A Guide to Traveling to Connecticut

If you are looking for a solid vacation destination, do not sleep on Connecticut. Unassuming in character and surprisingly beautiful, Connecticut often gets left off the list of must-see destinations. However, the Land of Steady Habits may have more in store than you have bargained for.

A glance at any topographical map will show you that Connecticut enjoys both mountain tops and shoreline stops. The range of forests to beaches is a selling point for any vacationer, and its charm, beauty, and high standard of living may have you stopping to take another look. But be careful – you may consider relocation!

The State of Firsts

CT Wood Chart

Connecticut is a state of “firsts.” Along with its claim to fame as the Constitution State, Connecticut has inspired unique inventions that rival the most modern towns. First to adopt the Fundamental Orders in 1639, Connecticut paved the way for other first-timers, including: 

Firsts from Connecticut

  • Color television
  • Hamburger
  • Phonebook
  • Polaroid camera
  • Helicopter

Connecticut was also a pioneer on many fronts and was the first to set speed limit laws for cars in 1901. A perfect place to slow down and pace yourself, the first speed limit was set at 12 miles per hour. Perhaps we can benefit today from slowing down and following this trend-setting law from yesteryear?

Places to Visit in Connecticut

Yale University Logo

A wood map of New England would show that Connecticut is perfectly placed halfway between Boston and New York City. With coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, Connecticut has beautiful dips and curves – follow along on a topographical map to fully appreciate its unique outlines. There is so much to do in Connecticut. You will forget how compact it appears on the wood map!

Yale University: a Connecticut Legacy

First, upgrade your education with a visit to Yale University! There is no need to be enrolled in this university to brag about visiting its museums, art galleries, and music venues. The architecture of the buildings alone will have you mesmerized, but consider visiting some of the unique venues on campus, such as:

Yale University Must-Sees

Impress your friends with selfies featuring the buildings and grounds of this renowned university. More importantly, impress yourself by slowing down long enough to learn about the history of the famed school and its impressive structures. Look around and know you contribute to the significance of these grounds just by being there.

Discover the Natural Beauty of Connecticut

A topographical map of Connecticut outlines the highways and byways that cross the state, each traversing diverse natural resources and amplifying the state’s charm. Scenic byways highlight the charm of the seasons and magnify the impressive foliage that makes this state a natural beauty and a clear choice for a vacation destination. Whether by car, foot, or bike, each route will take you through memorable and photogenic leaf-peeping territory that can be commemorated with photos that will last a lifetime. 

There are Dozens of Lighthouses to Visit in Connecticut

Lighthouses are everywhere on the coast of Connecticut! Follow the state shoreline on any wood map, and you will find ample opportunity for the service of a lighthouse. The rocky coastline has served as a danger to maritime travelers for many years, and the lighthouses have been a godsend for weary travelers. 

Lighthouse overlooking water

Lighthouses in Connecticut

  • Sheffield Island Lighthouse
  • New London Harbor Lighthouse
  • New Haven Harbor Lighthouse
  • Penfield Reef Lighthouse

The historical significance of lighthouses on the coast of Connecticut is legendary. They are among the most photographed in New England and have protected over a century of maritime history. Consider the coastline of the Long Island Sound as seen on a wood map: the shallows and channels in that basin beg for the aid of a lighthouse!

American History is Alive in Connecticut

As the first to build a statehouse, Connecticut led the way in developing the United States from its storied beginning. It was pivotal in the 1700s War for Independence as well as additional nautical history that featured the ports of New London and Mystic. Connecticut prides itself on museums, including those that feature Native Americans and even dinosaurs!

Historical Museums in Connecticut

mystic seaport

Whether you are looking to better understand the significance of the seaports in our nation’s history or the importance of Native Indians prior to and throughout the existence of our country, Connecticut is ready to share its experience and knowledge. Our nation is made better by the journey of our states and countrymen throughout history, and Connecticut stands ready to provide insight into how the early years shaped our growing democracy.

Shop Until You Drop in Connecticut

Every trip deserves that quintessential souvenir that begs to come home with you! Connecticut is full of quaint downtowns and charming boutiques that offer historical and nautical décor that represent the journey in which you emersed yourself. Few shopping attractions offer the variety of these shopping destinations: 

All Kinds of Shopping in Connecticut

Long Island Sound Wood Chart

Every vacation and each destination are adventures waiting to be defined. The memories made and how we celebrate each journey create our story and begs to be supplemented with tangible details. High-quality wood maps are the most extraordinary detail to complete the story of your experiences! The detail of the topographical map provides the roadmap, and your words articulate the landmarks and points of interest along the way.

A journey through Connecticut will answer as many questions as it brings forth. The history will intrigue you, the beauty will surprise you, and the wealth of knowledge in one small state will remain with you for years to come.

Trace the shoreline of the East Coast on your wood map, and it brings you to The Land of Steady Habits. Make it your new habit to learn more about this beautiful state!

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