Fun in the Sun with 3D Florida Maps

When you think of a vacation in the Sunshine State, you can’t help but imagine glistening water in every direction. Any map of Florida will show you the coastlines and the more than 30,000 lakes that dot the landscape, but a 3D Florida map will intricately outline every body of water across the 3 million acres of land. A nautical map is the perfect reminder of your Florida vacation and a visually inspiring prompt to get back to the beach.

Your vacation in Florida may have taken you to one coast or the other – or maybe right up the middle to the Happiest Place on Earth. No matter where you journeyed, the perfect wood map shows you a perspective you may not have seen in person. Explore a 3D Florida map and change your perspective with every glance!

Which Side of Florida is the Best?

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The only debate worth having is which side of Florida has the most beautiful beaches. The good news here? No one loses! Let your eyes roam the shoreline of a 3D Florida map – whether you comb the beaches of the East Coast or of the West Coast, you will find beauty in every intricate detail of the wood map.

Some may say it depends on how you take your water – sparkling or flat? The waters of the East Coast are always in motion, sparkling and beautifully reflected in blue along the shoreline of a 3D Florida map. The West Coast waters of the Gulf of Mexico are ideal for calm, serenity, and water games that don’t require wave action.

Wood Map Destinations on Florida’s East Coast

St. Augustine, Florida 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

If you start on the East Coast of Florida, you’ll find the pristine beaches of St. Augustine. This historic city has plenty of haunts you can enjoy when you wander from the shoreline, but the best views can be found along the barrier island, intricately detailed in the high-quality birch wood map. The depths of the waters bordering the Nation’s Oldest City, stained to reflect a seemingly bottomless blue, are identified by name as your eyes journey south on the nautical map.

From favorite spots to pirate treasure, nautical maps of the East Coast of Florida do not disappoint! Traveling further south along the East Coast, you’ll find the storied shores of the Treasure Coast. Study the depths on a 3D Florida map and include time during your next trip to discover gold in one of the many shipwrecks that lie in wait, ready to reveal their spoils.

East Coast Florida Wood Maps

  • St. Augustine
  • Treasure Coast
  • Miami Beach 

Miami Beach is a breathtaking destination as you study South Florida on your wood map. This hot spot attracts the rich and famous, sharing space with those who love good food and vibrant nightlife. Miami Beach is separated from the mainland of Florida by the Biscayne Bay, exquisitely detailed on a quality wood map that you need as your next piece of home décor.

Nautical Map Destinations of Florida’s West Coast

Florida Keys, Florida 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

As you come to the south end of the peninsula on your wood map, the Florida Keys are a must-see before you continue to visually travel northward up the west coast. This archipelago is made up of approximately 1,700 islands, many of which are etched into birch and detailed on a quality wood map. Take time to visually explore the depths surrounding the Keys on a 3D Florida map – you will be amazed at the intricate bathymetry that extends throughout the almost 198 square miles of the Keys.

Continue your journey along the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico, and you’ll find the popular vacation destination of Sanibel Island. Follow the bridge out to the island and visually explore the points of interest found on a 3D Florida map. Imagine nightly games of cribbage while camping near a wildlife refuge and walking shell-lined beaches throughout the day; this island can be a unique stop on your next Florida vacation.

West Coast Florida Nautical Maps

  • Florida Keys
  • Sanibel Island
  • Tampa Bay 
Tampa Bay, Florida 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

No Florida vacation is complete without a visit to the sports mecca – Tampa Bay. Home to more than just three winning sports teams, Tampa Bay has a fascinating history, including how the city is vulnerable to flooding, primarily due to the perfect storm of topography and bathymetry that uniquely exists in this area. Your 3D Florida map tells the story in etched birch and blue stain, reflecting the depths of the waters in the bay and the low-lying landscape that surrounds it.

What is the Most Accurate 3D Florida Map?

The best 3D Florida maps are made of high-quality birch and intricately etched with roads, waterways, points of interest, and detailed bathymetry. Nautical maps are visually stunning due to the details they reveal that remind you of memorable times with family and friends. They also surprise you with fine details you may have missed but can now explore over and over again on your own wood map.

Unlike traditional paper maps, 3D wood maps are made to offer details about the landscape and water depths that surprise you and help you keep the destination top of mind. By seeing these details up close, you develop a new appreciation for the topography and bathymetry you experienced, but in a whole new way. It’s like two trips to the same destination – each perspective makes your journey that much more special.

Sanibel Island, Florida 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

The best wood maps inspire memories and fuel a desire for travel yet to be planned. A 3D Florida map will remind you of the sunshine on your face and the sand between your toes while bringing nautical home décor into your space in the warmest and most subtle way. Your nautical map will be a conversation starter with friends and family and a source of quiet reflection for those moments you become lost in thoughts of travel.

You’ll find the 3D Florida maps to commemorate your travel and inspire nautical décor in the quality selection of wood maps available from Wood Chart. Created with high-quality birch and available in a selection of wall art, wood clocks, cribbage boards, and cork maps, these nautical maps are the perfect addition to any home. Let your Wood Chart collection tell the story of your travels and keep the fire burning for destinations not yet experienced.

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