Wood versus Cork Maps: 5 Practical Reasons You Will Want Both

Deciding between a wood map and a cork map can be as easy as choosing both. Whether we are buying the map for ourselves or as a gift for someone special, the discerning buyer will long contemplate the benefits of each before making a final decision. What if each map offers so many rewarding advantages that you must have both?

What to Look for in a Map?

  • high-quality
  • exquisite detail
half cork half wood

High-quality wood and cork maps serve as a wonderful gift to commemorate travel or a personal purchase to remind yourself of an extraordinary journey. They specifically reflect the value you have placed on the experience you are celebrating. So, which will better memorialize the adventure?

Here are 5 practical reasons that the only answer to that question is: both.

  1. Wood Maps are Classy and Classic
  2. Cork Maps are Casually Elegant
  3. Wood Maps are Colorful
  4. Cork Maps are Neutral
  5. Both Offer Exquisite Detail

     1. Wood Maps are Classy and Classic 

    Chesapeake Bay wood clock A high-quality wood map is a statement piece. One that reflects your latest travels, your homeland, or the island holding space in your heart is meant to be perfectly displayed in a place of prominence in your home or office. 

    Suppose you recently visited the U.S. Virgin Islands and chose to commemorate that adventure with a wood map. Now, guests to your home will delight in the details of the land and water, marveling at the precision of the cuts that showcase depth and shallows, landmarks, and waterways.

    Your nautical art will inspire questions about your journey, but never questions about the value you place on that special trip. The precise and classic look of the wood map is hard to deny. 

        2. Cork Maps are Casually Elegant

    Cork maps are incredibly versatile. The lakes, islands, and peninsulas are etched in beautiful, subtle detail and the neutral colors create a casually elegant feel without discounting the value of the travel experience.

    Lake Michigan Cork Map

    For example, a cork map of Lake Michigan would be a stand-out in any office. It could invite conversation about your recent trip, or perhaps your childhood in the UP, and would be seen as a laid-back reminder of your trip that does anything but blend in.

    A closer examination of the cork map would show the quality Baltic birch etched with the lake and the depths of the water expressed right into the cork itself. This stand-alone piece would be an evident celebration of travel as a gift or a piece for your map collection.

    If you are looking for the perfect casual addition to your home or office or lake art that elegantly reflects the joy of travel, a cork map is a strong choice. Smaller than a wood map, the cork map will elegantly accentuate a desk or add a point of interest to your bookshelves.

         3. Wood Maps are Colorful

    Exploring our world through travel brings so much color into our life. Your journeys open your mind to new people, new experiences, and a deeper appreciation of the world around you. Wood maps bring that to life by using color variations for water and land, creating the depth needed for water and the topography of the land to capture the beauty you experienced in person visually.

    Wood Map Varieties as Unique as Your Travels

    • wall clock
      San Francisco Bay Clock
    • serving trays
    • cribbage boards

    High-quality wood maps will offer differences in the color of the water compared to the land, giving you another opportunity to personalize the map you are giving as a treasured gift. Any person would be overjoyed to receive a wood map honoring their travel adventure. 

    Wood maps offer a variety of sizes and styles. Functional and beautiful, the wood map is the perfect fit for any traveler’s home or office. It brings the excitement of their journey to mind as they examine the map, delighted to find new details every time.

         4. Cork Maps are Neutral

    Home décor is often a reflection of interests, passions, and history. Walls are adorned with meaningful artwork, and bookshelves hold mementos of childhood, various souvenirs, and books with special meaning. The neutral palette of the cork map is a brilliant addition to any décor.

    Subtle yet exquisitely detailed, the cork map will offer a point of interest in any room and create a conversation piece you will appreciate for years to come. Given as a gift, the casual elegance of a neutral palette will complement any home décor. Providing the recipient with years of smiles, they will regale all who see the beautiful cork map with tales of travel, colorful new worlds, and the thoughtfulness of the map itself.

    The small but significant cork map is the perfect size for an end table or bedside table. The neutral color will enhance any décor and easily draw the eye of friends and family.

         5. Both Offer Exquisite Detail

    High-quality maps, whether made of wood or cork, provide such an exquisite detailing of a lake, island, or other destination; you cannot help but vividly recall the experience of seeing it for the first time. When you follow the precision cuts with your eyes, tracing the shoreline or cliff face, or see the shallows where you bravely waded in the cold water that was just beyond your cabin. Suddenly, you are there in an instant.

    The detail brings you back, and you want to relive that moment over again. And in giving the gift of memories, you offer the opportunity to travel instantly to the one who receives this thoughtful present.

    Travel Back to These Places with Maps: 

    There are many reasons why it is practical to choose both a wood map and a cork map. However, the ease of this decision can be summed up with one final reason: a quality purveyor. The company that provides the perfect wood map and cork map takes the decision solidly out of your hands and gives you the gift of perfection in both maps.

    With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, wood maps are functional and stunning pieces of art. The cork map offers sophistication and casual elegance in a size that is smaller but still as mighty.

    If you are still not convinced, here is one more suggestion – satisfy the wanderlust within you and a friend, buy one and gift one. Even better, buy yourself and your friend both a wood map and a cork map. You will never regret giving gifts that celebrate travel and personalize your connection to both your friend and that perfect adventure destination!

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