Why a Topographical Wood Map?

We contemplate the same two questions throughout life: where are we going, and where have we been? Back in the day, to figure out where we were going, we would unfold a physical map across the dinner table, or maybe the dashboard, and trace the roads and routes we needed to travel to reach our destination. Good times!

Hilton Head, South Carolina 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

A physical map provides the geographic features of a particular area. A topographical map shows us land features in green, mountains in grey, streams and rivers in light blue, and oceans in dark blue. A road map is the most basic type of map that we use to find and describe places.

Today, we grab our phones or the onboard GPS in our cars, input our intended destination, and follow the directions of an immaterial voice. The voice tells us where to go – and recalculates when we miss a turn – but at no time does the voice tell us to enjoy the ride, look out the window to the road ahead, and appreciate the beauty around us.

A wood map is the ultimate travel guide to show us where we have been and the significance and detailed beauty of that location. A wood map encourages further exploration and discovery; it continues to fuel the experience long after the moment has passed.

A topographical map etched in wood is the ultimate reminder to look out the window, enjoy the view, and continue to delight in that experience year after year, losing yourself momentarily in the sights, smells, and feelings that the wood map evokes.

There are so many questions that can be answered with the words “wood map.” Not convinced?  Consider these five questions with the obvious answer of “wood map.” No doubt you will be able to come up with a few more!


Five Questions That Beg the Answer: “Wood Map”

  1. What naturally elevates, enhances, and beautifies your home décor?
  2. How do you encourage travel memories and inspire storytelling?
  3. How do you learn more about a travel destination and increase interest?
  4. Where do you find inspiration to travel more often?
  5. What makes the perfect gift for any occasion?


1. A Wood Map Naturally Elevates, Enhances, and Beautifies Home Décor

Gulf of Mexico Clock Woodchart

A topographical map made of wood naturally elevates, enhances, and beautifies your home décor. A high-quality wood map improves the décor of any room by adding style and sophistication to your favorite travel destinations. The map enhances and beautifies your home décor through its natural wood frame and classic appeal.

The quality of the wood map will speak volumes about how you value the map and the location it depicts. The laser-cut details and precise topography and bathymetry will magnify your attention to detail and love for all things nautical. Your collection will inspire curiosity, sparking questions about each piece, and visitors to your home will be intrigued by the details and stories behind every topographical map displayed in your home.

The elegance of a high-quality topographical map is perfect for a variety of design and décor styles. The unique piece of art becomes the centerpiece of any room, whether hung as wall art or displayed on a table. A topographical map will captivate guests and improve the mood, conversation, and imagination of the room in which it resides.


2. A Wood Map Encourages Travel Memories and Inspires Storytelling

Ireland Clock 12" Diameter Wood Chart

The freedom of travel and the excitement of seeing new places is an experience we want to share with others. Those of us with wanderlust know that we can hardly contain our stories of adventure and the photo albums on our phones are filled with moments that took our breath away. A topographical map brings us back to the land where we embraced adventure, following the stars and finding ourselves as the winds crossed an alpine meadow.

When friends and family visit, they see the stunning wood maps that commemorate your trip to Ireland, the Hawaiian Islands, or Lake Tahoe. They are curious to learn more about your travels and share your experiences.

While looking at the details of the topographical map, you will be inspired by the depths and shallows that are reflected as you blissfully recount your days on the Emerald Isle, on the tropical islands, or amongst the crisp aspen forestry near Lake Tahoe.

For many of us, the stories of our daily lives are heavy with work, responsibilities at home, and crazy encounters at the grocery store. The exceptional opportunity to travel invites creativity in storytelling, creating word pictures to describe the places you still cannot believe you witnessed in person. The joy of our travel is infectious, bringing happiness to those around us and planting the seed of desire for future travel.


3. A Wood Map Fuels Interest to Learn More About Your Travel Destinations

Superior Serving Tray Wood Chart

As you appreciate the finer details of a topographical map of Lake Superior, you will notice the significant depths and find yourself wondering, “Is this lake deep enough to fully submerge the Statue of Liberty?” Then, the next thing you know, you are looking up little-known facts and trivial revelations.  You are hooked.

We travel to learn more about people and places that are different from our everyday experiences. In the months and weeks leading up to a travel adventure, we are consumed with planning and learning all we can about our destination, its customs, where we will stay, what we will eat, and what we will do. The time we spend learning about potential travel destinations is a mental and emotional vacation, allowing us to vacate reality for a short time.


Other Benefits to Travel

  • Travel makes you happy!
  • Travel lets you take a break and recharge.
  • Travel lets you experience new things.
  • Travel helps boost your creativity.

