Planning a Superior Vacation at Lake Superior

Any time is an ideal time to pack up and visit the greatest of the Great Lakes - Lake Superior. The largest of the Fab Five, Lake Superior is also the largest body of fresh water in the world. This popular vacation destination is a cool choice all year round, with water temperatures staying near thirty-six degrees even in the summer.
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Lake Superior is the northernmost of the Great Lakes and boasts clear, deep waters. As an oligotrophic lake, its chilly temperatures deter the development of algae and other aquatic plants or animals. Without this natural food source, the fish population stays low in abundance and larger in size.

The water may be cold, but there is plenty to do on vacation to Lake Superior! You can fish from the rocky shores or suit up for diving and explore shipwrecks lying in wait along the sandy lake bottom. Your trip to Lake Superior is sure to be full of fun, outdoor adventure, and lake art.

Where to Stay Near Lake Superior

Lake Superior boasts some unique accommodations with stunning views of the rocky shores and deep water. Wind your way along Route 61, and options reveal themselves around every turn!

Pick your vacation lifestyle – cabins, cottages, hotels, and even a functional lighthouse can provide lodging that will delight you with their lake art décor and wow you with their Upper Peninsula hospitality.

Lake Superior Lighthouse

Unique Lodging Near Lake Superior

Whether you stay in a cabin, a cottage, or a lighthouse (which may or may not be haunted, by the way), you will have a front-row seat to the majestic beauty of the lake. You can enjoy a sunrise from your cottage porch, a sunset from the dock near your cabin, or both from the observation deck of the lighthouse. Lake Superior has unrivaled vistas from every direction, creating the perfect backdrop for your lakeside vacation. 

What to do Near Lake Superior

The shoreline of the greatest Great Lake offers endless opportunities to explore and discover this area of North America. As you circle Lake Superior, you will cruise through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and parts of Canada to close the loop of the shoreline. Take the time to explore the attractions and revel in the beauty of this truly superior body of water.

Things to do Near Lake Superior

Lake Superior Serving Tray

Treat yourself to the full Lake Superior Circle Tour to immerse yourself in the history and vibrant natural scenes that surround this storied body of water. Experience the lake art found in the caves and the rocks pounded for centuries by the lake’s waves. Everywhere you look highlights this lake as the stunning recreational jewel that it is.

Looking for unique activities to keep you entertained? No matter what time of year, the shore and the woods offer plenty of opportunities to engage with nature and forget about the office for a while. Whether you are looking for something active or a little more laid-back, this natural wonderland has just the thing for you. Take in the beauty of the living lake art that nature created along the shores.

Activities Around Lake Superior

  • Hike the 256-mile Superior Hiking Trail
  • Bike the Gitchi Gami paved trail
  • Kayak, hike, or take a boat tour of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • Spot wildlife
  • Snowshoe
  • Icefish

Indeed, the list is endless. Whether you have two minutes, two hours, or two weeks, the great outdoors of Lake Superior will provide you with the much-needed distraction you have been looking for. If none of these activities grab your attention, you can always wet a line and go fishing. 

Where to Eat Near Lake Superior

Lake Superior North Shoreline

While much of the shoreline is picturesque and uninhabited, there is no danger of going hungry while traveling the lake’s circumference. If you are craving sweet or savory, Italian or Finnish, the eateries of Lake Superior will not disappoint. Schedule your sightseeing activities carefully so you are sure not to miss a morsel!

Delightful Lake Superior Eateries

If your traveling motto resembles “when in Rome,” be sure to check out two of the area’s favorite fish – herring and trout. Smoked, baked, or highlighted in a fish dip, these Superior staples are quite tasty. Outdoor dining is sure to come with a bonfire pit and a breeze off the lake, so snuggle up with your favorite foods and let the fresh air fuel your spirit.

Where to Shop Near Lake Superior

One of the joys of travel is exploring the shops and boutiques in the local towns. You are sure to find local lake art and quality souvenirs to bring home as gifts or that perfect hand-crafted item to bring the vacation vibe home. No matter where you go, be sure and support mom-and-pop businesses by shopping small!

Shop Local Near Lake Superior

Within these shops, you will find homemade foods, jewelry, lake art, and much more. The talent of the artists is only rivaled by the beauty of the surroundings that inspired them. Take a moment to meet the shop owner, and you will find yourself with a new friend. Few places value hospitality more than the people of the Great Lakes.

Lake Superior Clock

There is so much to do at every turn of scenic Route 61 and every other shoreline of Lake Superior. From the burgs and villages to the urban stretch of Duluth, the towns that surround this great basin create the character and form the experience of your trip to Lake Superior.  There are historic by-ways and modern conveniences, all blending to provide an epic, natural adventure in the U.P.

Bring the lake art look to your home with a high-quality wood map of Lake Superior. The laser-cut details of the shoreline will echo your journey and remind you of the Circle and all its villages, eateries, and photogenic sites. The elegance of the Baltic Birch and the blue-green of the water will take you back to the depths of that Great Lake time and again.

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