Surprise Yourself: A Simple Modern-Day Trip to Moosehead Lake

Traveling in Maine is an emersion into all that is spectacular about nature. Driving the highways and sideroads reveals the remarkable talent of Mother Nature, and each turn offers the next best thing. For example, in north-central Maine, if you are traveling through Greenville, the next very best thing is Moosehead Lake and a wood map to remember your time there.

Described by Henry David Thoreau as “the silver plate at the end of the table,” the glimmering lake appears at the base of the Longfellow Mountains, an amazing sight on its own.

Though moose outnumber people three-to-one in the area, the name of the lake was decided in the 19th century by Mr. Thoreau because of the lake’s shape as seen on a topographical map. Other visitors to the area in that time agreed upon its beauty and likeness to the antlered moose, so the name was adopted.

Moosehead Lake is Prime Maine Hiking Country

Moosehead lake

Moosehead Lake encompasses 75,451 acres and offers 400 miles of shoreline, making it one of the largest freshwater lakes in the United States. On a wood map, we can see more than 1,200 lakes and ponds etched into the landscape surrounding Moosehead Lake during the last glacial era. From one-acre ponds to the massive Moosehead Lake, the total of all standing water in this area is equal to 24% of the total for lakes and ponds in the whole state of Maine.

In addition to stunning shorelines and picturesque landscapes, Moosehead Lake is home to over 80 lakes. Detailed on a topographical map and largely uninhabited, they offer glimpses into the history of previous visitors with old campgrounds and abandoned log cabin homes from times past. Travel is by boat only, but a day trip to islands is possible, including:

Visit the Islands in Moosehead Lake

  • Sugar Island
  • Deer Island
  • Farm Island

What is the Famous Mountain at Moosehead Lake?

different arrowheads

On a topographical map, you may notice another stand-out of the Moosehead Lake area: Mt. Kineo. The 700-foot rhyolite cliff face rises impressively from the waters at the eastern end of the lake and is the central feature of Mt. Kineo State Park. Native Americans once flocked to this north-central region of Maine for this specific rock, as it is instrumental in the creation of flints for fire as well as other pivotal supplies, such as:

Native American Tools Made from Rhyolite

  • Arrowheads
  • Hatchets
  • Chisels

Implements such as these have been found throughout New England and further south, indicating that tribes frequently visited Mt. Kineo as they migrated through the Northeast. In modern days, visitors frequent Moosehead Lake and the surrounding area seen on a wood map for its vistas and local, small-town charm. So, we have plenty of reasons to get fired up about Moosehead Lake!

Things to Do in Moosehead Lake


The first thing to do when you reach Moosehead Lake is roll down the windows and drive. Drive along the Moosehead Lake Scenic Byway, topographical map in hand, and take in mountain views from all angles as you round the lake from the eastern side to the western shore and on towards Jackman. The only traffic challenge you may encounter is a jay-walking moose holding up traffic and bringing smiles to all held captive in its path.

Enjoy a day of kayaking, canoeing, or Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) on the lake. You will be surrounded by scenic mountains, pristine shorelines, and mysterious islands waiting to be explored in the water. As seen on a wood map, the depths and shallows of the lake are meant for adventure! Consider renting your equipment from local small businesses, including:

Small Businesses Providing Recreational Equipment

The small-town charm makes finding equipment as easy as finding lodging. Or is it the other way around?

Where to Stay in Moosehead Lake

View of Moosehead Lake from above

Finding equipment for spending a day on the water is as easy as visiting the lobby or main house of the lodging you have chosen. So, if you have planned for activities, you have already discovered the options in accommodations.

For those of us who believe just booking tickets or marking dates in our calendar are the total of vacation planning, here are three words that will serve you well: The. Birches. Resort.

The lodging options at The Birches Resort range from hotel-style rooms to cottages and yurts. So, whether you are feeling adventurous about where you sleep or would prefer to keep all your escapades on the water, there is an accommodation with your name on it.

More to Do in Moosehead Lake

The time spent at Moosehead Lake is special. The activities that bring you back to nature, take you away from your daily routine, and unlock parts of you that were previously unknown are the most memorable. Experiences you do not encounter elsewhere and take your breath away are the ones you want to commemorate

Unique Activities at Moosehead Lake

Each season brings unique experiences with your time on the lake. Whether you are looking to spend meaningful time on the water with family or create journal-worthy moments on safari, Moosehead Lake has activities to offer in spades. A topographical map reflects the open expanse of land and water, offering numerous opportunities to make the most of your time in north-central Maine.

Moosehead Lake Gifts

Moosehead Lake

The time spent on travel is worthwhile. How we spend that time is entirely up to us. “All good things are wild and free,” said Henry David Thoreau, perhaps after a trip to his beloved Moosehead Lake. Bringing home the celebration of our travels in the form of photographs or a high-quality wood map is a wonderful way to keep the memories alive long after the experience.

A topographical map of Moosehead Lake displayed as part of your home décor is a celebration of the special moments spent as well as a road map for your memories. Each landmark etched into the topographical map brings back the sights, sounds, and feelings of your Moosehead Lake experience. This unique wood map is the next best thing to driving through Maine, where Mother Nature outdoes herself at every turn.

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