the wedding gift that keeps on giving.

5. When your favorite cousin moves close to a lake, she gets a lake map.

Lake art is the perfect housewarming gift. A classic wood map instantly elevates any décor, bringing a subtle coastal vibe to the space while paying respect to the home itself. When your cousin moves to Lake Norman, let her know you are excited to explore the small town of Davidson with her and spend time on the lake.

Highlights of Davidson, NC

  • The Pickled Peach
  • Main Street Books
  • The Moxy Mercantile
  • Davidson College

Lake towns have a different vibe. When it comes time to move away, they leave a space in our hearts that can only be filled by an expertly crafted replica. Made from Baltic birch and intricately etched with the roads and memories of our time spent on the water, wood maps let us relive the landscape over and over, keeping us close to the lake towns we remember so fondly. 

6. They just can’t stop talking about their transformative trip to the lake.

Walloon Lake Wood Chart

When you have a friend who just can’t stop talking about their inspiring hours on the shore of Walloon Lake, you buy the next Ernest Hemingway a wood map of the life-changing reservoir! Clarity comes in different forms, and lake art is a thoughtful way to capture a special time appreciating a transforming place. A wood map is a tangible way to recreate the topography and bathymetry of the lake that inspired them. They can relive those moments for years to come!

Points of Interest on a Walloon Lake Wood map

  • Church Road
  • Indian Garden Road
  • Mud Lake
  • North Shore Road
  • Shadow Trails Road

Whether the aesthetics of the lake stimulated the right side of their brain, or the left side found beauty in analyzing the depths and elevations, the lake continues to offer inspiration long after its shores have faded from view. A wood map continues to stimulate thoughts of crystal-clear water and small-town charm in the intricate etchings of the depths and shallows of the lake.

7. Retirement calls, and city living is no longer for you.

White Rock Lake Wood Chart

Everyone needs a point of inspiration. Let yours hold a place of prominence in your home with a wood map. Are you planning to retire near White Rock Lake? Display your dreams with a wood map in the heart of your home. Keep your eyes on your future, and let this piece of lake art inspire you every day.

The wood chart will help you stay focused on what is to come. Days on the lake, exploring the reservoir, and filling your retirement days with hiking, biking, kayaking, and birdwatching. This lake art will be a stunning addition to your home and a striking preview of what is yet to come. Let your eyes follow the roads and bathymetry of the lake – you will be there before you know it!

What is the Best Wood map to Gift?

Wood maps come in several different forms. The best wood map to give is the one that will bring the most joy to the person you are gifting it to. Intricately etched wood maps make stunning décor in any form, so think about how the person might use the lake art and choose the piece you think is best. The good news? They are all the right choice!

Types of Wood maps

Cribbage Boards Make Great Wood Map Gifts

Italy Cribbage Board

Sometimes, the type of wood map that is best to give is obvious. If they love cribbage (and want you to love it, too), you cannot go wrong with a stunning cribbage board featuring an intricately etched wood map of their favorite destination. Celebrate a trip to Italy with a cribbage board wood map or commemorate their British bloodlines with a board that artfully showcases the United Kingdom.

Gifting a Cork Map

A cork map brings lake art to any space in a subtle yet effective way. The neutral coloring makes it an ideal addition to an office desk or bookcase. A quick glance its way can cause a swift intake of breath and bring to mind every detail of the landscape etched on the lake art. Great memories can be contained in small packages, and a cork map is a perfect example.

Wall Clock Lake Art

A wall clock is a meaningful gift, as well. A daily reminder of time well spent, a wood map wall clock can recall memories with each tick of the minute hand. Each tick instantly causing the mind’s eye to wander down the etched roads and explore the shallows of the shoreline.

Wood Map Serving Trays

A wood map serving tray is functional beauty that they will enjoy every day. Suddenly, afternoon tea served on a tray will be a thing, and coffee table displays of candles with a small vase of fresh flowers atop a serving tray with lake art will be the norm. Encourage them to use their art as a daily reminder of the place that means so much to them.

What Do I Look for in a Quality Wood map?

Lake Superior Wood Chart

A quality wood map captures the beauty of the topography and bathymetry of the waterfront and surrounding landscape using high-end materials and laser-focused skill. Baltic birch is a high-quality wood that allows the intricacy of the map to shine through and create a beautiful piece of lake art. The details of the highways, bi-ways, and waterways will recall the destination every time it is enjoyed.

The vibrant greenish-blue or greyish-blue hue of the water can be complemented by a frame choice and serve to accentuate the landscape. Laser-cut shorelines and layers creating visual depth and dimension are a hallmark of the best wood maps. The water stain catches your eye, and the water depths are etched into the map, causing the view of the water to race to mind each time.

A gift from one person to another is a meaningful exchange. It’s the thought that counts, but the quality makes it last for years to come. With Wood Chart, you will be proud to give a wood map that celebrates a special location for an important person in your life. From weddings to relocating to that next travel adventure, Wood Chart has the lake art that represents their spirit of adventure and captures the places that brought them inspiration.

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