The Best Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Him

It seems men have an age-old reputation of being difficult to buy gifts for. There are a couple of reasons this is a well-earned misnomer. First, they tend not to express what they would like as gifts. Second, men typically get very involved in what they want, including complete research that results in a purchase.

Problem not exactly solved. When men purchase the things that interest them most, it leaves the rest of us scrambling to find the ideal item to express our affection and appreciation for them with gifts. There are so many occasions to celebrate him, including:

Occasions for Handcrafted Gift Ideas

  • Group of adults crafting
  • Anniversary
  • Housewarming

We are always looking for opportunities to commemorate the wonderful things the men in our lives have done to make our world a better place. Sure, we could buy something locally and our guy would be perfectly happy, but our imaginations are stretched when it comes to creating the ideal personalized handcrafted gift idea.

3 Surprisingly Impactful Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Put Together a Scrapbook of Travel Photos
  2. Create Themed Invites for Date Nights
  3. “I Love You Because…” Dry-Erase Board

Put Your Favorite Memories with Him in One Place

Lake Tahoe Wood Chart

What is better than looking at vacation photos with your favorite guy? Remember when you canoed the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe together or your first diving trip in Oahu on your honeymoon with an expertly crafted wood map. Those moments brought you closer together and left a stamp on your relationship forever.

Vacation photos, ticket stubs, and the key card from your hotel brought together and lovingly arranged in a scrapbook reinforce how important he is in your life. This handcrafted gift idea is one he will revisit time and again as the years go by. 

Make Date Night Special

Keep that loving feeling top of mind every time you ask your favorite guy out on a date. Exercise a little handcrafted gift idea creativity, and you will have your main squeeze looking forward to date night and bringing you flowers. It’s like a first date all over again!

For that date night invite, create a themed gift that unveils the plans for the evening. For example, a movie night invite can be written on a note and included in a popcorn bucket with movie tickets and boxed candies.

A Day-at-the-Beach Date can be conveyed with a sand bucket filled with SPF lotions, his favorite book, and fully charged earbuds, ready to blast his favorite tunes off a playlist you downloaded to his phone. He can even remember this nautical surprise forever with a wood map depicting the beach of choice.

Oahu cork map

Give a Daily Reminder of Why You Love Him

Let him know every day that he’s the guy for you. This little “just because” gift is a daily habit that will keep your love top-of-mind even on his busiest day. Print and frame the words “I Love You Because….” And use a dry-erase marker on the glass to write the reason you love him each day.

This simple handcrafted gift idea can use a simple wood frame or an ornate metal frame that features hearts, words, or even fish if that is his décor of choice. Display the frame in a prominent place in your home and be sure everyone sees your proclamations of love every day, setting the tone to appreciate the special people in your life. 

Up Your Game with Handcrafted Gift Ideas for the Kids

The special guy in your life may also be the father of your children. If that is the case, then handcrafted gift ideas are a must! Children love making gifts for their father, and their unabashed pride in the piece of handcrafted art they created is honestly the best part of the gift! With a bit of creativity and a little lead time, you will have the perfect precious keepsake that will warm his heart and reinforce how much he is loved and appreciated.

3 Creative Handcrafted Gift Ideas to Make with the Kids

  1. Create a Coupon Book of Chores and Activities to do Together
  2. Frame Your Future Picasso’s Artwork
  3. Homemade Aftershave is a Smell-Good Project

Create Coupons for Chores and Fun Things to do Together

Time together as a family is a glue that binds you all together. Encourage your kids to come up with chores they would like to do and activities they would enjoy doing with their father. Print or hand-draw coupons for dad to redeem when he wants to spend time with the kids. 

Handcrafted Gift Ideas Include Artwork from the Budding Artist

What home office or workstation is complete without artwork created by the artist in the family? Take time ahead of the gift-giving occasion to let the kids draw, paint, or color the picture that reminds them most of their dad. Be sure and include artist’s smocks and let them get creative! 

Homemade Aftershave is a Smell-Good Project

Gift for a Mr.

Our memories are bound by the senses, and smell is a strong trigger for good thoughts. For sons, remembering watching dad shave or learning to shave with a bladeless razor is a right of passage. The smell associated with those moments can be recalled effortlessly with the faintest smell of aftershave on a wafting breeze. 

Ingredients for Homemade Aftershave
  • 4 tbsp Witch Hazel
  • 4 tbsp Aloe Vera
  • 6 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 3 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 3 drops Lime Essential Oil
  • 8 drops Rosemary Essential Oil 

The kids can easily mix these aftershave ingredients and store them in a dark glass bottle to complete the handcrafted gift idea.

Do Not Let Handcrafted Gift Ideas Stress You Out

Gift-giving is meant to be anything but stressful! If you are long on good intentions but short on time, a thoughtfully purchased gift is just as unique. For the man who enjoys a handcrafted gift, a wood map commemorating a festive family vacation to the Great Lakes is equally impactful.

Ireland 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, SmallWhether the high-quality wood map represents somewhere significant he has been or a dream destination he has always wanted to visit, the wood map mainly demonstrates that you listened to what is important to him. Perhaps you can even surprise him with tickets to Ireland as he opens the gift of an Emerald Isle wood chart? Whether it is made with your hands or someone else’s, a handcrafted gift idea rarely disappoints!

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