The Hottest Gift for Christmas 2021: A 3D Wood Map

Christmas gifts. These two words can bring feelings of anxiety when we think of our friends and family. We absolutely must find the ideal way to communicate our love and admiration in one perfect gift. No pressure.

Lake Ray Hubbard wood chart

No pressure at all when you consider the hottest gift for Christmas this year is a nautical wood map. A 3D wood map is a combination of style and sophistication mixed with just the right amount of nostalgia and tradition to create the ultimate Christmas gift. In addition, the gift of a topographical map honors time spent with family above all and creates a visual reminder that can be enjoyed every day.

With a bit of thought and a walk down memory lane, you can finish up your Christmas shopping in no time. So, grab a pen and paper and start making your list and checking it twice! There is a perfect nautical wood map for each person on your list, including:

People Who Need a 3D Wood Map for Christmas

  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Siblings
  • Friends 

Impress Your Parents with the Hottest Gift of the Christmas Season

great lakes wood chart

Your parents would love a topographical wood map! A 3D wood map of the Great Lakes will show them how much you appreciated those summers up north. A detailed nautical wood map highlights the coves and channels where you whiled away the days, exploring the shoreline by day and playing competitive cribbage each night. 

Show your mom that you remember those nights at the campground near Lake Ray Hubbard, listening to her tell tales of her childhood while cooking dinner over the campfire. Her humor and courage have long enchanted you. A topographical map of the lake will be a daily reminder of how much you admire her and how those nights by the fire still bring warm memories.

A topographical map of Italy will bring all the smiles for your dad this Christmas. The 3D wood map of the boot will bring back the family trip to his homeland. His heart will fill with memories of taking his children to the landmarks of his childhood, each exquisitely etched on the nautical wood map.

Your heart will fill with pride –for your dad, for his generous spirit, but mostly because his reaction makes you realize your gift-giving skills are on point. 

Give Your Spouse the Gift of Travel - Again!

San Juan Islands clock

What is better than a honeymoon in Ireland? Being able to revisit the Emerald Isle every time you look at your stunning topographical map of Ireland! The life you have built with your significant other has its foundation in the shared experience of travel. A 3D wood map details the highs and lows, following the precision of the shorelines and cliffs, each characteristic recalling a moment in time that has shaped your relationship.

Travel has been a binding force for your connection. The babymoon in the Hawaiian Islands, the destination wedding in the San Juan Islands, and the adventure that cemented your future together - a surprise engagement during your Bucket List trip to New Zealand. Commemorate all the memories you made together with a nautical wood map of each location that helped write the story of your life together.

Keep your collection eclectic! There are a variety of styles of 3D wood maps, both functional and beautiful in one extraordinary memory. In addition, your home décor will get an instant lift from a high-quality topographical map in several stunning styles, including:

Types of Nautical Wood Maps

  • Wall art
  • Clocks
  • Cribbage board
  • Serving tray
  • Cork map

The Best Gift for a Sibling this Christmas

United Kingdom Wood chart

They were your first friends and partners in crime. Our brothers and sisters made family vacations bearable and gave us someone to commiserate with during the long car rides there and back. For the brother who made you laugh when hiking across the United Kingdom, a topographical wood map provides a road map of memories to relive time and again.

You shared bunk beds and close quarters with your sisters most of your life and vacation seemed to exaggerate that situation. So for the sisters who shared the smallest-ever tent when camping at Warren Dunes National Park, gift them a Lake Michigan serving tray to celebrate the nights setting the picnic table for dinner and lugging dirty dishes to wash in the shallow waters of a nearby cove.

Prepare yourself for tears of laughter! The joyful memories you will bring to life this Christmas with the gift of a 3D wood map will make the season that much merrier!

Celebrate Your Friendship with a Nautical Wood Map

baja peninsula wood chart

Planning a Girls’ Getaway adventure to the Inside Passage and the wildlife-filled waters of Alaska? Keep the excitement building with a nautical wood map. They will prepare for the experience by exploring the channels and shoreline of the 3D wood map and continue to chart their course into the unknown while studying the landmarks expertly etched into the topographical map.

Don’t forget about that gal pal who answers every question regarding travel with "Let's book it!" The consummate gift that honors her commitment to the next excursion is a topographical wood map of the places you have traveled together, like Portland (both Oregon and Maine), The Baja Peninsula, and The Mediterranean Sea.

There are memories in stories and photographs from each of the locations you visited that will always be part of your friendship. This Christmas, the gift of a 3D wood map will let your travel buddy know that you value your friendship and treasure each location you explored together. Pick out the perfect nautical wood map, and be sure it matches the high quality of your relationships!

The Christmas season is a great time to wax nostalgic. When you gaze at these topographical wood maps, stories begin anew, and you cannot beat the laughter that comes with the telling of each new tale. The hottest gifts this holiday season just happen to be the ones that warm and melt your heart, all at the same time.

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