Smart Tips for Amazing Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day was originally established in 1909 by the only daughter of a widowed man with six children. Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by the concept of Mother’s Day, and she and her five brothers conspired to create a day to celebrate men like their father.

She proposed the celebration be held every year on her father’s birthday, June 5th, but the local ministers delayed until the third Sunday of the month to allow more time after Mother’s Day to compose their sermons to focus on fathers.

Back view of father and son looking at each other while leaning on a fence

Celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year, Father’s Day is a celebration of the man who not only brought us into this world but the hero, provider, and encourager who made growing up a little more adventurous. Mothers traditionally play the role of the nurturer and educator while preparing meals, organizing social calendars, and promoting good hygiene. Fathers focus on providing financial support, sports coaching, and comedic relief.

In some of our houses, we relied on our father to sneak us into state fairs, take us to midnight movies when mom was out of town, and provide the example of a positive work ethic. We all grow up in homes where the mom or dad role may look a little different, but one thing is consistent – there is at least one man in our life who needs to be celebrated the third Sunday of June every year. Another thing we have in common? We all struggle to come up with the perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Do We Give Dad an Experience or a Gift?

When it comes to gifts, it’s quite possible the conversation is the same every year. You ask your dad what he wants for a Father’s Day gift, and he says he does not need a thing. This is not super helpful. Even if the expectation of a gift is not there, we still feel the pull to show our father how much we love and appreciate them with a Father’s Day gift of some kind.

Paper boat with "daddy" written on it

The gift of an experience is becoming more and more popular. Rather than giving an item, we can gift an experience we share. A weekend trip to a cabin by a lake, tickets to a concert, or a Saturday afternoon dolphin-watching boat ride all give an unforgettable shared experience that will provide years of stories to share over family dinners and at birthday celebrations. Great experiences you can give as a Father’s Day gift include:

  • dinner at a chef’s table
  • tickets to the local zoo or aquarium
  • electric bike rentals in a local historic town

What Father’s Day Gift is Perfect for the Sports Lover?

While the feeling is not entirely universal, most dads are interested in a sport of some variety. Whether it’s bowling, golfing, bocce, or football, there is a sport for just about every dad. When we are young, our father is our first coach and cheerleader.

Our dads teach us to “walk it off,” “keep our eye on the ball,” and how to be a good sport. We do not realize it then, but these three essential phrases become pillars for success later in life. Teamwork is a metaphor for life, and your dad screaming on the sidelines at your childhood ballgames was your first glimpse of the man who would become your lifelong teammate.

Father’s Day Gifts for Golfing

Golf club about to hit golf ballWhen you have a father who is hooked on golfing, purchasing a round of golf at his favorite golf course is a no-brainer. Buying a round of golf for the two of you is a game-changer. You can also add golf-related gifts you know he would never buy for himself, including

  • a new glove
  • custom golf balls
  • a new golf club
  • a new collared shirt
  • a golf polo

Father’s Day Gifts for the Football Fan

Man fist pumping the air while watching a football game

Can your father recite the stats of every player on his favorite football team? Does he regale the family with stories of his glory days as the quarterback of his high school team the year they went to the state finals? If your dad is a die-hard football fan, you can choose from a wide range of Father’s Day gifts that will all make an impressive impact. From tickets to a game, his team’s jersey (with his favorite player’s name and number on the back), or specialty memorabilia like a signed football, trading card, or team pennant, you are sure to score a touchdown with any football-themed gift.

Other Fabulous Sports-Related Father’s Day Gifts

  • tickets to a baseball game
  • ax throwing
  • miniature golf 

Father’s Day Gifts That Celebrate Our Time Together are Best

As we age, our gift-giving savvy increases, and we learn thoughtful presents that capture time with our fathers make the best Father’s Day gifts. Did you spend time together in a cabin on the shores of Lake Michigan?

The gift of a high-quality wood map commemorates not only the time you spent together, but it also brings back the beauty of the lake and the special moments you shared, just you and your dad. The best Father’s Day gift will combine the memory of time spent in the cabin by the lake with a stunning piece of art he can enjoy every day.

Monterey Bay California 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Did you celebrate Father’s Day with a whale-watching excursion in Monterey Bay, California? A wood map thoughtfully celebrates the astonishing sights you saw and the time you spent together.

The details of the high-quality wood map will delight your father year after year as he studies the depth and detail of the waters where he watched in awe as humpback and blue whales broke the surface, mesmerizing the crowd and cementing the experience as his favorite to date.

Commemorate Your Father’s Travels with a Wood Map

Has your father reminisced about his time in Italy or told stories about how he fell in love with Ireland? Let him know that not only have you been listening, but that you genuinely heard him when he shared stories of these life-changing trips.

Wood map of Italy

The perfect Father’s Day gift of a wood map allows your dad to relive his trek across the landscapes that formed who he is, the man who raised you. Is there a more meaningful gift than one that shows appreciation for the journey your dad took to become the father he is?

Father’s Day gifts can be effortless. Reminisce with your dad about his favorite journeys, the time he has spent with his family, and experiences he treasures that keep him close to you. As we age, we learn that all our fathers want is time with the people they love. Time spent with their kids will always top the list of the best Father’s Day gifts they ever received!

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