Each time you enter a room and gaze upon your topographical maps you are reminded of an extraordinary moment. Your pulse may speed up a bit, thinking of the time spent hiking near Lake Cumberland. You might smile remembering the surreal sunsets at Race Point Beach at the tip of Cape Cod. Your whole body will relax as you recall the wind on your face as you drove down the 1 with your best friend, exploring the coast of California.


Journey Through Time

Another benefit of travel is to learn about small towns, their quirky rules, and their unique history. We have the opportunity to walk in the steps of our forefathers or explore a tangible piece of history, like a lighthouse or battlefield. The unique chance to travel internationally allows us to see even further into the history of our world and better understand where we came from, both as people and as a country.

Learning more about the world around us helps make us more well-rounded people. It develops our natural curiosity and increases our capacity to be empathetic. There are many benefits to travel that often go unrecognized as they silently, gradually change us for the better.


4. A Wood Map Helps You Find Inspiration to Travel More Often

Every time you commemorate an amazing adventure with a topographical map, you welcome home a statement piece that enhances your home décor.

You will inspire thoughts of future travel, surely for yourself but likely for company, too. Your travel journal will be your loyal companion, accepting your copious notetaking and references to travel guides, websites, and Facebook pages with travel tips.


Inspiration That Comes from Travel

Lake Cumberland Kentucky 3-D Nautical Wood Chart
  • The inspiration to live somewhere else
  • The inspiration to inspire a breakthrough in your daily life
  • The inspiration to change your job
  • The inspiration to pursue your passion
  • The inspiration to change your perspective

When you are bit by the travel bug, you see travel opportunities everywhere. You overhear a couple of friends talking about a weekend trip to Lake Michigan and, maybe you are inviting yourself, but you are in! You see a Hallmark movie filmed in Rome during Christmas, and you instantly log on to Google Flights to check ticket prices for a round trip at Christmastime. It becomes a habit – everything becomes an inspiration for an adventure!

When seen through the eyes of a traveler, a wood map becomes a portal to the destination featured in the map. Memories of that location explode into endless possibilities of future travel. The need to plan your next adventure – and soon! – will consume your thoughts and your search engine. So, get your luggage ready; it will not be a long wait!


5. A Wood Map Makes the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

The timeless and thoughtful gift of a wood map is a grand gesture that keeps giving year after year. Giving the gift of a topographical map to your family and friends shows them that their travel experiences are important to you. They’ll know you were listening and laughing along with them as they giggled through the story of locking themselves out of the cabin near Lake Ray Hubbard. Your interest in their growth from travel speaks volumes. Show them they are heard and let their favorite memories be reflected on the surface of their new topographical map.

The gift of a wood map inspires people to follow their dreams and get on that plane to New Zealand, or perhaps jump in the car and take a weekend trip to a closer location, like a drive around the Great Lakes or a trek to the shores of Kennebunkport. Topographical maps come in a variety of giftable options, such as

Ray Hubbard Texas 3-D Wood Chart

Giftable Wood Maps

The style of wood map you chose will be as unique as the person who will receive it. You may choose a Hilton Head clock for the friend who is always on time (or always late?). With every tick of the clock, they will recall their vacation on that glorious beach and count down the minutes to when they will return.  A Puget Sound serving tray is for the family member who never misses teatime and will lovingly remember the beauty of the Sound while arranging tea and cookies for High Tea. A Nantucket cork map is a classic gift for the Massachusetts transplant who misses the hah-bah off the Mass coast. They can display their cork map on their office desk with pride and feel a little closer to home.

Only the most remarkable friends and family will fully appreciate the gift of a wood map cribbage board. The game itself has been bringing people together for centuries, and the map featured on the board is a guaranteed conversation starter at every match. The cribbage board is truly an extraordinary gift that will leave an impression on the individual who has been gifted with this unique, functional piece of art.

The inspirational wood map teaches respect for experience, culture, and the unwavering support of wanderlust.


Why a Wood Map?

Lake Champlain 3-D Nautical Wood Chart Narrow

There is nothing understated about a topographical map; it grabs your attention and instills within you the imagination needed to envision yourself in far-flung locations. Whether as a gift for yourself or a loved one, the wood map is the perfect way to communicate your appreciation for the gift of travel.

So, what is the best question to answer with “wood map”? What is the perfect answer to heighten your thoughts and your dreams, pique your curiosity about life in places other than where you live, and satisfy your unquenchable thirst for adventure? A wood map, of course, and more than one.

At this point, you are probably thinking the words “wood map” answered far more questions than you thought they would. The discussion of topographical maps may motivate you to think of more occasions where wood maps would be the correct answer for a gift or as inspiration.

When it comes to friends and family, there are few occasions when another gift would be more appropriate than a high-quality wood map that celebrates their travel experience and pays homage to their cherished memories.

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