Magnificent Wood Clocks for the Natural Timekeeper

Time ticks by for all of us, but why keep track in an average way? Our beautiful wood maps, made from high-quality birch, will track your hours and minutes in a unique fashion, impressing friends and family alike. Have a favorite memory from vacation? Love your alma mater? Proud of your home state? Show it with a decorative clock!

What Makes Wood Clocks Different?

Hawaii (The Big Island) Clock, 12" Diameter

Our decorative clocks are hand-made by artisans using our 3D nautical wood maps combined with an accurate timepiece. What exactly is a 3D wood map, and how do we merge the two? First, you need to know what a topographic map is and why it is important.

What is a Topographic Map?

Topographic maps are maps that have detailed representations of all the features, man-made and natural, that appear on the Earth’s surface and their elevations. This includes all lakes, mountains, and roads. Topographical maps are traditionally presented as a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional Earth’s landscape. The main thing that differentiates this type of map from others is the use of contour lines to show the shape and elevation of the land.

When Did Topographic Maps First Appear?

The first multi-sheet, topographic map of an entire country was developed in 1789 in France. The first one in the United States was done in 1879 by the U.S. Geological Survey, the same year the agency was formed. Millions of maps have been created in the more than one hundred years since the agency was formed.

One other notable cartographic endeavor from the early days is The Great Trigonometric Survey of India, by the East India Company in 1802, which was noted for its ability to accurately determine the height of the Himalayan peaks from viewpoints over one hundred miles away. Though topographic maps have uses for commercial and public works, they are also helpful for individuals when pursuing outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing. 

Traditional Uses for Topographic Maps:

  • A tool to explore and navigate
  • Emergency preparedness (e.g., landslides)
  • Civil engineering research and planning
  • Earth science and geographical study

How are Wood Clocks Made?

Martha's Vineyard Clock, 12" Diameter

We begin each clock by selecting a meaningful location to feature, such as Hawaii. Once we have that, we get a bathymetric chart, which is the ocean equivalent of a topographic chart. Utilizing laser-cutters, we create detailed landscape wood maps from the gorgeous wood of the birch.

This process reveals roads, pivotal landmarks, and water depth contours to beautifully showcase a favorite state, lake, country, or other spots as a unique wood clock. The artist will then composite the layers together to create the depth seen on our decorative clocks.

By hand-staining the water layers our trademark blue green for sea and lake maps, viewers can easily discern water from land. The last step is to frame our wood clocks with a custom-made, solid-wood frame, and voila, our decorative clock is ready for your home, office, or gift giving!  

Our 5 Most Popular Decorative Clocks

  1. Hawaii (The Big Island) Clock – One of the best things about Hawaii is its weather. It has a drier season in the summer and a wetter season in the winter, but its temperature remains somewhat constant at a high of 80 degrees and an average low of 68 degrees.
  2. Martha’s Vineyard Clock – Oak Bluffs, one of the towns in Martha’s Vineyard, is home to the Flying Horses Carousel. Built in 1884, it is the oldest platform carousel in America!
  3. New Orleans Clock – New Orleans is considered by many to be the home of jazz. It was here that the traditional sounds of Africa and the Caribbean fused with American religious gospel songs to be born into a new musical genre: jazz. This product developed over generations with a community that knew joys, struggles, grief, celebration, and pain.
  4. United Kingdom Clock – The United Kingdom is a sovereign state that is made up of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland!
  5. San Francisco/Golden Gate Clock – Did you know that denim jeans were invented in San Francisco? Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented and produced them for the Gold Rush miners who needed something that was comfortable yet durable.

Why Should you Invest in a Wood Clock?

United Kingdom Clock, 12" Diameter

When looking for a clock, keeping time accurately is one of the most important factors. Beyond that, what matters is how your decorative clock turns heads and can conjure up memories of your favorite trips and places.

Our one-of-a-kind wood clocks are not only timepieces but also wood maps. We take bathymetric maps and create our artistic wood version of topographic maps, which we then fashion into our decorative clocks. When you purchase one of these, you know you are receiving something unique that will be showcased for years to come.

For the intrepid traveler, these decorative clocks hit the mark. Showcase your love of nature and the world with a wood clock like no other. These stunningly detailed wood maps showcase specific areas around the United States, as well as international locales. Be the first to hang one of these works of art or present them as a gift and share the beauty of the natural world with your friends and family. 

Is a Wood Clock a Good Gift?

San Francisco / Golden Gate Clock, 12" Diameter

Getting a wood clock with a topographic map is a one-of-a-kind treasure, whether it is for you or meant as a gift. People love to receive hand-crafted gifts – especially when that gift takes them back to their favorite Great Lakes trip with you. A decorative wood map or wall clock is a perfect gift option for:

  • Weddings
  • Housewarmings
  • New job ventures
  • College graduations
  • Vacation memories 

What are Wood Maps?

We not only offer decorative clocks from regions in the United States and abroad but also a large array of serving trays, cribbage boards, and cork and wood maps that might meet your interest and needs. The high-quality wood maps are created with the same attention to detail as our decorative wood clocks, but in larger sizes:

A wood map makes for a fabulous way to commemorate your travels! When thinking about your trips or a favorite location, these maps and decorative clocks showcase key locations and highlighted roads, bringing you right back in time. A truly unique way to relive your happiest travels!

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