Your Hawaiian Islands Vacation

The beautiful islands of Hawaii are a vacation destination like no other! The archipelago of eight islands is in the North Pacific Ocean, created by underwater volcanic activity. Each island is the peak of an undersea mountain range called the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain. Who knew such beautiful island art (trust us, it is living art if you’re looking down from a plane) could bubble up from below the surface of the sea due to erupting volcanoes?

The Hawaiian Islands is the common name for this group of islands, though each has its distinct name and nickname. The entire archipelago includes these eight islands, many smaller islets, a couple of atolls, and seamounts, some of which stretch almost 1,500 miles from the main island of Hawaii.   

8 Islands of the Hawaiian Islands

Maui, Hawaii Wood Chart in solid frame
  1. Hawaii – The Big Island
  2. Maui – The Valley Isle
  3. Oahu – The Gathering Place
  4. Kaua’i – The Garden Isle
  5. Moloka’i – The Friendly Isle
  6. Lana’i – The Pineapple Isle
  7. Ni’ihau – The Forbidden Isle
  8. Kaho’olawe – The Target Isle

Because of their location on a volcanic shelf, the islands experience many earthquakes. Unfortunately, their location also makes them subject to tsunamis due to volcanic activity, but that doesn’t stop these islands from topping the list of vacation destinations of choice!

Why Vacation in the Hawaiian Islands?

The Hawaiian Islands are consistently rated as a top vacation destination due to their stunning beaches, gorgeous scenery, island art, and the spirit of aloha. Each island boasts memorable sights, including waterfalls, landscapes, sunset, and sunrise, all while soaking in the distinctive culture of the Hawaiian Islands. 

What is the Spirit of Aloha?

No one knows exactly how to put it into words, but you will know when you feel it. Aloha is more than just saying hello or goodbye. It is a feeling that stays with you throughout your stay and long after leaving the Hawaiian Islands. Aloha is in the islands’ people, the sights, the sounds, and even the island art.

Where to Stay in the Hawaiian Islands?

The most straightforward answer to this difficult question is to stay on every island! Experience Audley’s Island-Hopping Tour and see each island in its own unique and remarkable light, or consider what your interests are and plan from there. Want to experience the hustle and bustle of Honolulu or Waikiki? There are superior accommodations to keep you in the middle of the action.

Top Accommodations in the Hawaiian Islands

Kauai, Hawaii Wood Chart in solid frame

Each Hawaiian Island offers a variety of activities, personalities, island art, and inviting people. You will find it easy to immerse yourself in the culture of the islands. Finding the perfect place to stay is simple – avoid FOMO for not staying on every island your first trip and fit them all in! 

Where to Eat in the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands are primarily known for two types of food – seafood and SPAM. While the Specialty Processed American Meat was a hit in the 1940s due to its shelf life, seafood is the long-standing favorite and is available in abundance. In addition, the Hawaiian Islands are known for luaus and fresh fruit and have other delicacies that are endearing to locals and visitors alike.

A Traditional Dish of the Hawaiian Islands

Poi is a perfect example of a traditional dish and sacred aspect of daily Hawaiian life. Hawaiians believe that the spirit of Haloa, the legendary ancestor of the Hawaiian people, is present each time a bowl of poi is uncovered and presented during a family meal. Poi is a starchy Polynesian paste made from taro root, pounded with bananas or pineapples, and mixed with coconut cream.

After you give poi a try, consider branching out to experience other Hawaiian Island delicacies at restaurants

Traditional Restaurants of the Hawaiian Islands

Each island has an array of local eateries, presenting fresh ingredients in a new and exciting way. You will want to include mealtimes into each day’s itinerary to be sure you do not miss one precious morsel! With all there is to do on the islands, you will be working up an appetite, for sure.

What to Do on the Hawaiian Islands

One of the best parts of visiting the Hawaiian Islands is immersing yourself in the culture. After a few days in the land of aloha, you will want to bring the vibe to live in your home permanently.

Hawaiian Islands Clock

From island art to souvenirs to commemorate your coveted time on the islands, you will want to soak it all in and replicate the style. Make room in your luggage for the hand-crafted island art you found at the local market – your home décor will thank you!

After you have perused the local stores and markets for island art, you will be amazed by all the outdoor activities that await you. As you explore the islands, you will get a brand-new introduction to the meaning of aloha – the feeling that washes over you as world-famous waves crash to shore, a waterfall pours into the pool at the base of a cliff, or a historical monument has you feeling some kind of way.

Activities You Do Not Want to Miss on the Hawaiian Islands

Cue the steel drums, flower print shirts, and breathtaking views at every corner. You’ve got yourself a vacation!

Hawaiian Islands Cribbage Board

The islands can follow you home in the form of a high-quality wood chart, and it will be as if aloha never left your heart. Your family and friends will be delighted to hear the tales of your adventure as you serve drinks, bring cribbage to a game night, or recount each landmark on your large Hawaiian Islands wood chart.

Each island provides the gift of beauty, peace, and love – the Hawaiian Islands’ true meaning of the word “aloha.” Just as the islands started with a bang and developed into a stunning force of nature, your vacation to the Hawaiian Islands will be the beginning of a remarkable change within you.

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