Antigua: A Traveler's Paradise

If you have ever considered buying two tickets to paradise, you definitely had Antigua on the brain! With its crystal-blue waters and miles of pristine beaches, Antigua is a choice destination for a lush, Caribbean escape. So, whether you are looking to relax on the shoreline, sail in a regatta, or play a match or two of cricket, Antigua will enchant and implore you to stay just a little longer.

Initially a British colony, Antigua has flourished in its independence, becoming a dominant presence in the tourism industry. The island came to prominence as a major producer of rum; the alcohol trade literally built the island. The success of its trade and the beauty of its flora and fauna have attracted some notable residents. 

Notable Residents of Antigua

Colorful houses in Antigua on the water
  • Richard Branson
  • Eric Clapton
  • Ken Follett
  • Robin Leach
  • Oprah Winfrey

The island that initially attracted Admiral Horatio Nelson to hide his fleet in 1784 has continued to attract others for many of the same reasons: a complex coastline of safe harbors protected by a nearly unbroken wall of coral reef. The clarity of the water and the vibrant colors of the landscape keep the island in high demand for tourism. Explore the perimeters of the island on an Antigua map, and you can only begin to appreciate the variety of scenery you can enjoy on your daily excursions. 

Where to Stay on Antigua

An Antigua map shows that the island encompasses about 108 square miles. The size of the island makes it efficient to explore, and the mild, tropical temperatures make it delightful to spend your days wandering the terrain as seen on your topographical map. However, while the whole island is a display of beauty and wonder, some areas are more favorable than others if you want to experience the best Antigua has to offer.

A beach in Antigua

On your Antigua map, St. John's can be located on the northwest side of the island and is notably one of the best areas for experiencing all that Antigua has to offer. St. John's serves as the capital city for the island and offers a bustling cosmopolitan atmosphere surrounded by white-sand beaches and impossibly clear water. Shopping is abundant, and the 15-minute ride from the airport means your island vacation begins almost immediately upon arrival!

Accommodations in St. John's

Each choice of accommodation will celebrate the décor of the island and encourage you to embrace the relaxed culture. The walkability of the island will keep you moving through the streets and neighborhoods, letting you get the feel of the different locales and enjoy the unique personalities of each spot. Be prepared - you may want to stay a night in each location around the island!

What to do in Antigua

A quick glance at your Antigua map, and you will be delighted at the variety of activities in every direction! Your accommodations will most likely be steps from white-sand beaches, which offer an abundance of activities from high-energy sports to chill vibes involving a cabana and cocktails. Spend an afternoon at the local market, soaking up the local ambiance and watching in awe as local artisans create hand-crafted mementos that delight both tourists and locals alike.

Whether you want to explore the coral reefs and clear waters or wander the streets and soak up the history, Antigua has all the marvelous distractions one can think of - and beyond!

Popular Antigua Attractions

Aerial view of Antigua

Antigua has 365 beaches - one for every day of the year! So in between your excursions and adventures, you will find plenty of space to stretch out and simply listen to the calm waters lap the shoreline. A high-quality topographical map of Antigua will outline the ups and downs of the terrain, and every road will lead to rest and relaxation at the water's edge.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in the Caribbean, specifically in Antigua. So be prepared to sink your feet into powder-soft sand and be mesmerized by the crystal-clear aquamarine waters.

Where to Eat in Antigua

The West Indies cuisine of the islands mixes deliciously with Creole influences to create a delectable menu of choices. Spend your day trying casual comfort food and your evenings soaking up the ambiance of fine dining cliffside, soaking up the local flavors and sensational sunsets. Then, after days of following your Antigua map to the corners of the island, you will savor the decadence of the dining options offered throughout the island.

Best Dining Experiences in Antigua

Antigua Wood Chart in solid frame

You simply cannot beat Antigua for fresh seafood, high-quality rum, and flavorful dining. The flavors constantly evolve across the Caribbean islands as the culinary professionals incorporate influences from the Indies, West Africa, Creole influences, and the island's native traditions. As a result, foodies from every walk of life will be thoroughly satisfied by the evolution of flavor profiles that merge the new with respect for island heritage.

There is so much to do and see on the Caribbean Island of Antigua! Looking at your Antigua map and planning for the time you will spend in paradise is just the beginning of this epic adventure. The people you’ll meet and the beauty you’ll experience will forever become part of your story. Therefore, it is important to commemorate your time and experiences in a way that allows you to keep each moment at the forefront of your mind.

A high-quality topographical map of Antigua makes the perfect addition to your home décor in celebration of your time on the island. You will marvel at the exquisitely etched detail of the coastline and the points of interest that filled your days with wonder and excitement. In addition, the Antigua map will become a conversation starter at gatherings of family and friends, allowing you to relive those glorious days and inspire plans for the next journey to paradise.

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